November 9 1292 Marjorie or Margaret (c. 1253 or 1256 – soon before 9 November 1292), 3rd Countess of Carrick (1256-1292), was the daughter and heiress of Niall, 2nd Earl of Carrick. Carrick was a Gaelic Earldom in Southern Scotland.

Carrick’s territories contained much of today’s Ayrshire and Dumfriesshire. The couple married at Turnberry Castle in 1271 and held the principal seats of Turnberry Castle and Lochmaben.

1994 Scottish Golf Courses Commemorative stamp.

The 9th Hole, Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland.

1296 sometime this year.   Clan Lumsden Adam Lumsden and Roger de Lumsden were among the Scottish clan leaders who were forced to do homage to King Edward I of England with both of their names appearing on the Ragman Rolls.

1306 sometime this year. John Comyn, also known as the Red Comyn, murdered by Bruce and his adherents at Dumfries in 1306. Clan Kirkpatrick Roger de Kilpatrick/Kirkpatrick was an attendant to Robert Bruce during the time when Bruce murdered Red Comyn. Kilpatrick cried, “You doubt? I’ll mak siccar!” (“I’ll make sure”), whereupon he rushed the church and finished off the wounded Comyn. This event is memorialized in the clan’s crest, which contains a hand holding a bluidy dagger; and the shield: three pillows on a saltire shield with the Scotland colours, or the St Andrews Cross, reversed (i.e. Kilpatrick wears a blue saltire on a white ground).

Kirkpatrick crests carved into walls of the auld Kirkpatrick church in Closeburn. The crest and motto is barely legible above a memorial to William Kirkpatrick. The family was later pardoned by the Pope for their part in Comyn’s death, who reasoned that Bruce’s blow against Comyn was likely mortal.

It is also memorialized in the Clan’s motto, “I make sure.”

1492 – Peace of Etaples between Henry VII and Charles VIII.


1559 on the 9th of November. One of 24 Lords of the Congregation. James Hamilton, 3rd Earl of Arran (c1532–1609) raided the Palace of the Bishop of Dunblane, taking a gold necklace belonging to Jane, Lady Fleming, and removing the Bishop and his silver to Stirling Castle. The 60 year-old Bishop was then imprisoned at Castle Campbell till Christmas and forced to pay for his lodging. By January 1559 (the year 1560 would begin on the next March 25th) Arran was leading the war in Fife, writing reports to Ralph Sadler and Sir James Croft from Dysart, Wemyss Cupar and Aberdour. The French ambassador in England, Gilles de Noailles, reported that the Scottish rebels had told Queen Elizabeth (later the 1st) that if the Scots Rebels were victorious Arran would become King of Scotland by consent of Scottish lords with England as its superior kingdom. Scotland would pay England an annual fee and Queen Elizabeth would add the arms of Scotland to her heraldry.

Elizabeth then sent a fleet to Scotland. At the end of January 1559 Arran conferred with the English Admiral William Winter at Burntisland, saying he was about to return to his father’s lands in the West

1637 – Sometime in November. Charles (King, later styled the 1st) sent down repeated and severe messages, blaming the Privy Council, the Magistrates, and all who did not punish the rioters, and enforce the reading of the Service-book. The [TG41-358, Tales of a Grandfather, Chap. 41, p. 358] resistance to the measure, which was at first tumultuous, and the work of the lower orders, had now assumed quality and consistency. More than thirty peers, and a very great proportion of the gentry of Scotland, together with the royal burghs, had, before the month of December, 1637, agreed not merely to oppose the Service-book, but to act together in resisting the further intrusions of Prelacy. They were kept in union and directed by representatives appointed from among themselves, and forming separate Committees, or, as they were termed, Tables or Boards of Management.

Charles (later King) as Duke of York and Albany, circa 1611

1688 – The Glorious Revolution: William of Orange (soon to be William 3rd of England and William 2nd of Scotland) captures Exeter.

1715 Battle of Preston (1715) for the battle of the First Jacobite Rising.

1747 – YYMA 43. Location of the Temple property is more complicated. The name Temple, In the mid-l6th century, was likely to refer to former holdings of the Knights Templars. This order was papally constituted in 1128, and looked upon with favor by King David I in Scotland shortly thereafter. A Treatise of Church-lands and Tithes by William Forbes, Advocat, in 1705 states (p. 241) that ‘The Templars came into Scotland in the Reign of King David, where they flourished to that Degree, that there were few Parishes wherein they had not some Lands, and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, in its 10th Report, p. xlvi, corroborates him, saying they had holdings in every sheriffdom except Argyle, though most in Lothian.

 A rare book, Templaria, of which twenty-five copies were published in 1828, collects some of the lawsuits that arose over Templar lends in the 18th century, and in particular a suit of Sir John Cunningham of Caprington, Bar(onet)t(e).

Cunningham of Caprington 1162 2Stewart 2Miller 2Simmons 2Choate zoe

‘claimant of the Regality of the Temple Lands, with the Bailliaries of Kylestewart and Kingskyle united into the Tenendry of Templeî; the claim was filed for him by Alexander Lockhart on 9 November 1747.

Lockhart of Bar 1297 2Miller 2Simmons 2Choate 2Sorensen

(fictional) Fergus McDuck tried to find the Knight Templar treasure hidden in the fictional castle McDuck by one of his ancestors, a Knight himself. Even though Fergus decided not to tell Scrooge about the treasure, (Sometime between 1830 and 1902).

1764 – Mary Campbell, a captive of the Lenape during the French and Indian War, is turned over to forces commanded by Colonel Henry Bouquet.

Campbell Earl of Argyll 1010 2Montgomery 2Blair 2Cochrane 2Miller 2Simmons 2Choate to zoe TOAG

1820 John Sharp born (9 November 1820 – 23 December 1891) born in Clackmannan, Scotland. Became a Saint in 1847, arrived in Utah Territory in 28 August 1850. He left the coal mines of Scotland and later played a key role in both as the director of the Union Pacific Railroad (Utah portion) and the superintendent of the Utah Central Railroad. In 1885, Sharp was prosecuted for unlawful cohabitation under the Edmunds Act. CONVEYANCE & CONTRIBUTION: MORMON SCOTS GATHER TO AN AMERICAN ZION, History Scotland magazine – Vol.5.4 – July/August 2005

John Sharp leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and represented at the driving of the final golden spike of the railroad on 10 May 1869 at Promontory Summit, Utah. The Edmunds Act was repealed in part in 1978.

1829 Scots Roman Type, prepared in Glasgow Scotland, and shipped to a foundry in Albany New York, then delivered to the E. B. Grandin Printing company in Palmyra New York, according to the Crandall Gutenberg Printing Museum in Provo Utah. The Scots Roman type is the font used to print the first edition of the Book of Mormon. The contract with E. B. Grandin’s print shop to print the book was signed on Tuesday 25 Aug 1829, and the completed book was on sale by Friday 26 March 1830. Typesetter John H. Gilbert selects type and inserts commas, periods, and other punctuation as Gilbert reads Oliver Cowdery’s hand written copy. One form signarture of 16 pages, in quantities of 5,000 copies will be printed per 6 day 11 hour per day week. Meridian Magazine (14 Apr 2005).

11th form of 16 pages printed. Somewhere in Mosiah.

Palmyra New York Temple.

  1. Scots receive reports of Kristallnacht pogrom. Only six weeks after dismembering Czechoslovakia with the Munich Agreement. “Crystal Night“), also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass, or Reichskristallnacht, Pogromnacht and Novemberpogrome was a pogrom (a series of coordinated deadly attacks) against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and Austria on 9–10 November 1938, carried out by nazis. German authorities looked on without intervening.[1][2] The name Kristallnacht comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues had their windows smashed. 1,000 synagogues were burned (95 in Vienna alone) and over 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed. Foreign journalists reported immediately. The Times wrote at the time: “No foreign propagandist bent upon blackening Germany before the world could outdo the tale of burnings and beatings, of blackguardly assaults on defenseless and innocent people, which disgraced that country yesterday.”

1940 Former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain died.

1989 Berlin wall opened after 28 years. Destruction of the wall lasts until 1992. Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative ends the cold war between the western allies and the Soviet Union. The Berlin Wall was a barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989, constructed by the German Democratic Republic starting on 13 August 1961, that completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany. The 302 guard towers had rifles to shoot to kill anyone entering the no man’s land strips along the wall, which ran from the Baltic Ocean to the Black Sea. The wall prevented refugees from fleeing Communist Germany to liberty and freedom in the west. The Berlin Wall was the visible symbol of the nuclear stalemate known as the Cold war between the United States (with Nato) and the Soviet Union (with Warsaw Pact), lasting from 1946 to 1989, punctuated by the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Nuclear holocaust hung over the heads of 2 generations of Europeans, Americans and Russians. The cold war ended because the Soviet Union collapsed from Financial stress over Reagan’s star wars plan.

West Berlin and graffiti art on the Berlin wall. 12 feet high (3.6 Meters), Concrete, barbed wire, trenches,

Berlin wall and checkpoints. 96 miles (155 kilometers) long.

June 7, 2004. Rush Limbaugh [Clan Cochrane]. ‘’ Let me set the stage for you at this Manhattan dinner party. It doesn’t matter who it is, because you don’t need to know the names to know the type of people. Network presidents, programmers, media elites. It was a media elite dinner and I was there, and the reason I was there because of all the people invited I was the one qualified to offer the official toast to Lady Margaret Thatcher, and so I did. And Lady Thatcher, this was a dinner in her honor at this private home in Manhattan. After dinner the hostess asked her for some remarks. She made some brief remarks — for her, brief, ten, 20 minutes. After they were over, the hostess opened it up for questions and there wasn’t a person — must have been about 25 or 30, not one person stood; not one person raised their hand, not one person had a question, and during her remarks, Lady Thatcher had not touched on the Cold War, but I had remembered being profoundly affected by her admission [Reagan won the Cold War] at this lecture that I attended with Justice Kennedy.

In fact, I was his guest at the Waldorf, and so I rose, and I said, “Lady Thatcher, could you explain? There’s a lot of controversy being waged in the country right now about what brought about the end of the Soviet Union. Many people think that it would not have happened were it not for Gorbachev, that Gorbachev was a new leader, Perestroika, Glasnost. You were there. You were part of it. What’s your view?” She got stern as she could be at the notion that Gorbachev had anything substantively to do with it. She stood up and she just went down the list of what it was and why it happened, and again she focused on the fact that because Reagan had the audacity, Reagan had the fortitude to proposed SDI. At the time, again — and a lot of what I’m saying today, most of you in this audience have heard it — but I’m hoping to reach people who have no concrete, direct memory or relationship with President Reagan because of your age or because you weren’t paying attention. But back then, SDI was regarded much as the whole war in Iraq is today. SDI was treated was treated as a joke; SDI was dangerous; SDI was going to blow up the world; SDI was impossible. It was typical liberalism: greatness couldn’t be done. Greatness can’t happen. “This is only going to kill us all! This is just the meanderings of a B-actor.” I mean, you people have forgotten how absolutely mean-spirited the critics of Reagan were about him and to him personally. He never flinched, never cared. He smiled at it. But when she stood up and went through this list of things and made the point that it was at that moment Mikhail Gorbachev realized it was over because he couldn’t keep up. His country couldn’t do it and he knew Americans could create SDI. In fact, I’ve got a story, there’s an AP story somewhere in the stack quoting Gennady Gerasimov who was one of the spokesmen back then saying this very thing, if you don’t believe me and you don’t believe Lady Thatcher, and when she stood up and gave this answer, there was no applause. There was no reaction.

The guests at this dinner sat stone faced because they knew it, but they didn’t want to hear it. You know, Reagan did not “hasten the Soviet collapse.” He was responsible for it, and he was practically alone in his confidence that Soviet communism would fail, and his reason for believing it would fail was simple, folks, and it’s a reason that is eternal. He knew the Soviet Union would eventually collapse of its own immorality if pushed in the right places, so he pushed. Reagan was also concerned about an all-powerful judiciary undermining the will of the people and attempted to do somethingabout that. He spent eight years appointing people to the federal bench who were committed to interpreting the Constitution, not rewriting it. One of the most brilliant minds on the court today, Antonin Scalia, is a Reagan appointee. Reagan is the one who elevated Rehnquist to chief justice. The liberals are still trying to reverse this impact of Reagan. They’re still trying to reverse everything he did.’’

Margaret Hilda ROBERTS (Baroness) THATCHER [Prime Minister 13×1925 – 8iv2013, Knight of the Garter (clans Abernethy, Alexander 2nd King of Scots, Balliol, Boyd, Bruce, Cameron, Carrick, Cheyne, Colquhoun, Comyn, Crawford, Cunningham, Dirleton, Douglas, Drummond, Dunbar, Duncan King of Scots, Erskine, Fleming, Fraser, Gifford, Graham, Halyburton, Hay, Huntingdon, Keith, Leslie, Lindsay, Luss, MacDonald of Galloway, MacDuff, MacFergus, MacRory, MacTaggart, Malcolm King of Scots, Maxwell, Menteith, Montgomery, Oliphant, Sinclair, Stewart, Stirling, William ‘the Conqueror’ Duke of Normandy, Wyntoun,

Ronald Wilson Reagan, President of the United States 1911-2004. (clans Angus, Auchterhouse, Balfour, Borthwick, Boswell, Buchanan, Bettercask, Calder, Campbell, Carrick, Cockburn, Comyn, Cranstoun, Crawford, Crichton, Dirleton, Douglas, Dunbar, Dundas, Drummond, Elphinstone, Erskine, Fife, Fleming, Forbes, Ftheringham, Fraser, Gifford, Gordon, Graham, Gray, Halyburton, Hamilton, Hay, Henderson, Hepburn, Hibburne, Home, Huntingdon, James 5th King of Scots, Keith, Kennedy, Lauder, Lindsay, Livingston, Locherworth, Maitland, Saint Margaret, McCallum, MacDonald, MacDuff, McFarlain, Menteith, Montifex, Monypenny of Pitmillie, Moray, Morton, Mowbray, Murphy, Ogilvie, Ramsay, Ross, Rothes, Ruthven, Scot, Scrymgeour, Seton, Sibbbald, Sinclair, Somerville, Stewart, Stewart 2nd Lord Avondale, Strathbogie, Strivelyn, Urquhart, Vaux, Wallace, William ‘the Conqueror’ Duke of Normandy, Wemyss, Wilson,

2005 – The Venus Express mission of the European Space Agency is launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. ESA in its current form was founded in 1975, when ESRO (European Space Research Organization), was merged with ELDO. ESA had 10 founding members: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. American military cemetery Netherlands. 8301 souls with estimated 40% Scots ancestry.


2011 Picturing History: Arthur’s Seat, Scotland. Overlooking the great city of Edinburgh, Scotland, is a natural feature known as Arthur’s Seat. It is the peak of several small, rocky crags and hills found in what is now Holyrood Park. Its name derives from a connection with the legendary King Arthur. While presiding over the missionary work in Scotland, Elder Orson Pratt first arrived in Edinburgh in May 1840. He ascended Arthur’s Seat multiple times. From there, he dedicated Scotland for the preaching of the gospel and prayed to the Lord that he might find 200 souls who would accept his message while he was laboring in Scotland. He was blessed to see that goal realized before leaving the country. Because of that, local Latter-day Saints have sometimes referred to Arthur’s Seat as Pratt’s Hill.

Arthur’s Seat that Mormons sometimes refer to as Pratt’s Hill.

2012 Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh appointed a knight bachelor. Played Gilderoy Lockhart (clan Lockhart) from fictional Harry Potter. Lockhart is a narcissistic wizarding celebrity who has written many books on his fabulous adventures (which turn out not to be true) encountering dark creatures. [How can a fictional character write untrue fiction? Does this become factual?] In Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart is appointed as fictional Hogwarts’s new Defence Against the Dark Arts instructor. Lockhart hands out signed photos of himself [supposedly what Walt Disney also did]. Rowling (author) said Lockhart is the only character Rowing has ever based on a real-life person, an unrevealed acquaintance who was “even more objectionable than his fictional counterpart” and “used to tell whopping great fibs about his past life, all of them designed to demonstrate what a wonderful, brave and brilliant person he was.” [And that is a problem for you?]

Fictional book of lies. Clan Lockhart.

2012 Tech company Workday and Royal Bank of Scotland announce Utah expansions. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development also announced that The Royal Bank of Scotland will expand for the second time in Utah. Working with the state and Taylorsville on the modification and expansion of the company’s current incentive, RBS has agreed to add 50 new positions to the previous agreement for a total creation of 260 jobs.

All RBS positions will pay a minimum of 125 percent of Salt Lake County’s average yearly annual wage, including benefits during the life of the agreement. The company will pay more than $21.1 million in new state taxes and will invest more than $2.6 million in capital over the incentive’s 15-year lifetime.

2016 New York Times headlines. Donald Trump Is Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of the Establishment

Trump’s Victory, on Front Pages Worldwide

 London EveningStandard. US Election 2016: Americans can get free burgers in London today after Donald Trump win


Buchan Scotland.  “Mr Trump is half Scottish – his mother Mary MacLeod being from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.


Scotland Front pages.

Miami Florida

The Baltimore Maryland Sun






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Trump America’s Pick.

Trump Triumphs

It’s TRump

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