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Congratulations! You Survived Biden’s ‘Winter of Severe Illness and Death!“In October 2020, a gloomy Joe Biden warned America of a “dark winter” to come. In December 2021, he delusionally warned of a “winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaxxed among us, as “emerging and infectious diseases expert” Anthony Fauci furiously and gleefully nodded in agreement.”

How Ukraine Snipers Are Picking off Russian Generals One by One“The bottom line is that (Russian) command-and-control has broken down. Their communications have been jammed by the Ukrainians. Their secure comms didn’t work. They had to go to single channel. That’s jammable. And that’s exactly what the Ukrainians have been doing. They (Russians) use cell phones. The Ukrainians blocked the prefix for Russia. So that didn’t work. Then they took down 3G. The (Russians) are literally stealing cell phones from Ukrainian civilians to communicate among each other.”

Sarah Hints at Returning to Politics in a Big Way

GOP Debate Descends Into Madness as Candidates Get in Each Other’s Faces