What do you get when you mix the movie Armageddon with this year’s presidential campaign and add a large dollop of humor? Answer: Heads of Space. You might have caught the promo for it during the Univision debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders earlier this month. The voices of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are provided by Eric Harthen who was featured last year here in Newsbusters for giving tips on how to do a Trump impression.

Of course, since this series is produced by Univision, its harshest characterization is reserved for its portrayal of Donald Trump. However, if their version of Trump bothers you, their cartoon Hillary Clinton is quite hilarious. She is more robotic than the actual robot, Rotus. This cartoon Hillary, like the real one, doesn’t seem to understand humor and laughs at inappropriate times in a desperate attempt to appear more human. Here is the trailer featuring the presidential candidates being sent into space to colonize Mars due to a giant asteroid threatening to destroy earth:

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