July 21, 2021 / Kate Dalley hosts a radio program “The Kate Dalley Show“, and is a columnist for UtahStandardNews.com.

Ed’s note: This choice is so disappointing on many levels. The caucus delegates are usually the most informed of the electorate. But, the vote was not by the delegates. It was by 204 members of the WashCo Executive CCC which includes precinct leadership (Chairs, Vice Chairs) and county Officiaries. I was there. The count was legit. We could have had a true patriot. Instead, we get who we deserve, and the government we choose. Snow said that he wants to start learning more about the behind-the-scenes processes of county government. He claimed to be a constitutional conservative and threw his support for the Lake Powell Pipeline that will leave private citizens bearing most of the costs of WashCo growth by SOCIALIZING (as in socialism) the expenses of those who will benefit financially. That’s crony capitalism and it creates winners and losers… plain & simple. The taxpayers have already shelled out over $50 million just thinking about the pipeline that will hopefully have water running through it after the worse western drought in 1,200 years ends. Until then, maybe it could be used to pipe in more dirt for when we run out of land.

Those who control the leadership, control the system. Snow’s mentor, Dean Cox, also claimed to be a constitutional conservative. An attendee commented to me that the WashCo caucus system was built by Cox. When I ran in the 2018 caucus in Cox’s precinct, he stacked the candidate pool and gave them the directive “Anyone but Ed”. I lost every position but was appointed by an honest Chair to be a state and county delegate because of a vacancy. The people who won didn’t even want to serve. Kudos to Kate for this very accurate analysis.

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Once again, those that vote for the Republican Party to select our interim County Commissioner pick ESTABLISHMENT crony Adam Snow who worked for the do nothing, disgraceful Congressman Chris Stewart (the Congressman who threw Trump under the bus multiple times calling him Mussolini and praised Bernie Sanders for his character – and then used Trump to get elected – yes that weasel). Adam didn’t run a stronger “campaign”. He is just the establishment pick and will do whatever Victor and Gil want him to do under the direction of the Establishment. They will passively sit by and give away more of Southern Utah land and pretend that they can’t do a thing for your liberty against more masking and lockdown efforts and mandatory Vak-seens- they even voted to pay for pods to give out. The three of them will also act like they can’t do a thing to shore up your second amendment god given rights. They will pass pretend measures that look like they are doing something heroic, but really do nothing at all for you – just like they have been doing. They wanted Congressman Stewart’s main guy because he is part of the club. He won’t challenge a thing. And you won’t see a dissenting voice- ever. The three of them will be in lockstep over everything- even asking “mother may I “ to Spencer Cox over everything, telling you, the citizen, that they can’t do anything to actually help you because they follow whatever the corrupt Governor says.

Hate to be so brutal- but what I’m saying is true. We say we hate what’s going on, that we want our country back- but we CONTINUE to vote for establishment thugs who tell us what we want to hear but are not capable of restoring liberty. The party just once again sold you out. They like their club of agreement. They don’t want to be challenged.

We are to blame. We are our own problem. Because we won’t do anything to really help ourselves.

We must like the mess we are in.

We must love it, in fact.

We got in this mess because of the party driven by communists on the left, AND because of the thugs on the right who tell you what you want to hear and smile and say they are conservative, but stab you in the back while smiling and tell you that they “tried”. The left destroys. The right says they “tried”. Both end up taking liberty in many ways. Adam will serve the establishment. The establishment is ruining this country too. They just do it with our full confidence in them. That’s what’s said about that.

Once again we blew it.

We must love the mess we are in. Don’t complain about it. We love it enough to actually vote for it. How sad is that? We had candidates that would have been so much better. Local government is vital to keep our liberty and Gil and Victor and Adam – our county commissioners- won’t do anything REAL to help you. There will be many, many excuses given to you – as things get worse in this country. MANY EXCUSES. Just watch. I was hoping after a year and half of crazy, that we would finally recognize that we vote for our own demise. But I guess we haven’t learned that lesson yet.

If you don’t believe me, or think I’m being mean, ask yourself- why do I have less freedom and we have less land – if the Republican Party has been the majority party of Utah for- forever. Answer- we blindly trust these hacks because they have an R by their name. The only thing they will give you is excuses.