Stick a fork in him. The fat lady has sung. It’s over.

These are just a few things that are being said about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s fledgling presidential campaign.

Bush’s dismal performance in the Iowa Caucus early this week, and his plummeting poll numbers, not to mention the fact that his base of support is leaving him for Senator Marco Rubio, are all viable reasons as to why Bush should probably throw in the towel.

According to the latest average of polls, Bush holds an amoebic national 4.8% base of support, while only garnering 9% and 10% support in New Hampshire and South Carolina, respectively.

This is not good for any presidential candidate.

Bush is a great candidate, and would most likely turn the country around if elected president, but the problem he has is that there are too many other Republican presidential options.

And let’s not forget that his last name is Bush.


This article is republished with permission from our friends at the Shark Tank.