The country’s latest culture war has shifted to North Carolina in recent weeks, where lawmakers are engaged in a tense debate over whether or not transgender people should be given full, unrestrained access to bathrooms that correspond with their preferred gender identity instead of their biological sex.

The issue arose last Monday, when the Charlotte City Council voted to expand the city’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance to include protections for lesbian, gay, bi and transgender people in places of public accommodation.

“I’m pleased that Charlotte has sent a signal that we will treat people with dignity and respect, even when we disagree,” Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, a Democrat, said after the City Council approved the measure by a 7-4 vote.

The most contested part of the ordinance is a so-called “bathroom” provision that would allow transgender individuals to use restrooms and other sex-specific facilities in accordance with their preferred gender identity instead of their biological sex in places of public accommodation like businesses and local YMCAs. The concern, opponents say, is that the measure puts women, children, and businesses owners in harm’s way.

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