Febuary 10, 2016  –  An honest, open letter to my fellow Americans.

As a radio host of a political talk show, you can imagine the parade of politicians that come through the studio door or call in for interviews on a daily basis.

I interviewed Senator Hatch right after he voted “yes” on The National Detention Authorization Act. This arrogant and out-of-touch Senator actually gave the government the nod to detain American citizens for as long as they want to behind bars, without a trial or even being privy to the evidence

used to hold them there- and all the government has to do is call someone a “domestic terrorist”. Most of America has no idea that the government gave themselves the permission to do this. Since it’s passage in 2012, have you noticed that the words “domestic terrorist” are used more and more by the government and the media? I don’t think that is a coincidence. A ‘criminal” gets a trial, a “domestic terrorist” by definition, “gets what he deserves”- no due process.
Let me tell you what Senator Hatch’s reaction was. He laughed. He giggled. He laughed again. “Oh”, he said, “Why in the world would we do that to our owncitizens? Just because it says it in the bill doesn’t mean we would actually do it”. And then he laughed again.

Yes, Senator Hatch laughed about detaining Americans without due process. My stomach turned. I could not believe the audacity of laughing at the stripping away of our Constitutional rights.

I met a CIA whistle-blower a few months back, who was detained for a year in Texas on the NDAA. A year. No trial and she was not allowed to see any of the evidence against her. The government even pushed for a chemical lobotomy while she was in custody. The judge refused to go along with that. It was his last day on the bench. After a year she was finally let out.

The Oregon Protest and the way ordinary American citizens are reacting to it has me literally in shock. Let me tell you why.

I met the Bundy’s several years ago on my show during some interviews when they were voicing their frustration over the government overreach by the BLM. These men were ranchers. They talked about the ridiculous fines and regulations being levied on them at every turn. They were trying to run a family ranching business on land that had been in their family for decades- even “grandfathered” through many of the government abuses that are on the books today. Thousands of ranchers and farmers are being regulated and fined over silly BLM control tactics. It’s running them out of business. They cannot operate and make even a modest living. It reminded me of businesses trying to work with the mafia. If you don’t comply at everything they want, they coerce and bully you until you do relent and do what they want.
I was left sad and frustrated over their plight and within that year, things escalated to the event that took place on that property in 2014. Citizens from all over the country went down to stand with them. The Bundy’s had refused to pay the “mafia” on grazing fees that were unconstitutional and set out to fight for their land and their individual rights. (It just so happens that Senator Harry Reid owns the adjacent parcels next door). The Bundys had paid these trumped up fees to the BLM but the BLM was not doing anything for the fees as promised- the BLM was not a good steward of the land. So they paid the fees into a separate account and not to the BLM.

Then the situation in Oregon happened.

After the BLM there pushed and coerced almost 100 ranchers out of business through these same bullying tactics, the Hammonds were left standing. They were going to fight to keep their property and their business. The BLM had set fires to the adjacent property to the Hammonds and the Hammonds set a backfire to protect their home and cattle and land when one of those BLM fires was threatening everything that they own. They were accused of trumped up charges of arson because the backfire also burned 127 acres of BLM property. This is a pretty ordinary occurrence because fires do not sense boundary lines. But, the BLM used this to charge them with arson of all things.

Take a good hard look at 70 year old Mr. Hammond, a rancher all of his life, and tell me if you see an “arsonist”. I see a man broken by his own government. It’s sickening.

First it was State arson charges and they did a year in prison and then it was Federal charges when he and his son still refused to back down and guess what. The BLM gets first dibs at his property when he sells it. How convenient for the BLM.

So a rancher and his son, who have paid their taxes, never hurt a soul and tried to save their property- are sitting in prison for 5 years on arson charges.

That’s what our government does to people who won’t play ball.

The Bundy’s saw this injustice and went up to protest this. They picked an out- of- the -way, closed- for- the- winter refuge on public property. Most protests happen on public property, by the way, this is nothing new. They never brandished a single weapon to show force the entire time they were there. They never threatened anyone’s life or ever shot a single bullet. They did have some demands- like freeing the Hammonds out of prison. But they never took hostages, or sat on the porch with guns drawn or prevented anyone from coming or going on the property. They are not a bunch of ignorant hot heads reacting out of emotion and slinging guns on their backs to fight. They were conducting a peaceful protest. If you don’t agree, tell me what they did that was violent.

But, as the media puts it, they were “armed” and now a group of 15 people is considered a “militia” and they are “anti-government” and it was a “showdown” or “firefight” even though only ONE party was doing the shooting. How can a showdown be between men with guns and a guy with his hands up? So the media, instead of calling them protesters, calls them terrorists. You have not read a single main stream media story that has not included that they are an “armed militia” or “armed group”.


Because, like millions of Americans, they all have concealed carry permits to carry a weapon and they choose to exercise their right to do so during the protest. Why did the founding fathers include the right to bear arms in the second amendment? It wasn’t for hunting or just defending your life and property against a bad guy i your house, it was intentionally included so that we could arm ourselves against a tyrannical government.

If Americans are going to be offended that these ranchers chose to exercise their rights and carry during their protest, then why do we even bother with honoring the second amendment? Are guns only window dressing for a faux rebellion against the abuses of our government? The citizens reaction to this was appalling. You must just do what the government says. Click your heels, good citizen and do what you are told. It was as if they did something wrong by exercising their rights to conceal carry. Liberals and conservatives were in a sense, saying, you can only protest however long the government is willing to put up with it and because they went with guns to protect themselves, they deserve everything they get. They are now criminals. Criminals? Really? What criminal acts did they perform?

The government watched these guys leave the refuge many times. They had constant dialogue between the FBI and the Sheriff. They even shook hands.

As the protesters left for a meeting with other ranchers in the valley, the FBI planned to stop them well in advance. They shot at Lavoy Finicums truck so he continued down the road to seek refuge in the neighboring county Sheriffs office. That particular Sheriff had promised to protect him within the next county line. They had a blockade all ready to go just before that next county boundary. He got out of the truck to divert attention from them shooting at the women in his truck- a heroic act. He had his hands up. Two cowards – FBI mercenaries shot him from behind. One shot him from the front. A right handed man does not reach in a left pocket for a gun he did not have on him. The FBI said he had a 9mm on him.He didn’t own a 9mm. He reached for his abdomen where he was shot several times. He lay in the snow and none of the mercenaries went near his body to check for a pulse for at least 10 to 15 minutes. They killed an unarmed man with his hands up. And then, shot rounds of bullets into the truck, full of protesters, including two women. Why were they not asked to get out of the vehicle? Why could they not surrender? Literally rounds of bullets went into that truck, and by a miracle, they were not harmed.

I am a pretty reasonable person. I can see both sides of an issue pretty well. This man was not charging police, he was walking in knee deep snow. How do you charge when you can hardly walk? He diverted attention away from truck to save the lives of those in the truck. The FBI had shot at his truck before he ever got out of it. They shot him in the back. IN THE BACK.

As an American citizen, if this does not alarm you, I don’t know what would. This man was not a violent thug and had no violent criminal history.He was a rancher with 11 kids and 50 foster kids. The only “felony” they could use to justify their case was to accuse him of “interfering with FBI business”. He had never hurt anyone nor threatened to hurt anyone, as he protested. And they had three FBI mercenaries waiting to shoot him dead? Shooting at his truck before he could even defend himself? He had left his six shooter at the refuge when he drove to attend this meeting to inform other ranchers of their constitutional rights.

Do you know what this means fellow American citizens? This could happen to you.

Ammon Bundy and the rest of the protesters arrested the day the FBI killed Finicum, are now sitting in jail, in solitary confinement. Indictments were filed and they were denied bail. DENIED BAIL. They have not hurt anyone, nor have they threatened to hurt anyone. In 2011, the U.N. Special Rapportuer on torture warned that solitary confinement can amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment when used as punishment during PRE-TRIAL detention or indefinitely or for a prolonged period.

This could be you. This could be all of us. And the twisted news reports on this have a large part of our population believing that LaVoy Finicum deserved death somehow. The FBI releases grainy 1980 like- footage from a drone which had actually possessed the technology to read peoples lips and then had the media narrate the government story for the public while you watch the grainy video.Ferguson had months of coverage. “Hands up, don’t shoot” got so much attention that NBA stars got new jerseys approved with the slogan. But the government does not want you to care about this real “hands up don’t shoot”story, because you may realize you could be next.

Property rights are the one of the core tenants and foundations of our liberties. It is what separates us from third world countries. Property rights and liberty was what our American government was supposed to support and defend. These ranchers are fighting for their property. THEIR PROPERTY. What is supposed to be their Constitutionally protected right to life, liberty and happiness.

The FBI has dash-cam, audio and better footage that you will never see. The shameful media will set out to bury this story with a definitive “he deserved it” tagline “because he was armed”, that is completely false. Is our second amendment only valid until the government tells you, you cannot protect yourself? Are these ranchers really criminals? Tell me what they did exactly to deserve death and solitary confinement with no bail and indefinite imprisonment? TELL ME WHAT THEY DID. Anything. Tell me anything violent or threatening that these men did. I know they made improvements to the building that they were accused of “taking over”. Lavoy stated he would die for his beliefs. Well, so would almost all of us, wouldn’t we?

Wouldn’t we die for our children or Christ or our beliefs? Of course we would. That wasn’t a death wish from LaVoy- it was his character.

As an American, if you want to scream “felony” and “criminal” and “do it the right way in the courts”- they tried the courts. Dirty Judges haven’t helped them with their injustices. If you can say they “deserved what they got” because of their reactions while being shot at, I would ask you – what would you do if the FBI turned on you and started shooting at your truck? What would you do? If your house was being taken from you, would you protest it? If the FBI was shooting at you, would you seek refuge in the Sheriff you trusted? Yes, I would try to get to him as fast as I could.

I am ashamed of those Americans out there who are failing to ask the obvious questions and take in the media propaganda as fact. I am ashamed that we have dirty Judges and Sheriffs who won’t stand up for the citizens rights. I am ashamed of the media who has refused to be the fourth estate in this and just recites the lines written for them on cue with a smile. How disturbing. I am ashamed of the FBI and the very fast killing of a very good man. How pathetic is it when it takes 3 mercenaries to take out a man in just minutes- with his hands up and they weren’t even sure if he was armed. No questions, just get rid of him. Set an example for the rest of the ranchers, right? Cross the “mafia” and this is what you get. How do we have men like that carrying out orders against their fellow man like that? I am ashamed of Oregon FBI Special Agent Greg Bretzing in being in charge of this heinous miscarriage of justice. We may share the same religious beliefs but I assure you, we do not share the same conscious. How appalling, disturbing and sickening.

What happened to our America? Where are our elected officials calling for an investigation? Where are they?
I am shamed of you fellow Americans, for not standing up for these ranchers. These are the good guys.The salt of the earth. These are the guys I want in my corner if I ever felt unsafe. We are demonizing the good guys while the criminals are allowed a pass. Are you really okay with that? Is that what America is all about? Ranching and farming is what built America. I read a comment by someone who looked at the grainy video footage and wrote,” that was a good kill”. I became physically ill. Physically sick, because of who we have become as Americans. Anyone of those protesting ranchers would have given you the shirt off of their back, yet we sit in our comfortable homes as arm- chair quarterbacks, most of us not even able to work a ranch for single hour, condemning and demonizing good men who love their country enough to stand up for their rights and your rights. YOUR RIGHTS. Even the demented moron who typed “good kill”. Those ranchers were standing up for him, too. We have produced selfish, lazy, uneducated bastards in this country and we are to blame.

Well, folks, there are a lot of natural resources on that land in Oregon, namely Uranium. Occupy Wall Street went on for 7 months on public property with the President even helping them protest. And four weeks was all the patience the government could muster for this protest. There is a reason they are bullying the ranchers off of their land. You must always ask yourself the million dollar question- who benefits.

Why? Because we are all next. That’s why.