By Ed Wallace, Publisher / August 14, 2023

If the town is historic and you can’t build there — burn it.

If indigenous people own the land and will not sell out– burn it.

Wipe them out – but only the poor folks.

Oprah’s estate didn’t burn.

Obama’s property didn’t burn.

Zuckerberg (who wanted to acquire more land) may finally have succeeded in wrestling land from people without his $$$. 

They’re important mouthpieces for Global Warming … so their Hawaiian Estates are deemed … eco-friendly.

First the sirens failed. Then they said 50 died, then 80, and now is it 1,000? Donated goods are not being delivered. Plans are already being announced for a high-rise community.

Aloha! Still believe that THEE (not our) government is not out to get you?

People are being turned away by the military who want to help and donate.  The warning system didn’t go off and they are claiming it must have been a” malfunction”.  An executive order was signed in July stating they could take your land if you needed to be rezoned.

The deeper one is willing to look, the more sinister it gets. This is being exposed as pre-planned, intentional, “regulatory taking”.

Massive layers of policies and regulations are now in place, disguised to “protect” lives and the environment. What they really are is cover to ignore proper engineering and resource management practices. Land goes untended, storm water systems are intentionally ignored, marginal building/zoning practices are allowed, and insurance subsidy schemes established.

The natural disasters come, the ensuing “crises” boil up in the media, no one is held accountable. “Global warming” is often the boogy man. Then the mortgage and insurance regulatory schemes kick in to “take” property. People cannot afford the insurance reclassifications and/or rebuilding costs, lose their homes and land. It is never rebuilt unless the elites want the space.

Wake up America! Your American Dream is being BURNED to the ground.