Tuesday, 01 May 2018

James Comey, Deep-state Operative

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From the print edition of The New American

Long before it hit the market, it was a sure thing that James Comey’s “tell all” book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, was going to be a major thrust in the Deep State’s multi-pronged attack to unseat President Donald Trump and overthrow the results of the November 2016 election. For more than a year, the former FBI director has been built up in the establishment media as a paragon of virtue heroically standing in opposition to a lawless, rampaging White House bully. When President Trump fired him, and rightly so, Comey was quickly rewarded with a $2 million book deal, unprecedented for a former FBI director, or anyone else of that stature in the federal government. Moreover, he has become a media celebrity and, according to the All-American Speakers Bureau, he can be booked to speak to your gathering for a mere $100,000-$200,000. So, Comey can now rake in more in a single speech than he did in a whole year at his top FBI salary ($185,000). And now that he’s on a continuous-run circuit of Big Media interviews, his speaker fees can only go up, perhaps even to the Hillary Clinton level ($325,000).

In his interviews and in his book, Comey strikes the same oily, sanctimonious pose that we witnessed while he was still heading the FBI, a phony piety belied by indisputable facts showing him to be a lying, leaking, servile self-promoter. If he has a higher loyalty, it is not to the truth, but to those who are intent on destroying our constitutional Republic and submerging us in their “new world order.” Harsh? Yes, but true nonetheless. During televised testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in May 2017, Senator Charles Grassley  (R-Iowa) asked Comey if he had ever leaked information. “Never!” was Comey’s immediate reply. Senator Grassley pushed further, asking if he had authorized anyone else to leak information to the press regarding the FBI’s investigation. “No,” was his terse response. To put the questions and responses in context, this came at a time when persons within the D.C. “Swamp” were leaking information on a daily basis to damage the new Trump administration, a practice that has continued. “If I find out that people were leaking information about our investigations, whether to reporters or to private parties, there’ll be severe consequences,” the FBI chief pledged.

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