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Television personality, author and psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw has been telling it like it is since his show “Dr. Phil” debuted in 2002.

Dr. Phil joined Megyn Kelly on her show, “The Kelly File,” Thursday evening to discuss the “entitlement culture” running rampant among America’s younger generations.

The Emmy Award-winning daytime television host went on to describe the obsession with self and fame that characterize “entitlement culture.”

“We do have a generation that, I think, we have raised with a great deal of entitlement,” Dr. Phil said, pointing to a guest scheduled to be on his television show Friday.

Dr. Phil shared that the scheduled guest, Kris, has been chasing his dream of being a famous rock and roll star his whole life. The 43-year-old whom Dr. Phil referred to as a “poser” explained that he’s “addicted to fame” in the literal sense.