February 15 – 1045 Sigfrid Bishop Apostle of Sweden.

1599 never happened in Scotland. Dating its years from the birth of Jesus Christ, so that ‘’ every nation, kindred, every ear shall hear, every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess, Jesus Christ is Lord,’’ thru computer software applications and aviation, the Christian calendar has been forced world wide on the Musselmen of Islam, the Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu, nativist, Jew, agnostic, or atheist (Isaiah 45:23, 1 Kings 19:18, Philippians 2:11, Romans 14:11, confirmed in modern times Mosiah 16:1, 27:31, Doctrine and Covenants 76:110, 88:104.)

 An 1883 map of the world divided into colors representing “Christians, Buddhists, Hindoos, Mohammedans, Fetichists”.

 St Jerome, by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, 1607, at St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta. Saint Jerome is best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate).

1663 – Sometime in February. 270 ministers were formally deprived of their parishes, for refusing to obtain reinstatement from their bishops, and recognize the hierarchy of Archbishops and Bishops (Anglican and Catholic offices). Curates were put in their places. Deprived ministers were forbidden to live within twenty miles of their former charges, and those who did not attend the parish church of their new residence were heavily fined. In Ayr and Galloway, outdoor conventicles began to be held. To prevent or break them up, troops invaded the disaffected shires.

1671 James Gregory discovered Taylor’s theorem (not published by Taylor until 1715), and the theorem is contained in a letter sent to Collins on 15 February 1671. Gregory Born: Nov 1638 in Drumoak (near Aberdeen), Scotland.
Died: Oct 1675 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His father was John Gregory and his mother was Janet Anderson. John Gregory had studied at Marischal College in Aberdeen, then gone on to study theology at St Mary’s College in the University of St Andrews before spending his life in the parish of Drumoak. Optics and telescopes.

 In 1663 Gregory went to London. 1664 to Italy, Flanders, Rome and Paris. Gregory also established that

∫  sec x dx = log(sec x + tan x)

which solved a long standing problem in the construction of nautical tables. He published the Exercitationes Geometricae as a counterattack on Huygens.


1723 John Witherspoon (February 15, 1723 – November 15, 1794) born at Gifford, a parish of Yester, at East Lothian, Scotland, as the eldest child of the Reverend James Alexander Witherspoon and Anne Walker, a descendant of John Welsh of Ayr and Margaret, daughter of John Knox. Knox married the daughter of Lords of the Congregation Andrew Stewart 2nd Lord Ochiltree. Witherspoon. Knox became President of Princeton College, a Presbyterian, was a signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of New Jersey. An ancestor of actress Reese Witherspoon.

 In John Trumbull’s famous painting, Witherspoon is the second seated figure from the (viewer’s) right among those shown in the background facing the large table.

“I was also present [August 22, 23, 1877] in the St. George Temple and witnessed the appearance of the Spirits *** And also others,*** Who came to Wilford Woodruff and demanded that their baptism and endowments be done. Wilford Woodruff was baptized for all of them. *** . They also prepared the peoples hearts so they would be ready to receive the restored gospel when the Lord sent it again to men on the earth.” (Personal journal of James Godson Bleak-Chief Recorder of the St. George Temple, Clerk to Brigham Young).

 Reese Witherspoon, April 26, 2013 ATLANTA Georgia.

 GEORGE WASHINGTON & FOUNDING FATHERS VISIT WILFORD WOODRUFF IN THE SAINT GEORGE TEMPLE by Glen Hopkinson. After the painting “That We May Be Redeemed” by Harold I. Hopkinson is now hanging in the St. George Temple.1876 Witherspoon appears, with others, to Woodruff to request ancient saving ordinances, see Exodus 40_

1747 minutes of Paisley presbytery regarding the progress of William Miller, son of Thomas Miller, minister at Kirkliston in West Lothian, and grandson of Andrew Millar, minister at Girvan in Ayr, the presbytery received letters, together with a reference from William Leechman, Professor of Divinity at Glasgow, recommending this divinity student as ‘fit to be taken upon tryals in order to preach the Gospel.’

1751 did not occur in England, Ireland, British North America, and British colonies, as 1751 only had 282 days due to the Calendar Act of 1750. But 1751 did occur in Scotland, as 1751 had 365 days.

1842 – Archibald Menzies, (pronounced Ming’-us) died, Scottish naturalist and surgeon (b. 1754).

1965 Sometime in February 1965, Elders Richard D. Brammer and David E. Goff were teaching a Mrs. McArthur, the mother of two young children, who lived in the Albany Crescent building. In fact, the McArthurs were living in the upstairs apartment whose living-room window was adjacent to the stone with the engraving “‘What e’er thou art, act well thy part.’” Inspiring to David O. McKay. [David McKay from Caithness Scotland reared a son, David O. McKay who became president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ .] The McArthurs informed the missionaries that they would be forced to leave Albany Crescent because it was scheduled to be demolished. By 1965, the dilapidated buildings were almost seventy years old. At that point, the stone was still in place in a part of the structure still standing. Worried that the stone would be destroyed, Brammer quickly talked with the wrecking crane operator, told him of the stone’s significance to Latter-day Saints, and asked him to spare the stone until he could contact Phillip D. Jensen, president of the North Scottish Mission. Luckily the crane operator was sympathetic to Brammer’s request and obliged. Brammer and Goff quickly telephoned the mission office in Edinburgh to inform them of the situation.47 Journal [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] History 33_3_2007 {matt_richardson@byu.edu}

 The symbols form a magic square with the number 18.

Top row 7 pointed moon 2 intertwined tear drops 9 pointed sun,

second row 8 pointed star 6 point hexagram 4 corner rectangle

button row 3 corner triangle 10 point star 5 point pentagram.

The number 18 is called the magic constant or magic sum.

  • A magic square is an arrangement of number in a square matrix with each number occurring exactly once, and the sum of the entries of any row, column, or diagonal is the same.

The number of squares for a 2 across the top is 4 (2^2), for 3 across the top 9 (3^2) for 4 across the top 16, for 5 across the top 25, etc.

1984 That Sinking Feeling released in United States, is set in hero’s home city, Glasgow, Scotland.

 Four bored, unemployed teens in dreary, rainy Glasgow. Ronnie comes up with a great idea. He has noticed that stainless steel sinks are worth a lot of money.


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