By James C. Capretta at RealClearHealth

A sweeping victory in Tuesday’s New York primary has Donald Trump closer to winning the Republican nomination, but his campaign has been a substance-free zone since he announced he was running in June 2015. A crowded GOP field, poor follow-up questioning by the media, and a general circus atmosphere have allowed him to make broad and implausible statements about many matters — and to not be held fully accountable for what he says. This includes his disjointed and incoherent statements on health care.

Trump has said he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and yet still “take care of everybody.” He has said repeatedly that he is different from other Republicans in this regard, implying that other GOP politicians don’t want Americans to get needed health services. Of course, Trump has never bothered to back up this slander with any evidence (and the media haven’t bothered to ask him for it).

Trump is apparently unaware of the plans to replace Obamacare sponsored by Rep. Tom Price and by Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Orrin Hatch, and Rep. Fred Upton. These plans would insure as many Americans as are enrolled today under the ACA at a fraction of the cost.

So does Trump have a better idea for “taking care of everybody” than these elected officials? His campaign released an outline of sorts last month that listed seven points. It is clear from this outline and other Trump statements that he has no idea how to improve health care in the United States, much less how to make it “great again.” … read more here