Maher and Cuomo and Trump. RealClear Politics. Are they sick of Winning or Whining?

Whining –  Used as a Noun means ‘making long, high pitched cry. Dogs’ anxiety shown by whining.’

Whining – Used as an Adjective also means ‘making long, high pitched cry. Dogs’ Whining voice.’

Poster for Oklahoma Sooners NCAA Record 47 game Winning Streak 10/10/53 – 10/16/57

Winning – Used as a Noun means ‘money won. Collect your winnings.’

Winning – used as an Adjective means ‘relating to victory. A ‘winning’ streak.’

My 10 year old grand daughter has a summer workbook for the 6th grade called Brain Quest, with language arts,  math skills, social studies, and science in part.  Spelling is tricky, and one of the vocabulary pages deals with the ‘suffix.’’  The work page instructs as follows.

  ‘Double vision. Add the appropriate suffix to each word, and double the final consonant when necessary.’ The examples are adding ‘ing’ and ‘ed’. 

For instance, figure out whether  the past tense of ‘scar’ is ‘scared’ for frightened, or ‘scarred’ for wounded.  ‘Plot’ turns into plotting with the suffix ‘ing’, and ‘slip’ into ‘slipped.’

How should a suffix be spelled?  This becomes the nightmare of all nightmares for editors, who are supposed to know which is which.

Last Week, RealClear Politics had this headline.

Maher: Don’t Overestimate How Much People Have Been Choking On Political Correctness And Hate It. Posted By Ian Schwartz  On Date June 11, 2019.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: Do you think he’s winning?

BILL MAHER, HBO ‘REAL TIME’ HOST: Yes, and I’m sick of winning.  He’s right.  I got sick of winning — his winning, but we’ll see. 

See the RealClear post for the full report at

Creator Library of Congress. I want you to stop whining. Uncle Sam pointing finger. maher_dont_overestimate_how_much_people _having_been_choking_on_political_correctness _and_hate_it.html? utm_medium =referral&utm_source= mixi&utm_campaign=realclearpolitics

Library of Congress.


The video speakers, Maher and Cuomo, pronounce ‘winning’.  But who gets tired of a ‘winning’ streak? Not many in the circles I drive in.  Could they have meant ‘whining’?  The high pitched moaning and murmuring?  Hard to know and spell check can’t help you either.  Students are losing the ability to spell and see mistakes. There is a program application called  which students use to correct spelling and grammar on the fly while writing.  But it is penny wise and pound foolish not to practice spelling and grammar while a student.  You can’t tell ‘winning’ from ‘whining’.  Check it out to learn if your student  is using it. We used to call these ‘crutches’.  Hey what happened to looking spelling up in a dictionary?

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