There were 11,000 fewer new jobs statewide in June than in May, according to federal employment figures released last week.

  • 6,000 fewer people were fired or laid off.

Details: The state’s rate of job openings in June was the lowest for more than a year.

  • The rate of Utah employees who quit or lost their jobs in June — 3.8% — was also the lowest in more than a year.
  • The rate of new hires also is significantly below where it was in February and March.

Zoom out: Just under 6% of positions in Utah were open in June — the fifth-lowest rate in the nation, and well below the national average of 6.6%. The bottom line: After a flurry of help-wanted notices and labor shortages early this year, the labor market has been cooling off for a few months now.

  • If you want a new job, don’t wait too much longer to start looking.