Curt Schilling helped the Boston Red Sox end an 86-year championship drought and then immediately started squandering the goodwill he had earned.

Even before the celebratory champagne could go flat, Schilling irritated Democrats in presidential candidate John Kerry’s home state — many of them Red Sox fans — by blurting out on national TV, “Vote Bush.” He toyed with public office himself in 2009 after U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy died, a plan that was complicated because, as an unenrolled voter, Schilling would have had to run as an independent.

That was the essence of the pitcher known in Boston as “The Big Schill”: Outspoken, controversial, supremely confident in his opinions in the moment only to realize soon enough that he hadn’t quite thought things through.

On Wednesday, Schilling was fired from his job as an ESPN baseball analyst after comments on Facebook critical of transgender rights.

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