By Ed Wallace, Publisher and WashCo Delegate – March 25, 2024

The following is an extensive compilation of information that comes from sources within the Washington County Republican Party, various government employees, and private citizens deeply involved in county politics. In order to protect these Patriots from retaliation, I am withholding their identities. As for me, my desire to remain informed is at odds with my desire to remain sane. I will add my commentary at the end of this article. 

A GOP Delegate explains the Ipson effect.

The establishment group like to stay in their own tight-knit bundle of power. This was evident to anyone at the WashCo Republican Convention last Friday who was paying attention. 

Imagine being a newer representative like Neil Walter, Colin Jack and Joe Elison. They HAD to vote for Ipson….or their bills would never have an easy time making them through the senate.  

Ipson is a bully…  a mean one, everyone knows this. It didn’t matter if Ipson won or lost at the convention. Delegate votes are online forever for anyone to see. Ipson would see that they didn’t vote for him and he would make sure their projects suffered or died, or at least try to make that happen. Even if he doesn’t get reelected, Ipson has enough buddies in the Senate to go after those Reps who voted against him and make their bills die one way or another. The Reps had to vote Ipson…  it’s a matter of survival.

Ipson is not a nice person and is doing all he can to discredit opponents. His people sent out a link to the Dr. Phil Show last week where one of his opponents, Cory Green, was a guest on the show. Honestly, it was a 2-man race between Bennion and Ipson.  Why drag Cory Green into the mix?

Ipson sat on a ramp by the stage at the convention facing the audience maybe to show the delegates that he is watching them. It seemed that he eyeballing them to intimidate them. Imagine if you work for the sheriff’s department and you vote against Ipson. Ipson calls Sheriff Brooksby and demands that the employee gets some type of write up or gives him/her a hard time. What if any county employee, who is a delegate, voted against Ipson? Ipson sees that the county employee voted against him and calls one of the county commissioners to demand that they find a way to intimidate them or somehow punish them. The county has many employees. If they are delegates, they HAD to vote for Ipson.

It is no secret that County Commissioners Gil Almquist and Victor Iverson were really upset with Ipson recently for voting to fund the new stadiums in Salt Lake. But look, all 3 commissioners voted for Don Ipson at the convention. They HAD to vote for him.

Many delegates noticed and laughed about Ipson’s booth at the convention at Hurricane High School. He brought in a big wooden “Dixie” for the backdrop of his booth.  Hilarious. The guy who literally made sure the history and heritage of Dixie State was destroyed and then suddenly he loves Dixie? Voters are not blind. Ipson did not do anything to save the Dixie name except voting last to keep the name. Delegates knew the truth which was reflect by their votes. 

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Rep. Walt Brooks has his own plan.

At the convention, candidates have the option of having other people speak on their behalf during the 3 minutes where they are allowed to speak to delegates prior to voting. Ipson’s campaign handlers were smart enough to keep him away from the microphone for over 2 of the 3 minutes. Ipson has always had difficulty with speaking in public and expressing his thoughts, so this was a smart and calculated move. They selected Rep. Walt Brooks to speak on Ipson’s behalf. 

Brooks is a longtime member of the House who wants to move up to the Senate when Ipson steps down, this has been the plan for quite some time. Word moving through delegate conversations before and during the convention was the rumor that the establishment group will get Ipson voted-in during this election cycle. Their plans are to have Ipson serve for a couple of years, then Ipson will step down early to have Brooks appointed to fill the Senate seat with no election required. That leaves an opening in the House when Brooks leaves. Then it’s easy for the establishment to appoint their person to fill the House seat, again without an election. 

Down the Road

The frontrunner to fill Brooks’ seat is newly-elected St. George City Councilman, Steve Kemp. Kemp ran an unsuccessful campaign to get a House seat a few years ago.  Another name being tossed around to get that vacant House seat is Don Ipson’s son, Danny. Danny is a baseball coach at Dixie High School and works for the company his dad founded, DATS Trucking. Danny was put in place as a member of the Dixie State Name Recommendation Committee. That committee voted to change the Dixie Name to Utah Tech. He was then named as a member of the Board of Trustees at Dixie State University/Utah Tech. That Board voted unanimously to change the Dixie State name to Utah Tech. Next, Danny Ipson was appointed by Governor Cox to become a member of the Higher-Ed Board for the State of Utah. It’s no secret that Don Ipson is one of Cox’s greatest supporters.

But, the Best Laid Plans….

The establishment’s plan to fill legislative seats will be disrupted if Chad Bennion is elected this year to take Ipson’s seat in the Senate. Brooks will be stuck in his House seat. Bennion is the frontrunner and easily won the top spot at the convention. Because of Bennion’s 6-year stint in the House, his bid to take the Senate seat away from Ipson seems possible if the voters become educated and fail to support Ipson.  

Ipson has never had a credible opponent during all of his years in the legislature. In 16 years, Ipson hasn’t been involved in a campaign to promote himself. Ipson’s poor voting record shows his non-conservative values. He is a firm supporter of Cox. It’s a difficult task if Ipson tries to promote his so-called conservative values. But, most of our Utah RINOS know that conservatives are the dominating factor in elections because that’s who Utah is. All a politician has to do is wave the magic wand and say “I’m a Conservative”, and poof, they’re elected.   

This is a golden opportunity for District 29 in Washington County to elect Bennion who is a true conservative. The votes are not listed publicly in a primary or general election.  

Ipson can’t bully those who voted for Bennion because he won’t know who didn’t support him. His power over all of the voters is now gone. 

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Ed’s Note: 

For the past several decades, the motive of a politician advancing their influence by running for political office has absolutely nothing to do with representing the interests of WashCo citizens.. NOTHING. Their interests are to engage within the business of politics, while presenting themselves as qualified actors to retain the premise of political service. The business of buying, selling and controlling policy, is the core operation of people within our political system.

Since 1970, the Growth/Promotion Machine and Tourist Industry (GPMTI), has had a monopoly on the major decision-making here in the St. George-Metro area — being the real power brokers, and sort of a “mutual admiration society.

“Instead of a “Protectorate,” land speculators, money-changers and promoters began having visions of dollars dancing in their heads and priorities changed to that of exploit rather than protect…. The common good has almost always been of secondary consideration to worshiping the false idols of money, prestige and notoriety.”

It is really sad to see what is happening in so many towns across our country. The manipulating, the lying, the cheating, the secret deals behind closed doors, the harassing of the folks who do stand up, by the growth industry: developers, builders, banks, realtors, title companies, appraisers, home inspectors, etc., and the hospitality/tourism industry: lodging, restaurants, events, etc., and the multiple annual marathons, triathlons, senior games, etc., the High density housing…  Hence, the continual drive to bring people here to spend money, make them comfortable, and eventually live here. Water and traffic be damned. Get all they can, while they can.  Build and destroy….emulating failed states. Zero common-sense. Zero regard for anyone or anything beyond their own lust for power and money.

The past two generations has grown up under socialism’s influence so completely that we don’t even know when we are thinking socialism. Yet, it’s all around us, on every level of government. Even here in WashCo. These are the people and entities that are making  huge profits on the backs of the peons of WashCo. Who is paying for the acquisition costs for all their new business? YOU ARE. That’s crony socialism, in it’s purest sense.  

The overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence coming forth leads me to believe that there is a strong indication of maladministration, malfeasance, and possible criminal activity that violates the federal RICO statute. 

You, our elected officials, you know who you are, and most people reading this know who you are. We have been living in this establishment Oligarchy for decades.

We “MUST” understand that these are entrenched, generational, self-entitled criminals and their felonious behavior will not just stop, like all criminals, they will have to be stopped. Public service is the last thing on their minds. 

The ones who are evil and live in lies are desperate. They are being forced to hug their lies harder and harder. They are stuck on this path and are beyond the point of no return. As they do, they are being exposed and have nowhere to hide. These people have no moral compass other than their own ego and power. All I see is arrogance and a holier than thou attitude, empty vessels standing in their own light.

There is little doubt our Republic is in trouble, and I have been despondent about this fact. However, I’m beginning to crawl out of that hole, seeing increasingly my brethren wake up from their deep slumber and realize that, yes, in fact, we are in trouble, and we collectively need to tend to the problem and fix things. We can do this, but it is us, WE, THE PEOPLE, who must do the job. Relying upon someone else is a fool’s errand.

As history has so eloquently outlined for millennia, there are more of us than them – they just control the institutions. The awakening continues, and the apoplexy created in the minds of our opposition has caused them to become increasingly visible. Pretenses are being dropped quickly.

Perhaps, oddly, despite my intense anger toward these creatures of corruption, I fear not for the final outcome. I fully accept that a righteous and loving God has favor upon the righteous and there is a protection around us. It is a feeling, a sense about things, that is difficult to explain beyond, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

I believe God’s forces are passing over all of us. Things seem different, maybe unbalanced, but changes are happening. Get right with God and live your best life. And, if all you have the energy for is to help your family do the same, Do that!

As in Poland’s Solidarity movement, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only option”

Just remember, we who are good and live in the truth are going to be ok.

The Lord said that he “holds men accountable for their acts in relation” to governments “both in making laws and administering them.” 

What has been done to our culture, our society, our Constitution, is an abomination before God. Many of our leaders are mocking the Lord and the government that He created for His purposes and the purpose of Liberty.

I would not like to anywhere near any of those blasphemous people when they stand before the Judgement Bar. 

I’d rather be sucking crumbs off of Stalin’s mustache

Enjoy the show!

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