By Ed Wallace, Publisher at / February 4, 2021

Noted Attorney Morgan Philpot will give a presentation tonight, February 4, 7pm, at the Cotton Town Village Dance Hall, 25 N 300 W, in Washington. The event is free and is hosted by WashCo based Citizens For Constitutional Government and is co-sponsored by Seating is very limited. Morgan gave a presentation last October and the event was standing room only. There is an event link on Facebook to make reservations or you can just show up and hope for a seat.

Morgan will be reviewing the current state of our government and how our rights are affected. He’ll be offering ways for us to organize and be more involved politically and socially, and will also address possible remedies, including suing the government.

Morgan is currently an attorney. He has practiced law in Utah, Oregon, Nevada and California. His experience is diverse, including high profile civil liberties, criminal, civil litigation, and appellate cases. He was one of the lead attorneys in the Malheur Oregon Refuge Occupation trial, the Nevada Bundy Ranch Standoff trial, the Finicum wrongful death suit and the Count My Vote that went before Utah’s Supreme Court.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Morgan served as a Utah State Representative, and as Vice-Chair of the Utah Republican Party. As a legislator, he received awards from the Utah Taxpayer’s Association, top honors from Utah Grass Roots, and was recognized by NFIB as a “Guardian of Small Business.”

Morgan also clerked for Utah’s Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and served four years as the General Counsel/Govt. Affairs Director for a Utah company.