By Kristin Isham

Utahns were flabbergasted to see their elected officials up at the state capital on March 2, 2023
pass what is known as Senate Bill 31 (S.B. 31) – State Flag Amendments. Senate Daniel McCay,
who represents District 18 as a state senator is known statewide for his heavy participation and
being the primary bill’s sponsor, along with Representative Mike Schultz, HD12.

Utahns that strongly oppose the elected officials that voted for S.B 31 took on a referendum in
the early stages of this issue. However, they fell short of the numbers needed to get it passed so the
people/voters of Utah could vote on it before it was passed, due to the Lt. Governor’s office
delaying, and weather challenges. Now, Utahns across the state have launched an initiative that
started in June that requires the same 136,000 amount in 26 of the 29 counties in the state by
early February 2024.

They currently need 1,500 packets, that hold 50 signatures per packet, to be filled by every
Utahn that is willing and able to help. They have a challenge going on right now to be able to
reach those numbers. They need everyone who is currently filling a packet to complete the
pledge so we can track our progress. We’re now up to 60+ packets pledged but we need 1,000
total! So, if you have a packet, you’ll be turning in within the next month please link below.

Join the fight and hold our elected officials accountable to We the People. Not to their own
egos, deep state, narratives, or other politicians. We the people elect and pay these
representatives to do right by us. Not to spend money of our on trivial items, like flags.
Voting in flags is not the proper role of the government on any level. We the people must force
our government to comply, be submissive and align with the U.S. Constitution, also known as the
Supreme Law of the Land. Elected officials are not to use our money for personal gain or
propaganda. Our tax dollars are to be used for things that the government is required to do
under the law of the land. Let us start doing our job now because freedom is not free. It can be
taken if we sit idly by because we feel too comfortable. When in a blink of an eye that
comfortability can disappear, like it has happened countless times in the last almost four years
now. It is now or never. Take a stance against evil, and stand with the truth, facts, evidence, and
the light.
Together we are unity