by Dan Riehl – 10 Feb 2016 – Washington, DC – Breitbart

Bloomberg News reporter Joshua Green joined Breitbart News daily host Stephen K. Bannon today to discuss the 2016 elections and also an item he recently penned for Bloomberg News on so called “realignment elections.”

The article is an insightful look into the dynamics that very much appear to be impacting the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

It’s easy to view this year’s Republican primary as a cult of personality and no more—the rise and fall of a colorful billionaire who stars in the greatest reality show on television. But what’s happening is much broader than Trump and Cruz. It’s an extension of a shift in Republican politics that’s been under way for several years. Although the media is portraying the outcome in Iowa as a repudiation of Trump, it’s better understood as a repudiation of the party establishment—just the latest in a series of uprisings dating to the 2010 election. At the congressional level, the GOP has already realigned itself to reflect this anger. Almost 60 percent of House Republicans were elected in 2010 or after. They’ve radicalized their party in Congress and driven out its establishment-minded speaker, John Boehner.

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