By Ed Wallace, Publisher – Apr 18, 2024

Unusual Whales produces a yearly report that discloses congressional financial transactions. John Curtis had a good year in 2023 making a 25.3% return as a trader with insider knowledge. That’s better than the latest SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) return at 24.8%

In other words, Curtis blew the market out of the water.

Curtis got his feet wet in 2019, and on 3/27/2020, he reported over 50 stock purchases totaling $237-085 to $935,000.

On 12/15/2023, Curtis reported 59 stock sells, including his stock ownership in Blackrock. On Jan 2, 2024, he announced his Senate campaign. Optics matter.

This may explain why a candidate will spend millions to win a job that has an average salery of $174,000 per annum. So far, in 2024, Curtis has spent $1.7mil and has $1.3mil cash to spend

This image displays his campaign contributions:

You can see all of his stock info here:

Blake Moore is the only other federal official from Utah that has reported stock trades.

Utah AG Sean Reyes recently Highlighted His Commitment to Fighting BlackRock’s ESG Agenda

A coalition of U.S. Senators, led by Senator Mike Lee from Utah, sent a letter to the leaders of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioners, requesting information and answers about BlackRock’s requests for blanket authorization after the “world’s largest asset manager appears to be systematically violating its commitments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).” 

This letter follows General Reyes’s recent legal actions to intervene in FERC’s three-year reauthorization of BlackRock’s blanket authorizations to acquire over $10 million in voting securities of publicly traded utilities. 

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