When we previously dissected Donald Trump’s claim of self-funding his campaign last November, it wasn’t exactly true. But after examining the latest fundraising numbers, his assertion now holds a bit more weight.

After the Feb. 20 campaign finance deadline, Trump has now poured in over $17.7 million of his own money – that’s over 70 percent of the $25.5 million his campaign has raised over the entire cycle. Nearly all of that ($17.5 million) came in the form of loans; meanwhile, none of the other candidates have loaned their campaigns so much as a dime.1 On top of that, he’s also supplied over $250,000 worth of in-kind contributions, such as rent and payroll, to his committee.

But his claim of totally self-funding is still not entirely true: Other donors make up a significant chunk of his campaign cash — nearly 30 percent — totaling $7.5 million in contributions.

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