By Ed Wallace, Publisher, Mar 14, 2024

Are you aware that Judge Barry Lawrence (Third District) recently ruled against Derek Brown, candidate for Attorney General for the State of Utah? The claims against Derek Brown are “CONSPIRACY” and “INTERFERENCE”!


Case No.: 220900591 – Judge: BARRY G. LAWRENCE

“…there is sufficient allegations in the Complaint to sustain that (Derek) Brown was part of an alleged conspiracy involving himself, Preston, Stringham, and Winder Newton, wherein the predicate unlawful act was the defamation by the other alleged co-conspirators.”

“…the conspiracy claim against Brown survives for the reason stated above. Because the undertaking of a conspiracy would be “improper means” and was pleaded by Plaintiff (Robinson) in the FAC, Plaintiff’s interference claim against Brown also survives this Motion.”

“Plaintiff (Robinson) has pleaded valid claims against (Derek) Brown for Conspiracy and Interference. The Motion (Derek Brown’s) is thus DENIED with respect to those two claims which may proceed, as set forth above.

Aimee Winder Newton, Senior Advisor to Gov. Cox and Director of Office of Families for the  State of Utah, is also named in the lawsuit. As part of that action, Aimee has had another UTEPA / Anti-SNIPP lawsuit filed against her seven days ago by Cox challenger Sylvia Fisk. You can read the suit here. Both suits show how things are “fixed” in our state

Last December, Derik Brown announced the formation and initial membership of his Finance Committee to run for Utah Attorney General. And, Holy Stinking Cow, Deidre Henderson (Lieutenant Governor of the State of Utah), who oversees elections, is on that committee. Anyone have a problem with the one person who has complete oversight of Utah elections working on a candidates campaign for AG?

Henderson’s involvement only adds more proof to Utah being named as the 2nd most corrupt State in the Nation with a disregard for integrity and principled behavior. Why is Utah so corrupt in politics and business? Let’s not forget Utah is number 1 in white collar crime.

The problem with Brown is that he is a lap-cat of the establishment, and is a paid, professional lobbyist, and has been for a long time.

He has the entire Utah establishment oligarchy on his committee. Former Gov. Gary Herber was named as chair of Brown’s scampaign. Utah Policy reported that Brown’s Finance committee is chaired by Scott Anderson (President and CEO of Zions First National Bank), Deidre Henderson (Lieutenant Governor of the State of Utah), and Scott Keller (Chairman and CEO of Keller Investment Properties). (scroll down for the entire committee membership)

Herbert’s support for Brown is notable since he appointed Reyes as attorney general after the resignation of John Swallow in 2013. Prior to that, Brown served with Sen. Robert F. Bennett who became the first high-profile political casualty of the anti-Washington fervor in 2010. That loss led to the establishment of SB54, sarcastically known as the Incumbent Protection Act ( Keep My Voice).That movement was largely funded by the Orrin Hatch and Mitt Romney Foundations, and most of our current leaders are now in office because of it. 

In 2014, Brown went on to serve as U.S. Sen. Mike Lee‘s deputy chief of staff, who replaced Bennett. Lee announced he is endorsing Derek Brown in the race for Utah attorney general, saying Brown is “uniquely qualified to serve in this vital role.” 

A former UTGOP officer and current county leader, stated:  “From what I understand, Brown is a lawyer but has never been in a court room. I served under him on the SCC…he was and is always a lobbyist…even while running the party. He has no clue regarding conflicts of interest. We are still vetting but I would implore you to seek an AG who can prosecute the law regardless of “standing.” I want an AG who will hold ALL elected officials accountable to the law for the people. Derek agreed to run for party chair at Herbert’s request. If you remember, the Gov came to the SCC to scold us on our divisions. Chair Rob Anderson blew up the party and the Gov was preaching to make the Chair an appointment instead of being elected by the delegates. Derek was the Gov’s “appointment”. Now that the same cabal (Cox) wants the AG position to be an appointment rather than elected by the people, Derek Brown is again their man. We can’t let that happen. We need an independent AG willing to fight for our constitutional rights. I sat down with Trent Christensen yesterday for over an hour – two on one with a colleague. Trent is a convention only candidate with a focus on the delegates. Of all four candidates, Trent is the only one who mentioned election integrity.”

Another party official commented: “Having known Brown and his kind of politics for many years, I can tell you as a GOP Delegate he is the worst possible option. He is nothing more than part of the good old boy network of politics that has a death grip on the State of Utah. Utah has serious problems and Cox, Henderson, Adams and now Brown are the reason that we continue to line the pockets of our elected leaders. It will not change until we wake up and vote in good men and women who are not in this for just their personal gain and for power. What we need are people who care more about the state of Utah and less about what kind of deal they can set in motion for themselves once they leave office.”

Brown’s other committee members include:

  • Lew Cramer, CEO of Colliers International-Utah
  • Amelia Gardner, Utah County Commissioner
  • James Clarke, CEO/Managing Partner, Clarke Capital Partners
  • Jonathan Johnson, former CEO of
  • Derek Miller, President and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber
  • Greg Miller, Vice Chair, Board of Directors at the Larry H. Miller Corporation 
  • Walt Plumb, businessman and philanthropist
  • Steve Price, Founder and President of Price Real Estate
  • Dawn Ramsey, Mayor, City of South Jordan
  • Mike Sibbett, Partner at Captus Global Consulting and Former Chairman of the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole
  • Jacey Skinner, Of Counsel, Ballard Spahr
  • Aimee Winder Newton, Chair, Salt Lake County Council
  • Seth Sunderland, CEO, Spring Canyon Capital