February 13 – 858 Kenneth MacAlpin (Cináed mac Ailpín) King of Dalriada and the Picts, died at Forteviot. first king of Scots, earning him the posthumous nickname of An Ferbasach, “The Conqueror”.

 Kenneth MacAlpin becomes King of Picts – 843 AD. At a time when Viking raids were destroying much of Scotland the new king, MacAlpin, helps strengthen the ties between the Pict and Gaelic kingdoms. His legacy is a new royal dynasty that would ultimately lead to the creation of Alba. Video: A history of Scotland: The Last of the Free.


His descendants survive today.

1461 Treaty of Westminster. Treaty of Westminster-Ardtornish.         Divides Scotland between King Edward IV of England (York) and the Earl of Douglas and the Lord of the Isles.

1542 Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII iwas beheaded for adultery at the Tower of London. Catherine’s Sister in law is Dowager Queen of Scots, Margaret Stewart (nee Tudor, Douglas, Stewart)

 Catherine Howard

1599 never happened in Scotland. Dating its years from the birth of Jesus Christ, so that ‘’ every nation, kindred, every ear shall hear, every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess, Jesus Christ is Lord,’’ thru computer software applications and aviation, the Christian calendar has been adopted world wide for the Musselmen of Islam, the Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu, nativist, Jew, agnostic, or atheist (Isaiah 45:23, 1 Kings 19:18, Philippians 2:11, Romans 14:11, confirmed in modern times Mosiah 16:1 Mosiah 27:31 Doctrine and Covenants 76:110, Doctrine and Covenants 88:104

 An 1883 map of the world divided into colors representing “Christians, Buddhists, Hindoos, Mohammedans, Fetichists”.


1689 begins reign styled ‘William and Mary’– 28 December 1694: Her Majesty The Queen.

 Mary 2nd Stewart, Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland. The Prince and Princess of Orange reign jointly, Tytler’s Britannica. Mary will soon contract smallpox, survive, then die six months later from bleeding doctors.

1692 – Massacre of Glencoe south of Fort William, Scotland, of MacDonalds by Campbells (supporting William III),   See Tytler’s Britannica for gruesome details. 38 were massacred.

  • Campbell Earl of Argyll 1010 2Montgomery2 Blair2 Cochrane2 Miller2 Simmons2 Choate to zoe TOAG

TG58-16. Sir Walter Scott wrote, We must now turn from this terrible story (massacre of Glencoe 1692 Feb 13) to one, which, though it does not seize on the imagination with the same force in the narrative, yet embraces a far wider and more extensive field of death and disaster.

 Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), Brave film 2012. (c) Disney

The Glencoe Massacre – 1692. Designed to teach the Highlanders a lesson, a state (William 3rd) sanctioned massacre of over 30 Glencoe MacDonalds murdered in their homes in the middle of winter. Video: The Scottish Nation: Episode 3, 1972.


1707 Sometime in February. Colonel Hooke leaves France for insurrection against Queen Anne TG 62-136

1728 John Hunter born in East Kilbride, Scotland – died 16 October 1793, Pioneer Anatomist and Surgeon. John journeyed south to London to work as a disector {sic} for his brother William, a teacher of anatomy. John studied surgery at Chelsea and St. Bartholemew’s {sic} Hospital. John’s interest in the surgery grew to such an extent that he formed a collection of 10,500 anatomical specimens, initially accommodated in his house in Leicester Square. He has been called the founder of scientific surgery. John was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1767.



1751 did not occur in England, Ireland, British North America, and British colonies, as 1751 only had 282 days due to the Calendar Act of 1750. But 1751 did occur in Scotland, as 1751 had 365 days. As the Earth orbits the Sun, the apparent position of the Sun against the stars gradually moves along the ecliptic, passing through the twelve traditional constellations of the zodiac, and returning to its starting point after one sidereal year. This motion is difficult to observe directly because the stars cannot be seen when the Sun is in the sky. However, if one looks regularly at the sky before dawn, the annual motion is very noticeable: the last stars seen to rise are not always the same, and within a week or two an upward shift can be noted. As an example, in July in the Northern Hemisphere, Orion cannot be seen in the dawn sky, but in August it becomes visible. Wikipedia


1801 – Sometime in February. Thomas Lord Cochrane, at Malta, argued with a French Royalist officer at a fancy dress ball.

1822 James B. Beck born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland (died May 3, 1890) United States Representative and Senator from Kentucky.

1846 “Potato Riots at Inverness”. Stamford Mercury. In Inverness, Wick, Cromarty and Invergordon, troops were used to quell protests about the export of grain or potatoes from local harbours. News of the famine led the Scottish diaspora, including Scottish-Americans, to organise relief efforts.



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