Everyone outside of Ohio (which, I still don’t get that. Sheesh – Marco Rubio couldn’t even take Florida and he was actually likable) understands that John Kasich is a total loser. John Kasich, bless his heart, keeps pushing this stupid idea that he’s the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton in a general election. Meanwhile, the rest of America is screaming “YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY GET TO THE GENERAL ELECTION, YOU MORON!”

But the Mailman’s Son just keep skipping along and taking valuable votes away from Ted Cruz – effectively pouring gasoline on the national bonfire that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going to light up in the fall and (metaphorically) burn the entire country to the ground.

I used to think John Kasich was this foolish-yet-harmless “Aw, Shucks,” Howdy-Doody type of guy. Now I think he’s the biggest weasel on the planet. Either that, or he’s just flat-out stupid.

Ted Cruz lit into Kasich when Hugh Hewitt (who is one of my favorites) asked him if he was working to deny Kasich a place at the Republican convention. Here’s Ted’s response –

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