The word around the political water cooler is that Senator Marco Rubio should withdraw from the Republican presidential primary race before he does even more irreparable damage to his brand, and to his future in politics.

I tend to agree with those who believe Rubio should drop out. Now, I am all for a good fight, kind of like the fight we saw back in the 2010 Senatorial race in Florida between Rubio and then-Florida Governor Charlie Crest.

“Marco Rubio is a great guy, I pray for him regularly and care for him sincerely, almost all of my family and most of my friends have voted for him in the primaries and caucuses held so far, and it is time for Marco Rubio to withdraw from the race”.-Erick Erickson

But while some will say that the 2016 GOP presidential primary is similar to Florida’s the 2016 Senate race, it’s not. Not by a long shot.

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