Middle School Assignment Asks Kids To Calculate Their ‘Privilege’


Ah, privilege – that magical unicorn fart theory that the Cult of Social Justice concocted in order to shut up people who belong to the census box categories that they don’t like. I’m actually surprised that it’s taken us this long to hear about a school assignment where a teacher forces students to categorize themselves into “The Groups That Progressives Think Should Roll Over And Die Already.”

According to this, a Spanish teacher at Monroe Middle School in Tampa, Florida gave this assignment to seventh-grade students wherein they had to circle the categories that they belong to. Things like race and gender were covered, but it also included religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability. Which, quite frankly, is NONE of the teacher’s blankety-blank business!

privilege assignment

Leaving aside that this has NOTHING to do with learning Spanish (since when has subject-relevancy stopped liberals from being bigots?), do twelve-year-olds even KNOW what all these Cult of Social Justice terms mean? The student whose mother posted this to Facebook obviously had to ask what “Cisgender” and all that other bullcrap was and take notes in the margins…. read more here