The Deep State by Jason Chaffetz

Part 109. Book Review – The DEEP STATE  by Jason Chaffetz or how the CDC promotes sanctuary states as best life expectancy.

This is Part 109 of a health series. Parts 1- 30, 107 and 108 compared census based life expectancy and death rate tables, ranking states by how long we live, from 1960 to 2015.  Utah’s  #1 longest life expectancy continued thru the 1990 census.  Since 2009, the CDC correlated states’ longevity by sanctuary laws, with pro-sanctuary states best..  The CDC’s National Vital Statistics Reports looped the changes based on state policies on illegal immigration. Utopia is Sir Thomas More’s (1516) perfect place to live, and with a slight variation in spelling, perfectly describes Utah.

Utah Centennial Postage 3 cent 1847-1947

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            What  else do five states – California, Oregon, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont –  all ‘sanctuary states’ by acts of their legislatures have in common?  They were all designated best in the top third, top 15 of 50 states,  in life expectancy by the National Vital Statistics Reports in 2017.  The NVSR is under the CDC. These  reports were made by Obama appointees. These five states are noted in passing in The Deep State, as Sanctuary states.           

2016 Electoral College results, Red Trump (30) , Blue Clinton (20). 

The odds of these 5 of 50 being in the top 15 are One in a million. To put the odds in perspective,  the 2019 Kentucky Derby the Superfecta, 4 winners in 4 races,  was $51,400 to $1. So you are 20 times more likely to win the Derby Superfecta than have 5 sanctuary states appear in the top 15 best life expectancy.

California 1769-1969 Largest state 6 Bells

Author Jason Chaffetz, Alpine Utah,  retired from Congress after four terms in office, and a previous half decade or so working in state government in Utah.   Now a Fox news contributor, pundit, talking head, or whatever else describes people who comment, this is his most recent effort at a literary career.  The Deep State is a fun read, and autobiographical.

            One thing I noticed was an absence of footnotes.  There was an occasional reference to a news article, or case filing, but much of the material for the ‘war’ stories, were first hand knowledge.  It was similar  to Mark Twain’s Roughing It, or A Tour of the Prairies  by Washington Irving.  Also see Ambassador James Gerard’s ‘My Four Years in Germany,’  and Sir Winston Churchill’s, the Malakand Field Force All are autobiographical.  Things seen and heard.

            I won’t give a spoiler alert , and give away the suspense.   But a few examples of light humor may serve as examples of this modern day Mark Twain.

            Examples of new and everlasting smoke screens were ‘deliberative privilege’, and ‘protective privilege’  ‘law enforcement sensitive’,  ‘unmaskings’ [sounds like Halloween],  ‘attorney client privilege between government agencies’ , ‘etiquette & 14 day rules’.

            And quotes. ‘Obama supporter and TV restaurateur the late Anthony Bourdain *** declared that if illegal immigrants were deported, ‘’Every restaurant in America would shut down.’’

            ‘we do need more and more government,  to figure it out.  We do need more studies, hire more consultants, for more decades.’ [Reviewer – Not].

            ‘’Most of those  [granted asylum] were from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador and India. ‘’ ‘’Both AARP and International Living magazine rank Ecuador the 4th best country in the world in which to retire.’’

 If there is a Deep State Sequel,  Chaffetz might add that The Church of Jesus  Christ of Latter-day Saints has Holy Temples in  San Salvador El Salvador (1) ,   Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango Guatemala (2),  Tegucigalpa Honduras (1), Veracruz  and Ciudad Juarez Tampico  and Colonia Juarez Chihuahua and Hermosillo Sonora and Merida and Mexico City and Monterrey and Oaxaca and Tijuana and Tuxtla Gutierrez and Villahermosa and Guadalajara Mexico (13),   Guayaquil Ecuador (1).  Five states which so persecute their citizens, they must beg for American asylum.

Many Central Americans referred to the notices [to appear before a judge] as ‘permisso’ or free passes.’ [Thus extending new Spanglish words into the lexicon.]

‘‘’The DOJ [Department of Justice] has 110,000 people to enforce the law.’’

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’ [It’s hard to make these things up. It wasn’t a generation ago when the ‘clap’ was an embarrassing reference to gonorrhea. So according to a suffix er is ‘used in forming  nouns designating persons from the object of their occupation or labor, hatter, tiler, tinner, moonshiner, or place of origin or abode (Icelander; southerner, villager) or designating either persons or things from some special characteristic or circumstance (six-footer, three-master; teetotaler; fiver; tenner) or ‘suffix serving as the regular English formative of agent nouns being attached to verbs (employer, teacher);  or merriam-webster a free swinging metal piece inside a bell to strike and produce a sound.]

’finally took the drastic and unusual measure of accepting calls only from area codes in our district.’’ [Reviewer – Our family  does the opposite.  Having received a half dozen  or more robo calls a day for years,   based on the area code of our mobile phones, and having moved from the origination area code 14 years ago, we take no calls from our mobile phone home area code.  It is actually very nifty. I hope the robo callers don’t catch on to the area code where we now live  9 states away from the number.  We reason, if the calls are legit, they’ll leave a message in voice mail. None have.]

you want to get your fifteen seconds of You Tube minute time’  Ronald Turk’s response to Congressional inquiry into the murder of  Federal Agent. Turk was Obama’s Associate Deputy Director and chief operating officer of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.   Imagine that story line on NCIS?  Turk spent a lot of time in front of YouTube.

language training school in Virginia, we found a retail store. It was a Goodwill store.’ [The store is in Arlington at the corner of Glebe Road and Arlington Boulevard.]  We were two guys in ties pulling up in Tom’s two-door Mercedes Benz and hanging out by a dumpster. It certainly did not look natural. It looked like a drug deal.’ [I had an almost identical similar experience in Stamford Connecticut about 1995. I was home teaching a family living in the ‘projects’  – the name for the low income apartment housing. The multi story subsidized apartment buildings surrounded the parking lot. It was day time. Like Chaffetz, I drove into the lot with a used  Mercedes two door coup.  Over ran some young men, and with no introduction, one asked if I wanted drugs? I replied, ‘’no, I was picking up a member of my church and going to a church meeting, and they were welcome to catch a ride, it would do them good. ‘’ The voice apologized profusely and said ‘ The only time we see white people here is for drugs. We had no idea.’  They quickly left me alone in the parking lot.  It did give me the idea, when approached by someone who makes me feel uncomfortable is to reach out and say something to the effect ‘Hi, I want you to know that Jesus Christ loves you and I’ve got a book you should read. Give me your name and number and I’ll send the missionaries over. So help me God.’]

As Marines were preparing to deploy [to Tripoli Libya], word came from State that they were not to wear their standard military gear.  They were instructed to move into their civilian clothes.’ [That was Libya 2012. The same thing happened to the Air Force in Washington D.C. in the summer of 1975, immediately after the Vietnam Dunkirk (a nickname for the Fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975 and into May 1975).  Someone in the deep state told the military to maintain a low profile in the Nation’s Capital! Wear civilian clothes. Specifically 4 days out of 5, Friday was uniform day, Saturday thru Thursday were civilian clothes.  So, ever since I have been uniform, either with the Air Force blues, or suits, or casual.  That ‘keeping a low profile, under the radar’ has been an insult then and ever since.   The American soldier has freed the world from the mess the suits at the  State department have created.  This is the report of a living legend, the youngest commissioned Air Force officer of record, commissioned after four years of ROTC at age 20 before being eligible to vote at age 21, to have served the longest honorable service creditable for pay, 41 years five months and two days, in the history of the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense.  Civies for active military in the U.S. Capitol for  America’s warriors are shameful  enough, but to wear these in foreign countries on active missions, are a violation of the Hague and Geneva Conventions, if both states have adopted the same.   That’s why Nathan Hale and Major John Andre were called  spies in the War of Independence. Or has State forgotten history so long ago?  Hague convention  1899 and IV 1907, Annex Art 23 (f) prohibits improper use of  military insignia and uniform of the enemy; same 1949 Geneva Convention III GC3 article 93,  and Article 8(B)(VII).  Lieber Code Art 65  deceiving enemy in battle using enemy’s emblem of nationality is perfidy.  Brussels Declaration 13(f) , Oxford Manual 8(d).   Geneva Convention 1949 Protocol 1 Protection of Victims 1977 Art 46 spies.  Commentary of 1987 Spies. ‘1766 Espionage in the true sense, whether it entails a civilian or a member of the armed forces acting in secret,’   means deprived of prisoner-of-war status. Lieber: “a person who secretly, in disguise or under false pretence, (18) seeks information with the intention of communicating it to the enemy” (Article 88 ). It logically follows that anyone who seeks information while dressed in the uniform of his armed forces, cannot be a spy. Rapporteur declared that this means that: “any customary uniform which clearly distinguished the member wearing it from a non-member [of the armed forces], should [p.567] suffice”. Geneva Convention Three GC3, a lawful combatant has a chain of command, wears a ‘fixed distinctive marking, visible from a distance,’ bear arms openly , and conducts military ops according to the laws of war.  These generally do not wear any insignia, militias, insurgents, terrorists, saboteurs, mercenaries, criminals, traitors, guerillas, and spies, are unlawful combatants.

            What? The State Department was concerned with clothes? Or did the department not want it to appear that Marines, American military personnel, were being deployed to protect a consulate under attack?

            ‘a ladder [was] propped up outside against the [Tripoli Libya] embassy wall. Each day the family at the adjacent home would climb the ladder and dump their garbage into the embassy grounds. Six feet high’. [Reviewer -We had a similar story in Oklahoma City about 1960,  at 5300 North Rhode Island, where our fenced lot received garbage piles, usually grass clippings thrown over the fence by the neighbors. This created a fire hazard in the hot summers, blocked mowing of weeds and grass, and was unsightly, and unhealthy. My mom took a rake and went and redumped the garbage, over the fence, or undumped it, or recycled it, to its former owners. Would we call it pre-owned garbage? That remedy worked, and the garbage transfer ended.]

            ‘France would not allow our military to fly over France [in 1986 to bomb Tripoli]. [The only reason the French speak French instead of German is the American soldier.]

            [David Ubben, Benghazi Libya hero survivor, severely wounded, was recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. His father  gave his son’s name to Chaffetz, so Chaffetz could contact the son.] when I reached the hospital, they [Walter Reed staff] swore they had no patient by that name. I later learned his name had been changed to prevent people like me from tracking him down.’ [Ubben had been put into a witness relocation program, without even his father knowing it. Not for protecting Ubben, of course, but protecting Obama.]

            ‘Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid got away with saying Governor Mitt Romney never paid taxes – a lie [Reid] later admitted he made up.’  [Reviewer – My first legal case out  was a divorce, or dissolution of marriage, as California termed it. In discussing the pretrial division of property with the opposing counsel, I told him what I was going to do. Little did I expect him to believe I was lying and that wasn’t what I would do. So when I did it, he was unprepared. I learned then, that you can tell the truth, because no one will believe a lawyer anyway. Who would believe a professional politician?]

            ‘The Centers for Disease Control [CDC] was ranked the highest [Gallup poll for ‘good’ job] at 60 percent. ’ [Reviewer – After the Census Bureau, an agency in the Department of Commerce, had  been tasked with calculating life expectancy from 1940 to 2008, the life expectancy report was reassigned to the CDC, in 2009, probably because of the CDC’s highly favorable reputation. The life expectancy report, written under Obama, came out in the spring of 2017.  The new  state death ranking lists correlated to political policies, so that sanctuary states get high state life expectancy rankings, and non sanctuary states low. ]

            ‘an after – hours unofficial ride along with [Yuma]Border Patrol agents. .. grueling, difficult, and dangerous… face danger every single day … never been able to let their guard down.. just getting ready to leave the station in Yuma for the border when the first call came in. There were 9 people – Romanians, they thought – coming across the border. We were called to apprehend them. My adrenaline was pumping. I was all excited, but these Border Patrol agents were just sitting there – in no hurry at all! Why weren’t they gearing up for the chase? ‘Don’t we need to hustle?’ I said ..’Shouldn’t we be doing lights and sirens and getting there as fast as we can?’  They all started laughing. I’m thinking, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. They’re on the run, and we need to go after them or we’ll miss it ‘Jason’ the agent replied, ‘they don’t run.’ ‘What do you mean they don’t run? I asked, bewildered.  ‘They want to get caught. They’ve waited their whole lives to get caught, he said. Then he explained how it works now. They get caught.  We give them water and food –make them comfortable. Then they claim asylum. .. apply for a work permit. Suddenly, they will be legally in the United States with access to education, health care, government benefits, and the ability to compete against Americans for jobs’

 [This conversation  with a two term Congressman  is  straight out of Song of the South  Disney movie based on the Uncle Remus stories of Joel Chandler Harris.  Br’er Rabbit was caught poaching the peanuts in Br’er Fox’s peanut patch. Br’er Fox doesn’t know how or whether  to torture, kill and eat Br’er Rabbit. Should Br’er Fox boil Br’er Rabbit in water? Or skin Br’er Rabbit with a knife? Or hang Br’er Rabbit from the tree?  Or fry Br’er Rabbit in oil? While contemplating the choices Br’er Rabbit says ‘Boil me, skin me, or hang me, but don’t throw me into the Briar Patch!’ Br’er Rabbit feigns real fear of the Briar Patch, so Br’er Fox thinks that is the way to dispose of Br’er Rabbit permanently and forever. Throw Br’er Rabbit into the Briar Patch.   Thorns and more thorns, briars, and twiney roots and branches. And heave ho, into the Briar patch goes Br’er Rabbit.  But to Br’er Fox’s dismay, he sees Br’er Rabbit scurrying away into the briars. That briar patch was where Br’er Rabbit was born, raised, and called home. Can’t get any sweeter than this. Release date November 12,1946.]

Poster for Song of the South

            Other  stories were memorialized on late night humor, such as the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  You should get this book and read them. 

The first account notes the Department of Defense created the JIEDDO, the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, which went through a budget of $20 billion, to detect and defeat IEDs. ’Their conclusion was the single best tool to detect IEDs is a dog.  Yes, a dog.   But dogs don’t have lobbyists. That’s why you see more machines than you do dogs/ Even though it’s more effective and less expensive.

            The Deep State is available from HarperCollings Publishers, New York, New York

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