By Ed Wallace, Publisher / Oct 5, 2023

I had hope for Jim Jordan at one time. He’s been compromised and you can see it in his actions the last couple of years. Forget what they say, watch what they do. This is a painful acceptance.

Jordan likes to talk tough and is often so mad that he spits fire. Once Jordan is done with the tough talk, done spitting fire and writing tough letters, the end result is always the same, nothing changes.

I wanted to like Jim Jordan with all his “gosh, golly” and all. But it didn’t take long for me to recognize he was the guy to keep everyone treading water, just like Trey Gowdy and others. As Speaker, Jordan would be the supreme tread water guy. No, we need a speaker who comes up out of the people. Someone who may not be polished and smooth, but someone with a fire in their belly to do something about salvaging our Republic.

Jordan is simply a purposefully placed “anger manager” on behalf of the Professionally Republican wing of the administrative state, more positioned to satiate the masses than actually deliver any accountability results.  

There’s a big datapoint to be concerned about. When the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government was formed, it was constructed in the lane of the House Judiciary Committee.  Meaning, the House Judiciary Committee would be the presumptive authority committee under which the select subcommittee would form. 

Those concerns were realized when it was announced that Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan would also sit as the Chairman of the Select Subcommittee. If you are cynical and/or knowledgeable as to how the Deep State operates, this approach positioned Jordan as a backstop against the issuance of subpoenas that would be against the interests of the Professionally Republican leadership trying to protect the flickering flame of hope.

What followed was the worst-case scenario. It is no longer a question of whether the Select Subcommittee was constructed in an effort to dissuade, dilute and deflect the outrage by the American people who were witnessing the weaponization of government. That’s exactly what the subcommittee result was as a result of Jim Jordan’s leadership.

Meaning there never was a genuine, actionable effort on behalf of the new Republican majority to confront the weaponization of government. It was all another farce – another railcar in a “long train of Republican abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object,” gaslighting and kicking the proverbial can. We were once again victims.

Every element of the professional Republican apparatus in DC, positions their interests for the long game.

When a person grabs the flag at the front of the parade, watch who they hand it to… Often, there’s an intent.

Jim Jordan is the carefully positioned guardian of Kevin McCarthy. Jordan was the general selected to hang out with the troops and play the role of steering leader; one foot in the trenches and the other foot in the mahogany meeting room. If he did his job well, he would control the glances by the regulars toward the indulgences of leadership.

Jim Jordan did his job very well. His yells and screams and his histrionics are the best in the Kabuki troupe. He sounds like a mujercita screaming like a kid. He has never advanced anything. Even the most proveable easily indicted type stuff. He’s making the deals with the other side… OK we’ll stop looking so hard if you do this or that. All those hearings and subpoenas I have yet to see anyone held accountable. The FBI guys are a perfect example.  

Jim Jordan became a traitor during the Fast & Furious “Investigation”. If one reviews the information, Jordan talked loud and fast and did exactly nothing protecting the people who authorized this terrible idea in which Brian Terry, a Border Patrol Agent was murdered by a gun run by the Eric Holder gang back into Mexico. No one in their lucid mind should ever think of Holder other than a traitor.

Ask Jim “Air” Jordan how his much publicized investigation of New York DA Alvin Bragg is going? Bragg told Jordan to go away and drop dead which is exactly what Jordan did! Bragg wasn’t even issued a subpoena by Jordan.

A few months ago, Jordan did 2 interviews over 2 weeks on the WRKO (Boston, MA) morning show.

The show host desperately tried getting Jordan to explain the lack of movement on an impeachment – any impeachment (the potted plant, Wray, Mayorkis).

Jordan did the Republican shuffle: “we’re going to follow the Constitution”, there needs to be “high crimes and misdemeanors”, and “my colleagues across the aisle”….

Always wanted to like him, but just can’t. I guess I’m just waiting for him to write a ‘strongly-worded letter’.

Jordan is clearly Trey Gowdy without a jacket – ALL talk and absolutely ZERO action, unless you consider endless social media posts and Sunday morning talk shows appearances as “action” which I, for one, do NOT! All of Jordan’s efforts were directed at the Democrats/Liberals. He protects RINO wrongdoing.

It’s like Jim Jordan studied Trey Gowdy for inspiration. I’ve always wondered if he owns a warehouse somewhere full of nothing but pale blue shirts. 

Gagball Gowdy did the Clintons a favor (he was a Clinton appointee) along with that other loser with the stupid curly hair, Jason Whatshisname, Chafitz, who cares… the guy who looks like a Cheshire Cat.

Chaffetz, Gowdy, Issa and others have all been gleefully, dutifully and soooo dramatically and animatedly banging away on their cowbells and purposefully getting absolutely NOWHERE!

We should refer to these useless and pathetic posers as the “Cowbell Percussion Section”.

Jim Jordan is the prototype Fox News Republican. I wouldn’t be surprised if he someday also scores a gig at Fox, just like Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy and the cat.

He’s never been the same since they went after him before the 2020 election when the “six ways to Sunday” group fired a shot across his bow with the issues about “widespread sexual abuse in OSU’s wrestling program.” or since his nephew died in the crash in 2018. 

The timing seems to fit with the overall dynamic and how the intelligence apparatus operates. Regardless, something consequential changed in the political orbit of Jim Jordan.

We have to accept that the institutions of government have collapsed. The law is merely whatever the government says it is today, and it only applies to its enemies. 

There is no acceptable Speaker, and anyone who would actually fight for our agenda would be undermined and slow rolled by the caucus. Just like they do to us.

We must accept that we are now a dissident movement. That means guerrilla tactics. Gaetz’s motion to vacate is a guerrilla tactic. (and a good one) Wiping out key Republicans with certified MAGA candidates is another. Jim Jordan should be a target for removal… not someone we can persuade to help. 

I was honestly shocked when Matt Gaetz floated Jordan’s name as a possible successor to McCarthy, along with Steve Scalise!! Both of them have been pure Uniparty obstructionists and Gaetz has to know that… so what is he playing at when mentioning them as being people he could support as Speaker?

Here’s another theory on the events:

1) Gaetz didn’t expect to win. All he wanted was to rattle some cages.,

2) Gaetz endorsed Jordan because he got butt-hurt because everyone hates him. He wanted to throw his haters a bone.

3) Gaetz wants to be the governor of Florida next. He needs some bona fides for the race so he vacated the Speaker. He is planning his exit strategy. Gaetz is fake also.

You all know who the enemies are now.

So currently we can trust 8 people, plus President Trump.
That’s enough for me.

We’ll wait for the 2024 election, if there is one, but I would not want to live in a major city next year.

I’m sure the BLM Burn Loot and Murder crowd and Antifa will be activated.

Things will change when the silent ones can no longer tolerate their own silence.

I need to shower.… all this dirt is getting to me.

Praying for America.