This article is republished with permission from our friends at the Conservative Treehouse

That’s BILLION, with a “B”.   According to recently revealed court transcripts, in the US Virgin Islands lawsuit against JPMorgan, in the aftermath of Epstein’s death the massive bank reported over $1 billion in suspicious activity reports to the U.S. Treasury.

Attorney for USVA, Mimi Liu, outlined details to Judge Jed Rakoff in U.S. District Court in Manhattan last Thursday.  According to the astonishing revelations, the entire financial relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and JPMorgan was centered around payments for sex trafficking.  There was no other business between the two entities in the 16 years of Epstein’s use of the bank.  All of the Epstein account transactions were based around his sex trafficking operation.

Additionally, in the aftermath of Epstein’s death, JPMorgan then reported at least $1 billion worth of transactions under the auspices of “suspicious activity.”  This certainly looks like what lawyer Mimi Liu called in court, “covering their ass.”

[VIA CNBC] – JPMorgan Chase notified the Treasury Department of more than $1 billion in transactions related to “human trafficking” by Jeffrey Epstein dating back 16 years after the notorious sex predator killed himself in 2019, a lawyer for the U.S. Virgin Islands told a federal judge at a hearing.

“Epstein’s entire business with JPMorgan and JPMorgan’s entire business with Epstein was human trafficking,” Mimi Liu, an attorney for the Virgin Islands, told Judge Jed Rakoff in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Thursday, according to a transcript reviewed by CNBC.

Liu cited the bank’s notification to the Treasury Department as she argued that Rakoff should issue a summary judgment against JPMorgan.

The huge bank is being sued by the Virgin Islands government for allegedly facilitating sex trafficking by Epstein of young women when he was a JPMorgan customer from 1998 through 2013. (read more)

This certainly puts some semblance of scale to the issues around Epstein and his exploitation of the sex industry to his high profile and powerful clients.   The full scale is obviously unknown; however, if JPMorgan is reporting $1 billion in transactions that might be considered risk for them, we can only guess at the amount of the total transaction through the bank.

Keep in mind, JPMorgan already agreed to pay the Epstein Victims $290 million {GO DEEP} to make the victim issues go away.   What the hell is the scale of the full banking network if this amount of money is being used to throw a bag over it?

Pulling back to the 30,000-foot view, how the bank was operating certainly does start to make the shadows in the background become more visible.  After all, the U.S. government relied on JPMorgan to stabilize the banking sector recently.  And, when you overlay the influence of the BIG BANKS on domestic politics, and contrast in parallel with their assistance for corrupt activity like Epstein, suddenly the catchphrase “too big to fail” takes on an entirely new meaning.

Many of us have always said the top of the corrupt pyramid is banks, global financial institutions and multinationals.  The activity of the political industry takes place below the power structure of the financial system.  The banks control the politicians.  The banks control almost everything, and are the benefactors for the DNC, RNC, RGA, etc. etc.

This is the apex circle of influence, where Jeffrey Epstein operated in concert with the banks – who then facilitated his operations and were regulated by Epstein’s clients.