If you like John Kasich, it’s time to celebrate! The Ohio governor finally won a primary – his home state’s. Of course, he flopped in last week’s other contests, ending the evening with almost two dozen fewer delegates than Sen. Marco Rubio, who exited the GOP race.

Kasich’s campaign has bordered on the bizarre. He has survived for two reasons: First, he has refused to get out, no matter how badly he has done. And second, he has been so irrelevant that nobody attacked him, leaving him generally unscathed in a race where there is plenty of blood on the floor.

Initially, Kasich’s candidacy was built on doing well in New Hampshire. And he did – if you call drawing 15.8 percent of the vote there “doing well.” But in finishing second, almost 20 points behind the winner, Donald Trump, Kasich could claim relevance – even though he would not win his first primary for another five weeks.

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