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Before outlining the moves of the GOPe/RNC/RGA as they are unfolding in Iowa, it is absolutely critical for people to understand the landscape of American politics.

The functional mission of the UniParty apparatus is not based on ideology; the core and consequential baseline revolves around the business of American politics and the motives of the people who control the institutions within it.  For this outline I focus only on the Republican wing, the GOP corporation, one side of the professional business apparatus.

WRITE THIS DOWN and force yourself to remember it every day.  “The Republican Party priority is to retain their business, to control the outcomes, and this has nothing to do with winning elections.”  The RNC would rather lose elections and retain power, than win elections and lose operational control over the apparatus.

In the past several decades, the motive of a Republican or Democrat politician advancing their influence by running for political office has absolutely nothing to do with representing the interests of the American people.  Nothing.  Their interests are to engage within the business of politics, while presenting themselves as qualified actors to retain the premise of political service.  This is why they will spend $10 million to win an office that only pays $400k/yr.

The business of buying, selling and controlling policy, is the core operation of people within the US political system.  As an outcome, the business has two wings – the RNC and the DNC.  Two private corporations inside the political industry who are in place to retain the overall business model.  The RNC and DNC are both funded by the same interests, banks, corporations, Wall St interests, and even foreign interests who purchase outcomes.

The RNC and DNC are two operational wings inside the industry of politics.  The are in the same business, but they have slightly different business models.

The Republicans (RNC) want money, the Democrats (DNC) want power.  The Republicans use power to get money, the Democrats use money to get power.  The donor activity of the Republicans drives their agenda.  The agenda of the Democrats drives their donor activity.  It is a subtle nuance, but once you really understand it, everything falls into place.

The Republican politicians are ambivalent to the outcomes of the Democrats.  The Republican group only cares about the money.  Threaten the power of the Democrats and you get a toxic and violent response.  Threaten the money of the Republicans and you get exactly the same level of response.

Democrats are triggered when you threaten their power, their ability to control.  Republicans are triggered when you threaten their money, their ability to enrich.

The primary of 2024 is the election season when we see firsthand this corporate battle explode inside in the Republican group.  Decades of entrenched power are at stake, and there have been four years of counter positioning and backroom discussion leading up to this moment.

As a consequence, and I know this might sound odd to many people – but winning and/or losing elections becomes a secondary issue.  The people who control the RNC as a private corporation, the people who fund the business, are not focused on winning elections. The RNC corporation is focused on retaining mission control.

The RNC want to give the illusion of support for MAGA conservatism, because the illusion of choice requires a base voter.  However, every move they make on an operational level is exactly in line with their previous outlook toward cocktail-class corporate republicanism.  The MAGA base of support cannot trust this corporate group, and we must not be blind or unguarded about the Machiavellian schemes they construct.

Donald Trump is not a problem for the Republican Party; Donald Trump is our response to the problem within the Republican Party.

Republicans are far more violent, hate-filled and vitriolic than Democrats when their money is threatened.  As long as the money is not threatened, Republicans happily play the game and permit the Democrats to purchase their votes and support.  However, threaten the money of the Republicans, and they will be the very first to go nuclear… including the intentional loss of any/all elections in order to preserve their stake.

This dichotomy, ambivalence and illusion, is what you saw in the 2018 midterms, 2020 general and 2022 midterms from the professional Republicans.  The MAGA team, who identify as Republicans as a method for ballot entry, are the only ones who will fight to change this dynamic.  Therefore, the Republican Party views the MAGA insurgents as the enemy that must be removed.

Now, to Iowa…

The Republican Party of Iowa Central Committee has refused to set a date by which a voter must choose Republican voter affiliation in order to participate in the January 15 caucus.  The private club is positioning to block the MAGA insurgency and advance the DeSantis operation; because if the approved RNC candidate doesn’t win in Iowa, Godzilla Trump will take the momentum and destroy the club.

The result is that Iowa Democrats (who have screwed up their own caucuses, so they will be free on Jan. 15) will swarm the Republican caucuses to cause mischief.  Iowans, who are not stupid, know exactly what “mischief” means in this context.  At best it means a rough night and some bruises.  At worst, ask Joe Biggs.

This is an inside job by the Republican Party of Iowa.  During the legislative session earlier this year, they were all set to pass a bill setting the deadline for registration at 70 days prior to the caucus date.  Then, suddenly, the “lawyers” said legislators had to take that provision out, and that the Republican Party of Iowa would handle it by resolution.

The private corporation needs control.

As we have witnessed in Georgia, watch the professional party apparatus in Iowa align with a singular mission, to protect their business model.

 In Iowa – the SEA ISLAND DeSantis crew have funded and planted Asa Hutchinson and Mike Pence to camp out.  They are supported by Governor Kim Reynolds.  The goal is to use the Jeff Roe Cruz Crew, and roughly 1,000 paid Never Back Down (NBD) conscripts to do the Astroturf.

Let me emphasize a key point.  The Republican Party is not positioning to win the 2024 election. The goal of the Republican Party is to remove the threat represented by Donald Trump.  When you start there, all of the RNC weaknesses or flaws look very different, very purposeful.

Donald J. Trump isn’t the cause of the Republican failure; he is the result of their failure.

The people in control of Republican Club do not care who is in the White House, that is a secondary objective.  What they care about right now is controlling the Republican corporation and stopping the hostile takeover.

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