Following Rick Santorum’s inability to name a single achievement of , the media sought to answer the question for themselves. Yet many reporters appear to have come up empty handed.  File:Marco Rubio  by Gage Skidmore.jpg
File:Marco Rubio by Gage Skidmore.jpg

As The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza writes, a “major part of the problem is that Rubio doesn’t have all that many accomplishments in the Senate.”

“When Rubio is asked to name his single greatest achievement in the Senate, do you hear crickets?” tweeted the National Journal’s Ron Fournier.

Though Rick Santorum was unable to name the accomplishments of the man he just endorsed, there are indeed several accomplishments that are quite noteworthy. Below are a few of Sen. Rubio’s achievements that Rick Santorum could have identified on MSNBC this morning:

(1) The Rubio-Schumer Gang of Eight Bill

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York has described the 2013 Rubio-Schumer bill as Rubio’s “signature accomplishment.” Although Santorum seemed reluctant to mention it, Rubio’s immigration bill is probably the first accomplishment that comes to mind when anyone thinks of Rubio’s very brief career in the U.S. Senate.

(2) Obamatrade

(3) Blocking Curbs to Muslim Immigration

(4) Enabling His Corporate Backers to Replace Americans With Foreign Workers

(5) Blocking Food Stamp Reform

(6) Benghazi

(7) Worst Attendance Record