RALEIGH, N.C. — As a former pastor, Fred Wolfe has seen plenty of evangelical Christians make a distinction between religion and politics. They look for “toughness, not morals” in their candidates, he said, and so are probably voting for GOP front-runner Donald Trump this year. Wolfe himself, though, is canvassing for Sen. Ted Cruz in North Carolina.

“He’s the first Republican candidate I’ve been able to support with a clean conscience,” said Wolfe, 37, one of many conservative Christians who turned out to the hear the Texas Republican speak at Calvary Baptist Church here.

“You see your Christianity by the fruit you display,” said Debby Taylor, who believes the tide is turning slightly in Cruz’s favor. Her No. 1 issue, she said, is abortion. As for Trump, she said she’s not convinced that “he has a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.” And she was troubled by Trump’s crude comments in last week’s GOP debate: “It’s very sad that you cannot let your children see the process of watching a presidential election.”

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