I don’t usually put too much stock in national polls. They typically lag behind the state polls, and state polls tend to be more accurate. (Tend to. Nothing is foolproof.)

As of right now, Donald Trump is leading in the Republican national polls.

However, a recent Reuters poll shows Cruz in a statistical tie with Trump. Republican presidential underdog Ted Cruz has pulled into a statistical dead heat with front-runner Donald Trump, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling. The U.S. senator from Texas has 35.2 percent support among Republicans to Trump’s 39.5 percent, according to the survey taken from April 1-5, putting the two within the poll’s credibility interval of 4.8 percentage points. The two were also briefly in a dead heat on March 28. Trump first jumped to the top of the Reuters/Ipsos national poll in July 2015. The only time a rival came close to Trump’s lead in the poll before Cruz was Nov. 7. when neurosurgeon Ben Carson briefly tied him.

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