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Current as of 2/6/24

 A Quick Look at WashCo’s

Elected State Officials – Updated

By Ed Wallace, Publisher

Rumor has it that Washington County is the most conservative area in the State, and one of the most in the country. Is that true? Are WashCo voters really conservative? Is there any proof that WashCo voters elect politicians that truly represent them? Did any of our elected official campaign on ANY of issues they are currently championing? Do these members of Utah’s Republican party even represent the UTGOP platform?

Well, most do… to a degree. If we were to look at their performance in the A-F grading system that we use in our schools, the scores would range from a dismal failure to a “B”. Both of our elected Senators would be held back because of their lifetime score of 45% to 47%, while our House representatives would slide through to graduation with a combined grade of 71%. 

These figures are gathered from the only organization in Utah that scores our officials by their adherence to the guidelines of the Constitution of our nation and state:  

Their 2023 report shows that the currant members of the House received an average score of 60% compared to the lifetime score of 45%, while the Senate averaged at 48% which is below their lifetime average of 50%. In 2022, the house average was 38% and the Senate was at 39% .

Here’s a quick glance at WashCo’s Grassroots Scores

HD72 Joseph Elison (R) 2023 Session – 80% 

 Lifetime Score – 80%  

HD73 Colin W. Jack (R) 2023 Session – 71%  Lifetime Score – 71%  

HD74 R. Neil Walter (R) 2023 Session – 68%  

Lifetime Score – 68% 

HD75 Walt Brooks (R) 2023 Session – 76%  

Lifetime Score – 64% 

SD28 Evan J. Vickers (R) 2023 Session – 41%  

Lifetime Score – 47%   

SD29 Don L. Ipson (R) 2023 Session – 69%  

Lifetime Score – 45% 

Former GOP officials have told me that the UTGOP requires all of its candidates to make that commitment, so, under the party’s Constitution and Bylaws, the Party has a fiduciary responsibility to protect and uphold it’s brand, and to evaluate and hold all of these public officials accountable against UTGOP Platform Planks, but they have no way, and seemingly no desire, to do that, and never do. And, there is no recourse in place against those who violate their code of ethics.

So, the most egregious violators of our trust have little to worry about until their constituents finally wake up.

Senator Don L. Ipson, who has been in office since 2008, has a lifetime Grassroots score of 45%, and Majority Whip Evan J. Vickers, in office since 2009, has a lifetime score of 47%. It’s no wonder, with the leadership these two provide, that the Utah Senate has a lifetime score of 48%.


Vet Candidates Wisely

By Michelle Tanner

Vetting candidates is simple. What were they doing in 2020 and 2021? Were they a voice for liberty or were they not? Were they easily duped? If they were duped are they willing to admit it now or do they instead pretend like it never even happened? Did they push a harmful agenda? Have they had to scrub their social media now that it’s “campaign season” hoping we forget how they treated us in 2020? Were they a voice for We The People? It really is sad just how dumb some “politicians” think the American people are. I hope we don’t prove them right. VET YOUR CANDIDATES and don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors that overtake campaign season.



It has often been repeated there is “no evidence” of fraud in the 2020 Election. In actuality, there is no evidence Joe Biden won. Ongoing investigations in the Swing States reveal hundreds of thousands of votes were altered and/or not lawfully cast in the Presidential Election. Joe Biden needed them.

Computer security experts at DEF CON, the world’s largest computer hackers conference, have discovered several vulnerabilities with ES&S’s EPBs. The computer security experts learned:

  • ES&S’s EPBs could be hacked using a preprogrammed three- or six-digit password installed by the manufacturer.
  • A hacker can access the Microsoft Windows software installed on the EPBs and turn on a video game.
  • ES&S installed remote access software on its EPBs which diminishes the safety protections of the machine’s firewalls and makes the machines vulnerable to hackers.
  • ES&S’s EPBs have USB ports built into its mounting stand without any physical locks or mechanical support for tamper-evident seals, which could be accessed by voters or poll workers.
  • ES&S’s EPBs can be booted using the external USB port and USB memory stick. This means a malicious attacker could freely access data on the device by bypassing the system’s defenses, and run custom software, including software that could extract, change, or delete voter registration data stored on the machine.

A couple of hackers already demonstrated, in a live stream, how they parked down the street from a polling location, in Maricopa County, AZ, during the primary. They established a wi-fi hotspot, and connected with the coffee machine, sitting NEXT TO the voting machine tabulator. (The coffee machine can advise the vendor when it is getting low in consumables, so it can be restocked). They then instructed the coffee machine to make a blu-tooth connection to the election machine, and got as far as the “handshake” (where going any further would have been a violation of the law) thereby destroying the false narrative that voting machines are not or can not be accessed by the I-NET.

What will you do for the next 308 days?

How will you help secure our elections? Get involved today. Every single person is needed in this fight for free and fair elections in the United States of America.

Mary Hornik’s volunteer organization called United Sovereign Americans has been identifying millions of irregularities in various states’ voter rolls, including voters whose registrations were dated AFTER they had begun voting. Please volunteer to help your county clerk to verify your precinct’s voter rolls to help detect any fraudulent activity. Here

Now THIS is what an honest election looks like.

All paper ballot, all in-person, no mail-in, no absent votes, must have ID, results out within hours, no drama.

“Taiwan’s democracy at work. Every vote is held up so that it is visible to the public. The result is shouted out, repeated, then tallied on a visible sheet of paper. Anyone can watch, take pictures, or film. When the ballot box is empty, staff show the public that it really is.” Here

DeSantis Declares Victory

After visiting all 99 counties in Iowa and failing to win a single one, specifically because he visited all 99 counties in Iowa, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared the dark, unknown and mysterious forces of universe tried to stop him, “threw everything at him,” yet he alone stands victorious.

Yeah, he actually said that.

The DeSantis campaign put most of their resources into Iowa and gained a total of 23,000 votes (roughly 21%), quickly declaring victory in a tenuous 2nd place finish and proclaiming their victory ticket has been punched. The cognitive disconnect is exceptionally strong; but hey, everyone has a role to play – right? – Ed

Indiana First Action 1000% supports the strongest election integrity legislation in the nation put forth by Representative Sweet deemed the “Trust and Transparency Act”.  Here

ELECTION INTEGRITY WIN: Texas AG Paxton Demands Counties Provide Machine Audit Logs

Burgess Owens joined House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, Senator Ted Cruz, Speaker Mike Johnson, and 175+ House and Senate Republicans in filing a Supreme Court amicus brief in the case Donald J. Trump v. Norma Anderson, et al

At the heart of our democracy lies a fundamental freedom granted to American citizens – the right to vote. This cornerstone of our democracy is currently under attack as the Colorado Supreme Court attempts to bar the appearance of President Trump, President Biden’s political opponent, on the ballot. Make no mistake: This is an unconstitutional challenge to the integrity of our electoral process that sets a dangerous precedent for the future, and it will not stand. Read the full amicus brief here.

Why Do Most Countries Ban Mail-In Ballots?:

They Have Seen Massive Vote Fraud Problems – 152 Pages

Abstract: Thirty-seven states have so far changed their mail-in voting procedures this year in response to the Coronavirus. Despite frequent claims that President Trump’s warning about vote fraud/voting buying with mail-in ballots is “baselessly” or “without evidence” about mail-in vote fraud, there are numerous examples of vote fraud and vote buying with mail-in ballots in the United States and across the world. Indeed, concerns over vote fraud and vote buying with mail-in ballots causes the vast majority of countries to ban mail-in voting unless the citizen is living abroad.

There are fraud problems with mail-in absentee ballots but the problems with universal mail-in ballots are much more significant. Still most countries ban even absentee ballots for people living in their countries.

Most developed countries ban absentee ballots unless the citizen is living abroad or require Photo-IDs to obtain those ballots. Even higher percentages of European Union or other European countries ban absentee for in country voters. In addition, some countries that allow voting by mail for citizens living the country don’t allow it for everyone. For example, Japan and Poland have limited mail-in voting to those who have special certificates verifying that they are disabled. Here

Report: Final Thoughts on DeSantis: The One-Way Ticket Few Realized He Carried (Link)

With the exception of a small group of political followers in the State of Florida, few people really understood what the DeSantis 2024 operation was all about. on DeSantis ’24 began long before people were paying attention.  It started when the top echelon of the GOPe UniParty saw candidate Donald Trump win the November 2016 election. Just like the Tea Party was infiltrated and diminished back to the control of the GOPe in 2012, so too was the plan to infiltrate MAGA and take control in 2024.  This is the reason why DeSantis ran in 2018 to mirror the Trump agenda.   Winning Florida via overt and very public support for President Trump was part of the design.

I encourage everyone to watch this documentary. If you don’t believe our elections are compromised, you will change minds after watching this.

Check out Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections on Hulu! Here

Professor and Election Expert J. Halderman Hacks into Dominion Voting Machine Tabulator in Court on Friday in Georgia in front of Judge Totenberg USING ONLY A PEN TO CHANGE VOTE TOTALS. Here

Two Maryland voters have filed a lawsuit against the State’s election officials for failing to clean up the voter rolls ahead of the 2024 election Here

THE TIMELINE: How the FBI Thwarted the Investigation into the Hacked Georgia Election Machines and Targeted Whistleblowers Instead | The Gateway Pundit

Taiwan: After-Election Report | Hudson

Political Humor

Chris Christie Joins Trump Campaign as Food Taster

Nikki Haley wows townhall by chugging hot sauce to match ethnicity of every audience member

Despite Negative Reviews, ‘Trump Vs. Biden’ Renewed For Second Season

Trump Stays on Illinois Ballot Despite Belly Button Lint Charge – PJ Media

Trump Promises If Elected He Will Ban Taylor Swift From Football Games

Nikki Haley Says We Must Avoid Peace In The Middle East At All Costs

Buccaneer Bob

Just a thought, BUT, THINK ON THIS. What if the Federal Government decides to punish Texas or other states by using force???? This would allow the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency?? NO ELECTIONS IN 2024!! The U.S. Constitution does not expressly provide for emergency powers. Article II Section 2 of the Constitution provides that “The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.”However, Article II does not grant the President any additional powers during states of emergency.– But would this stop the most lawless President America has ever had?

State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny at the State Line

By Alex Newman

Election rigging and stealing is happening across the country. It’s actually rather common. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.Benny

New Poll: Race to replace Sen. Mitt Romney still up for grabs – Deseret News

Utah County mail-in ballots won’t have prepaid postage in 2024 to cut costs, encourage other voting methods

Rudy and VDH Debrief on the New Lawfare Era Showcased by the E Jean Carroll Nonsense

A compilation of all of the 2020 election challenges and what became of them. 

So let me get this straight:

Fulton County’s system was hacked right around the same time that State Senators began to investigate Fani Willis for an improper relationship with a special prosecutor. The news is reporting that the Judicial System can’t access online court filings and much of their system is down.

The Order of Nine Angles, a Satanic cult founded in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, according to a BBC report from 2020, has endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket for the 2024 presidential election.

Their reasons make perfect sense — considering that they worship evil.

“We want to rush into the abyss so that the “end of history” can come to its natural terminus and a new Dark Age will be visited upon the Earth. This can only happen through weak humanist leadership that will stumble its way into war, famine, recession, terrorism, corruption, and human misery.

Only Biden-Harris can bring about this advancement of history, and therefore, we endorse the Biden-Harris campaign in 2024.”

Any chance these two events are related? What is going on here?

Did a toilet overflow, a pipe break, some feds show up in MAGA hats? Here

The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money. The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology. This is the difference between the two clubs, two wings of the same vulture.” 

Comparison of Spending Priorities of RNC and DNC Raises Eyebrows

A well-coordinated, well-funded, and high-powered network of leftist organizations, led by a group whose efforts 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton promoted, is behind the push to remove former President Donald Trump, the 2024 frontrunner for president from any party, from the ballot, Breitbart News has learned. Here

“The Georgia State Senate passed a bill BANNING Ranked-Choice Voting in elections. The vote was 31-19″ Hopefully, the next bill is to ban voting machines

I’m certainly surprised the state legislature is starting to get more serious about election integrity

Nikki Haley Wins Coveted Liz Cheney Support

Liz Cheney has come out in favor of Nikki Haley remaining in the race to represent the best foreign policy interests of those in DC who love using the military to kill people for profit.

Georgia House votes to require watermarks on election ballots | AP News

Hey guys, this is starting to be a repeat of 2020:

  1. Same two teams in the Super Bowl
  2. Likely the same two candidates for the US Presidential election
  3. Some tension with Iran just like in Jan 2020
  4. And the worst: More and more people talking about some unknown viral illness that is going around and making people sick that is not part of the triple pandemic of covid/RSV/flu – I remember reading about Disease X…

What are your thoughts? Like, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try to kill them again’?


Utah politicians poised for musical chairs in

senate, house races

By Ed Wallace, Publisher

StateSen.Mike Kennedy,, announced he has formed an exploratory committee to consider running for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. U.S. Rep. John Curtis currently holds the congressional seat but, in November, showed renewed interest in running for U.S. Senate to replace Mitt Romney. Curtis has yet to officially join the Senate race. Others eyeing a run at Curtis’ seat include Auditor John Dougall and former state Rep. Chris Herrod.

Curtis is hampered by his past that was brought to light in 2017 in a ground-breaking report by Report: JOHN CURTIS EXPOSED: A Trail of Sexual Harassment, Incompetence, and Broken Contracts. Curtis will not be able to fool the citizens of Utah as easily as he did in Happy Valley.

Curtis will be challenged by another high-profile Utah politician, Brad Wilson, former Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives. Wison is embroiled his own lawsuit for breaching a contract and other financial misconduct, including forgiving a loan to another Utah politician

Considering that Wilson and Curtis have so much in common, that’s going to be a tough choice for Utah voters as they are finally able to find a replacement for the human dollop of Miracle Whip, Mitt Romney. 

Remember, voting for the lesser of two evils always supports more evil.

As if that race isn’t exciting enough, Derik Brown has announced the formation and initial membership of his Finance Committee to run for Utah Attorney General, to replace Sean Reyes, who is fighting to keep his calender from public view, even after a ruling that official calendars of public officials are, in fact, public records. Reyes is also in very hot water because of his relationship with anti-trafficking activist Tim Ballard

The problem with Brown is that he is a lap-cat of the establishment, and is a paid, professional lobbyist,and has been for a long time. He has the entire Utah establishment oligarchy on his committee.

And Holy Stinking Cow, Deidre Henderson (Lieutenant Governor of the State of Utah), who oversees elections, is on Miller’s Finance Committee. Anyone have a problem with the one person who has complete oversight of Utah elections working on a candidates campaign for AG?

Utah leads the way in unethical behavior; with a disregard for integrity and principled behavior. Why is Utah so corrupt in politics and business? Let’s not forget Utah is number 1 in white collar crime. UtahStandardNews will soon begin to publish text evidence to show how Derek Brown is bought and paid for. 

There is an alternative to Brown, – Austin Hepworth, running as an independent. His values are outstanding. Hepworth recently released some YouTube videos on Latter-Day Media that discuss The Price of Freedom, Legal Insights & the Ut Legislature.

A third Clerk-Auditor is under investigation in Utah.

Don’t worry, it’s not votes…. just $3.4M in unauthorized 401k padding. I’m sure this 20 year auditor would never mess with your sacred votes. Read Here

Mike Lee is correct!

The UTGOP needs to lose its neutrality rules prohibiting endorsing one Republican over another. There are indeed differences. 2024 Senate showdown: Read here

There’s rumblings that Spencer Cox and Deidre Henderson aren’t getting along too well; which explains the pressure for John Curtis to run for senate, so Deidre can slide into Curtis’ house seat. Who will He/Him choose as his next She/Her/Gender Fluid for LG?

Why did your legislators vote for SB 170 securing the incumbents’ seats? The bill’s sponsors sold it as a boon for transparency and a boost for greater involvement in the political process. Despite the overwhelming support, one lawmaker, Rep. Norm Thurston, R-Provo, disagreed. In a committee hearing in 2022, he said the change seemed to provide “protection for incumbents.” Here

The 2023 Election Has Been Certified

By Ed Wallace

So, the election results are in, allegedly (there are currently 3 county clerks in Utah under criminal investigations), and have been certified. The big conservative wave that many were hoping for turned out to be just the same old crimson trickle of blood dripping from Planned Parenthood’s garbage cans.

Part of living in the modern, technologically sophisticated world is understanding that counting ballots takes longer in 2022 than it did in 1951.

Why can Argentina count 25–30 million paper ballots in hours, while certain areas, using machine ballots, take days to count a fraction of that number. How does one reconcile this? These types of rinky-dink elections with long “third world” delays are being normalized, but it’s far from normal, and we all know it.

There seems to be a willful blindness on the part of the American people, a chosen refusal to acknowledge the implications of the unAmerican and unConstitutional behaviors, actions and outcomes we are being served on a daily basis.

It can no longer be presumed to be a matter of, “I can’t see what’s happening”, because a whole lot of normal Americans really are clean and articulate.

“I can’t see it”, just doesn’t cut it.

NONSENSE! Most people can see it. Most are just choosing to reconcile the irreconcilable, because it is more comforting to ignore the truth of it. Just be honest. For many people avoidance has become a survival mechanism.

It’s more along the lines of, “I see what’s happening, but it’s scary and complicated and confusing, and if I admit that I see it, I will become responsible in a way that I am not if I keep pretending I can’t see it or hear it or maybe I don’t understand it.”

Paul gives us a proper perspective: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12). .It is really sad to see what is happening in so many towns across our country. The manipulating, the lying, the cheating, the secret deals behind closed doors, the harassing of the folks who do stand up, by the growth industry: developers, builders, banks, realtors, title companies, appraisers, home inspectors, etc., and the hospitality/tourism industry: lodging, restaurants, events, etc., and the multiple annual marathons, triathlons, senior games, etc., the High density housing… Hence, the continual drive to bring people here to spend money, make them comfortable, and eventually live here. Water and traffic be damned. Get all they can, while they can. Build and destroy….emulating failed states. Zero common-sense. Zero regard for anyone or anything.

I guess Thomas Jefferson was right after all. ‘The government you elect is the government you deserve.’ The parties hear you, voters. You just wait until the next election – they’ll have some real qualified nincompoops that will knock your socks off.


Here’s my message to all Democrats: Don’t let Trump steal the 2024 election… Demand voter ID

America has moved from a reasonable political argument: “We don’t WANT you to vote for Donald Trump.” …to a flagrant act of tyranny: “We won’t LET you vote for Donald Trump. This is a dangerous mob of tyrants overthrowing a constitutional republic without the slightest hesitation or remorse, while wearing a smirk on their faces.

There is no room in this for disagreement with these scoundrels who have seized power.

A new law was recently introduced into Congrees (here) … If any state in our Union blocks the official nominee of a major political party from the Presidential ballot, their electoral slate will not be counted by Congress on the following January 6th. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Machines don’t steal elections any more than guns kill people; its PEOPLE that steal elections, and the machines, like guns are just the tools that are used.

If we focus all our efforts on eliminating machines, mail out ballots, etc. and keep the same process for installing the PEOPLE that conduct the elections (corruptocrats like Steve Richer and Bill Gates) we will have gone to all the work of eliminating machines etc. ….and STILL have $STOLEN ELECTIONS.

Whereas, address the process that puts these corruptocrats in charge of elections, and it won’t matter if machines are used, we will get fair elections.

Put another way, if election officials in Maracopa County had followed the election laws, rules/regs, policies/procedures as mandated, Kari Lake would be their Governor. Machine voting, mail our ballots, extended voting period would have made no difference if they had just followed the law.



They all do. That’s why so many voters get fooled. We try and try to inform them but they are so smitten with name recognition that they dismiss logic and reason to get these people out of office.This Week – Election

We’ve been told that the 2020 election was the most secure in America history. If you don’t say that, you’re called an election denier and a conspiracy theorist. If you worked for President Trump, you’ll probably be indicted.

But according to a new survey, 1-in-5 Americans admit to committing election fraud, taking advantage of 2020’s loosened mail-in ballots, signature verification, and vote bundling enforcement.

Other polls have proven that a plurality or even a majority of Americans believe fraud impacted 2020, but this is the first survey where voters admitted they participated.

Some of the findings include:

– 21% of likely voters who voted by absentee or mail-in ballot in the 2020 election say they filled out a ballot, in part or in full, on behalf of a friend or family member, such as a spouse or child, while 78% say they didn’t.

– 19% of those who cast mail-in votes say a friend or family member filled out their ballot, in part or in full.

– 17% of mail-in voters said they cast a ballot in a state where they were no longer permanent residents.

– Among all voters, mail and in-person, 11% said a friend, family member, co-worker, or other acquaintance has admitted to them they filled out a ballot on behalf of another person in 2020.

And this is just the most mild sort of illegal voting behavior. How many people actually voted in multiple places? How many people had a family member vote for them WITHOUT telling them? How many people did this and didn’t blab to a random pollster?

2020 was not a fair election. It’s obvious. Only a relentless terror campaign by the regime media keeps everyone from saying as much.

How long does it take to count the votes in a Ranked Choice Voting Election? The 2023 RCV elections in Vineyard and Payson were held on November 21, 2023, and the recount required by state law will be THREE WEEKS LATER! “In the case of Vineyard, which had two open seats, it took six elimination rounds to reach a winner for the first seat, Jacob Holdaway. In the third elimination round for that seat, the bottom two candidates were tied at 234 votes. Due to state law regarding ranked-choice voting, this triggers a recount, Davidson said.

In Payson, the issue came from two lower-ranked candidates being within one vote of each other in the fourth elimination round for the city’s first seat. In the Vineyard election, Davidson said he doesn’t anticipate a recount to change the outcome and said that’s likely the same case for Payson. The recount will be completed on Monday, and the board of canvassers in the respective cities will vote to certify the results next week.”…/vineyard-payson-to-have…/

Repairing America’s Broken Elections: Ten Points to True Election Integrity

With special guest: Mark Finchem 

Registration available for Silicon Valley event, 12/12

I like Kera’s opt-in bill.

I bet if you reconcile the “certified” Slates of Electors submitted to the Electoral college versus Electors printed on the election day ballots within the disputed swing states 2020 Presidential election there would be a high percentage of discrepancies. But you cant find ballots and final Electoral College slates online. At least I could not.

The nexus for the loophole is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Start with refreshing your memory on State’s Compact amendment. These are treaties between states and overseen by SCOTUS. You will have the 12th and 23rd amendments to read too, and Electoral College Voting act and others.

D.C. enacted this law by congress’ 30 day silence on of it in 2010. But D.C. isnt a state.

Very confusing I know, but this is where the 2020 election steal was focused and Trump pending legislation would expose it if the case ever makes it to a courtroom.

Native American votes and Faithless Electors also important. Chiafalo v. Washington.

The only thing I cant resolve is NPV compact FV threshold.

Sorry to be cryptic but witchcraft is hard to understand.


A State-by-State Look at Noncitizen Voting – American Thinker


The legal standard an election must meet, in order to be certified!
1. The voter rolls must be accurate.
2. Votes cast must be from eligible voters.
3. The number of votes counted must equal the number of voters who voted.
4. The maximum number of ballots in error, for a valid federal election, is 1/125,00

There is a move to transform voter sign-up by linking drivers license to the voter registar. Electronic signatures required at voting is probably meant for future fraud. Right now all voter signatures are scanned which means there is a picture of the signature. What electronic signature creates is the signature being transformed into data code that could be transferred.  

Paper ballots must be a requirement, but paper ballots alone solve nothing. There are many ways to tamper with them:

Issuing and mailing them
Voter rolls of those receiving them
Collecting them
Rejecting them
Configuring software on the machines counting them
Securing them before and after scanning them
Preventing re-creation of results by re-scanning entire lot of cast ballots.

The recent videos from the Mississippi county audit was proof of all that.

Minimum starting point for a secure election:
One paper vote, on one day, cast in-person, by a pre-registered voter, verified by valid identification.


Biden, Garland, Smith and Willis are attempting to OVERTHROW our ELECTIONS and Constitution. This is a criminal political and judicial system acting as seditionists and insurrectionists. The federal government is a massive pay to play money laundering organization for criminals and grifters and must be stopped. Congress should DEFUND everything the dems are doing.

One year out now to the next US election. A grand evil plan of which we’ve been witnessing and suffering has just entered another phase. Weaken our military, give away and leave behind our munitions and spread them even thinner with the vax bioweapon and transvestite ideology. Keep the military occupied on many fronts before we’re hit with the next phase in the grand evil plan, the take over of Taiwan. The CCP owns Biden and Taiwan is their main goal. Coming to an open kinetic theater near you soon. Probably next August for maximum tactical and strategic effect.

Republicans “Eat Their Young,” and that’s the problem with so many in our Party, they go after the people who are on their side, rather than the Radical Left Democrats that are DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY. These are LOSERS, and the Republican Nation must stop following their failed ideas and policies. They only help Crooked Joe Biden!


People have no idea the levels of automation that exists.a 5 year old, envelope stuffing machine that can stuff 25,000 envelopes AN HOUR!With just a SINGLE machine, you can fill up two 26ft box trucks with 200,000 ballots and drive them to the post office in a SINGLE 8hr DAY. ALL FROM A SINGLE LOCATION.Imagine if there are multiple machines in multiple locations or running 24hrs which most large print shops typically do.You think they have any problem producing enough mail in ballots to steal ANY ELECTION?You are not out ballot harvesting this.All you need is access to the current vote counts and all the influencers encouraging you to vote early or by mail.Imagine the signature being printed on the bulk steal ballots is the EXACT same signature that is on file with the elections office. Notice that all the people are doing is stacking the envelops so the signature can be read by ANOTHER MACHINE.

Well if I print the same signture you have on file, that will match at about 100% with what the machine has on file. Thus accepting the ballot with no human observation.

Most important thing to realize here is NO ONE IS CHECKING THE BALLOTS THE MACHINE ACCEPTS! Once the signature is accepted by that machine, the ballot is removed, counted and commingled with all the other real ballots.

Only the ballots that the machine rejected are the ones observed by people. Those are most likely the real signatures that will vary slightly with the signature on file.

Still think you will out ballot harvest this scheme?

–forwarded by The Peoples Audit


You’re gonna wanna bookmark this. This is a compilation of all of the 2020 election challenges and what became of them. Despite the MSM lies that 60+ election challenges found no evidence of wrongdoing, there were actually 92 cases, with only 30 decided on the merits, and of those 30, Trump and/or the GOP plaintiff prevailed in 22 of them.


In Bridgeport, Connecticut, State Judge William Clark has thrown out the results of the September Democrat primary election and ordered a new primary to be scheduled and conducted [Court Order Here].  The issue was ballot harvesting and ballot fraud – both violations of state law.

The Judge reviewed CCTV footage showing Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city, and Eneida Martinez, a former City Council member, working to support the party approved candidate.  Both Ms Geter-Pataky and Ms Martinez participated in absentee ballot fraud, ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing at drop boxes.   Both women invoked the Fifth Amendment when confronted as witnesses by the judge.


Dragging elections out out for days and days has many downfalls. Here are a few of them.  

We want election DAY, not election season.

Federal Judge Orders Trial for Ga.’s Dominion Voting Machines

Fulton County’s Lawyers Disappear! Election Officials Admit They Destroyed Ballots!

In the era of great pretending this letter ranks at the top of the 2023 hubris scale.  Having attained her position using ballot manipulation and collection, the fraudulently installed AG in Arizona, Attorney General Kris Mayes, is threatening to arrest anyone who does a hand recount of ballots in Mohave County. [SOURCE]

The need for control is a reaction to fear.

In an era of universal deceit there comes a time when extraordinary actions become necessary.  For those who are deep within the fight, understanding becomes ordinary and few words are needed.  We know, we fight, we remain steadfast….The unabashed, resolute and indefatigable Argentinian Trump, Javier Milei, has won a historic election as the choice of the pragmatic working class who have tried all methods of addressing their grievances only to have their voices dismissed.

Freedom is a word often thrown around by those inside the political sphere as they seek to retain the illusion of choice by controlling the population.  However, freedom in its truest sense is a battle cry of those who are ignored by the same control agents of government.

Congratulations Argentina. WE, those who cherish freedom, ARE WITH YOU!

We will tend the flame because we are worth it.

We will ignite the flame, because we deserve it.



Note: If you haven’t contacted the Omega4America team to help you delouse the voter rolls in your county, you are behind scheduled. If you are MAGA, the state and local entities are your responsibility. Get the ball rolling.  


While some are writing stories about finding 4 people registered at a beauty salon, we have remained focused on the biggest issue in the voter rolls.

Registrants with undeliverable mail addresses.

Mail voters with bad addresses is how HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS MAIL BALLOTS are “LOST” and then used to steal elections.

When we started monitoring from the 2020 voter rolls, we had NEARLY A MILLION FL registrants that were undeliverable due to bad addresses or the fact they moved out of state. 

After 2 years, we have cut that number in half…and most of those reductions came in just the last 5 months…So we are just getting started.

This month there was another 4,174 reduction in the amount of bad addresses in the Florida Voter Rolls.

If you already contributed to our work, thank you! You are the reason we were able to keep doing what we are doing.

If you feel moved and can contribute, you can do so here: 


–The Peoples Audit


Funny how Argentina managed to count all 30 million of its ballots by midnight… – American Thinker

This is insanity – just 1 day after Argentina hand-counted 20 million ballots and declared their Presidential winner in the same night, the illegitimate Attorney General of Arizona threatens Mohave County officials w/criminal prosecution for trying to…hand count ballots.

Why can Argentina count 25–30 million paper ballots in hours, while blue US swing states take DAYS with machines?

It’s quite astonishing that the United States of America, one of the most powerful nations in the world, struggles to hold streamlined elections. We’ve gone from having election results on the same night or in the early hours to prolonged counts of sketchy ballots behind closed doors, with the winner remaining unknown for days on end. And these types of rinky-dink elections with long “third world” delays are being normalized, but it’s far from normal, and we all know it. This unacceptable stark contrast was glaringly obvious during the recent presidential election in Argentina, where they efficiently tallied 25 to 30 million paper ballots within hours. Meanwhile, certain blue districts in the United States, using machine ballots, take days to count a fraction of that number. How does one reconcile this?

Well since the majority of our voters-citizens of the states and USA don’t seem motivated to protest our messed up elections, it will continue. AZ had a county prepared to declare they were going to use paper ballots. I watched live yesterday the council meeting where this bill was going to be voted on. Person after person got up to speak to the council and while I was watching, nearly every one of them were against changing the way the ballots were counted.

It was mind boggling to hear their reasons. Too expensive, too risky, dominion won their lawsuits so that proved they do nothing wrong, no court case proved there was any manipulations in the votes, etc. Seriously calls into doubt the knowledge and intelligence of the voters if they cannot see why we should be voting via paper ballots and counting them with human hands and how much they are tuned into the msm for their facts. Very depressing to watch them.

We have a very long road to walk folks, before we get any semblance of our original country back.


If the County Recorders, and County Supervisors are corrupt, it does not matter whether machines or hand counting is used, the results will be corrupted. Just ask Nixon, 1960; hand count, one day, voter I.D. didn’t MATTER. On the other hand, if we have MAGA County Recorders and Boards of Supervisors, really doesn’t matter if we have machines, or even mail in absentee ballots, we can STILL have election integrity. So, WHO controls the County Recorders and Election Boards? The State Party Executive Committees,…THATS who. Its NOT the threat from the State elected official, that caused those Mohave County officials to back down, its the threat of the Executive committee, that could end the Supervisors career.

Seems to me the essence of it all might be in answering “WHAT does “certification” MEAN?

IF Congress is simply putting an official rubber stamp on the votes of the State electors, than the whole process is just a quaint ceremony, like ‘swearing in’ new members of Congress.

If, on the other hand, having members of the Senate and the House from all 50 States assembled in a rare joint session, it is one last opportunity for any calling into question of the electors votes, similar to the point in a marriage ceremony “If any hear object, speak now or forever hold your piece” thats a very different matter.

Reality is, ALL the way through the process, we see public officials treating their role in certifying election results, and even machinery, NOT as a solemn obligation, but as a mere formality.

From certifying machines, to county recorders certifying results to SoS, who then certifies to Gov. who then certifies to the State Legislatures, who then certify the electors to CONgress, “certifying” involves signing documents saying “I hereby CERTIFY,…true and correct,…accurate,…” etc.

Like oaths of office, unfortunately these have transitioned from solemn, BINDING obligations, to symbolic rituals, with no meaning.

The States SoS’s were originally intended to have an OBLIGATION to insure every candidate on their States ballot met the Constitutional requirements for the office.

Now, State SoS’s maintain they have met that obligation, when they recieve a letter from the National Political party Chair, assuring them that the Parties candidate meets the obligation, and that they have NO Obligation beyond stamping the letter “recieved”.
This is how they get around the Constitutional obligations for Natural Birth Citisenship.

Personally, I see no reason to discriminate against those born/delivered by caesarian section, but thats just me, lol. (a joke!) Note – Ewetah doesn’t have an SOS.


Muskegon Voter Fraud: Video Interrogation of GBI Strategies Official Released, Verifies Prior Gateway Pundit Reporting and Indicts Michigan AG Dana Nessel

In terms of the MECHANICS of how it works, the top level is the State R party executive committee, the middle level is the County election officials, and the bottom,as depicted is the selected politicians.

And yes, there are two more levels going higher; the RNC that distributes $ to the STATE R parties, and the Billionaire donor class, that coughs up the $.

WE can not “get” to them, nor can we “get” to the lowest level, the elected politicians; tried it with Tea party, again with KL “slate” of MAGA Candidates.

The election officials, County Recorder/Election board, BLOCKED our efforts, and are still in place.

The LYNCHPIN, the Keystone that keeps the whole corrupt system working is the STATE R PARTY EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

Public access to the voter lists at an affordable cost

 A cast vote record shows how each ballot was tabulated for each race. The

records need to be recorded in the order the ballots were tabulated. There is no

personally identifiable information on the record itself to compromise voter secrecy

though some thought needs to be given to assure that nobody could piece together the

voting sequence and match it to the people that voted.

b. Grade: C – For ES&S counties, we were informed by the Secretary of State and ES&S that

this option has not been available because it required a ‘risk limiting audit’ feature to

enable it and that feature is not used in Idaho.



REMOVE and REPLACE the RINOS there, with MAGA, and that power is ours, to advance a whole, Statewide SLATE of MAGA Candidates, that can work together with WILL and UNITY of PURPOSE, to assert States rights, and cut the kneees out from under an overweaning Feral Giverment.

ONE Maga State leads to more, and a network of Strong State Governments insures the continuation of MAGA, for generations to come.


During the meeting, while the supervisors were discussing whether the hand count would be in addition to using the voting tabulator machines or in place of them, the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) posted a flyer explaining why the machines are not necessary. The MCRC said, “AUTOMATIC BALLOT TABULATING EQUIPMENT IS ***UNNECESSARY*** WHEN BALLOTS ARE BEING COUNTED MANUALLY.” 

Cast Ballot Lists: An essential tool for election transparency. Plus updates from multiple states.

No man can shut” it, but the Uniparty most likely will. “This Is Going To Expose Everything”: Mike Lindell Says Georgia Voting Machine Ruling “Opened The Door That No Man Can Shut”


Pa. counties must accept undated, incorrectly dated mail ballots, federal court rules

And said Federal Courts will refuse to hear any cases. You can still go through the motions of “voting” if you want to, but The State will decree who shall rule over you. Anyone who objects will be sent to the Gulag, “no trial necessary.”

And, for the convenience of President Xi, the Capitol will be permanently relocated to Beijing.

SECOND Democrat Accused of Cheating in Connecticut Race with Absentee Ballots – In a Separate Local Race after Results in Mayor’s Race Are Thrown Out

SECOND Democrat Accused of Cheating in Connecticut Race with Absentee Ballots – In a Separate Local Race after Results in Mayor’s Race Are Thrown Out (VIDEO)

What causes errors in the scanning and tabulation process? The first place to look is the ballot definition file and the ballot styles. 

This video explains why errors happen, how to identify what went wrong, and some tips to prevent it from happening.  

Explanation of the ballot definition file, the ballot style, and how they relate to each other. 

Bottom line: We have no room for errors in our elections, especially when it’s preventable. Human error is intentional. 


For full report on Pinal County election breakdown – email MSG Dona –


“A federal jury in Sioux City, Iowa, convicted an Iowa woman today for a voter fraud scheme during the Iowa 2020 primary and general elections.

According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Kim Phuong Taylor, 49, of Sioux City, perpetrated a scheme to fraudulently generate votes for her husband in the primary election for Iowa’s 4th U.S. Congressional District in June 2020. After Taylor’s husband lost in the primary, he ran for Woodbury County Supervisor in the 2020 general election and Taylor again engaged in ballot fraud, causing absentee ballots to be fraudulently requested and cast. Taylor submitted or caused others to submit dozens of voter registrations, absentee ballot request forms, and absentee ballots containing false information. Taylor completed and signed voter forms without voters’ permission and told others that they could sign on behalf of relatives who were not present.

The jury convicted Taylor of 26 counts of providing false information in registering and voting, three counts of fraudulent registration, and 23 counts of fraudulent voting. She faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison for each count.”

Woman Convicted for Voter Fraud Scheme


The Fall of Minneapolis

Powerful! If this documentary doesn’t convince you that elected Democrat Politicians are the most vile, despicable, opportunistic, deceitful and corrupt bunch of criminals without a conscience or shame that the world has ever seen, then I don’t know what will.

Liz Collin’s documentary “The Fall of Minneapolis” is now streaming on Rumble.


— Alpha News (@AlphaNewsMN) November 16, 2023

Fulton County, Georgia, acknowledges, in a major Consent Decree, that 3,600 individual ballots were DUPLICATED (36 Batches). THAT’S A LOT OF CRIME. When are the rest of the facts coming out? We are all waiting. This is just the beginning. UNBELIEVABLE!…djt

Mark Finchem Fires Back Against Arizona’s Fascist Attorney General’s Intimidation Tactic Over County’s Proposed Shift to Paper Ballots


Introducing the Precinct Mapping Project

Seth Keshel Introduces Precinct Mapping Project to Save 2024 Election from Fraud – Here’s How You Can Help | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Even the most basic statistical research and attempts at numerical reconciliation make election fraud deniers among the dumbest people to have ever drawn oxygen.

Some gold unearthed by the Precinct Mapping Project and local leader Ken V. for Henrico County, VA, 2020 election results:

Precincts over 100% turnout
Randolph – 115% (426 votes/326 registered)
Spottswood – 113% (1260/1111)
Monument Hills – 111% (1270/1120)
Hunton – 111% (1174/1060)
Rollingwood – 105% (2096/1989)
Longdale – 105% (1941/1853)
Elko – 105% (786/751)
Derbyshire – 104% (2081/2004)
Lauderdale – 100% (2494/2484)
Antioch – 100% (1976/1970)

My estimate for Henrico was 15,572 fraudulent votes for one particular candidate.


Risk limiting audits only limit the risk of failing the audit. They are being pushed around the country, and are insufficient. 

They often select a very low number of ballots to be audited, and if the results don’t match enough to pass the audit, they just add more ballots until it does.

Look at the “ballot polling RLA”. They just count some votes and if the majority of the votes counted match the winner, it’s a successful audit…

In WA, many times the race being audited isn’t even included on the ballots selected for the audit! Why are they selecting ballots that don’t include the race being audited? So the already low number of ballots selected is now even lower! 

It is a joke! They will select 150 ballots, and only 60 will have the actual race being audited. Really?!?!

Imagine a major, publically traded company, where the suggestion was made, questioning the accuracy of the companies books.

The Company denies it, says their books are the most secure in history, and accuses ANYBODY who questions them of attempting to undermine faith in the company.

Lawsuits are brought, and they suppress evidence, destroy evidence, and use proceedural roadblocks to have the cases dismissed.

Would you buy stock in the company, after all this?


The 2020 election was in part fixed by the suppression of the evidence on it, and the deep state – in the form of 51 former intelligence officers – saw to it that it was falsely dismissed as Russian disinformation and rendered null and void as a factor in determining a significant number of votes.

A former Trump White House aide named Garrett Ziegler obtained a copy of the hard drive and is speaking out and publishing its contents. A few days ago, the nonprofit he founded, Marco Polo 501c3, published over 10,000 photos from the laptop on a site,, that almost immediately became overwhelmed with traffic.

But a 22-minute interview that he did with SkyNews Australia is far more interesting than the laptop photos (which have what the Brits call the naughty bits covered up, anyway).

No American television network available on cable/satellite systems has so far given him this kind of platform. I hope that changes as this interview gains attention in this country, but you can forget about the alphabet networks. Fox News? I am not holding my breath. Maybe NEWSMAX

Ziegler is obviously an intelligent guy and has done his homework, spending months going over the data and compiling and classifying the content. He makes the point that there is clear evidence of multiple crimes, none of which have been prosecuted. The reason? The laptop data “Implicates people of both parties….It’s really the uniparty that is implicated in this.” A bit later, “The intel agencies are the epicenter of the US uniparty.”

Story here:

You are not supposed to know about the contents of the laptop computer that Hunter Biden neglected to retrieve from a repair shop in Delaware.

The less you are involved in your local elections, the easier it is for someone to steal it.  

The more you participate, the more you are watching, the more you are paying attention, the more questions you are asking, the more you are present and the more hands on you become makes it harder for anyone to pull the wool over your eyes.  


DID YOU KNOW: President Trump Won The “In-Person” Vote In EVERY State In 2020!

‘Meanwhile, Biden won the “mail-in ballot” vote in every state — all 50 of them!’

DID YOU KNOW: President Trump Won The “In-Person” Vote In EVERY State In 2020! | WLT Report

Ahead of the highly-anticipated 2024 presidential election, more than 23 million immigrants to the United States who now have naturalized American citizenship are eligible to cast ballots, new analysis reveals.

Analysis: Over 23M Immigrants Eligible to Vote in U.S. Ahead of 2024 Election

Kemp and Ratsburger knowingly certified a fraudulent presidential election in favor of FJB and the catastrophic results of the past 3 years.
“BREAKING EXCLUSIVE PART III: The Errors, The Lie, the Cover-Up in Georgia’s 2020 Election – Raffensperger Gets Caught – Here’s How You Can Help!”

“Remember that the 2020 results were certified for Biden three days after the election after he overcame President Trump’s 200,000 vote lead on election night to steal the election by less than 12,000 votes in Georgia.”
“3125 duplicate ballot counts and 17,852 votes counted that do not have a corresponding ballot image. This complaint resulted in the creation of investigation SEB2023-25.”

“election identified 148,000 ballots that appeared to have been created by a machine and to be fraudulent. Fulton county and state are still preventing access to these ballots even though the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the plaintiffs have the right to audit these ballots”

According to Comer, “a FedEx worker showed up to Penn Biden Center on November 2, 2022, to load the documents and ship them out. In understated fashion, Comer said that he “finds it troublesome that boxes of documents were potentially removed from Penn Biden Center prior to NARA’s arrival and assessment.”

In January 2023, President Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer, released a statement that included a timeline of events that inexplicably began on November 2, 2022, with the “unexpected discovery” of Obama-Biden records at the Penn Biden Center.

The timeline from Bauer & Biden was incomplete and misleading. It omitted months of communications, planning, and coordinating among the multiple White House officials, Ms. Chung, Penn Biden Center employees, and President Biden’s personal attorneys to retrieve the boxes containing classified materials.

Bauer’s timeline also failed to disclose the FedEx pickup that happened on the morning of November 2nd. Yet another Biden/Government coverup. Done as Trump is being prosecuted by Biden’s DOJ for what are likely lesser offenses.

Extremely important data that sprang up thanks to the curious case of Henrico County, demonstrating multiple precincts over 100% turnout thanks to concealing of records and shuffling of vote categories and counts.

Free for all – please read and disseminate – the left proven wrong again in what is shaping up to be another critical element of the puzzle in unwinding our election crisis.

The Hidden Element of Electile Dysfunction: Record Keeping

The Hidden Element of Electile Dysfunction: Record Keeping

12/1 State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny At The State Line
By Alex Newman

State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny at the State Line

Election rigging and stealing is happening across the country.

It’s actually rather common.

Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Elections in America are broken.

—In Virginia, the former General Registrar of Prince County is being prosecuted for altering the vote count in the 2020 election.

—In Massachusetts, a woman was caught on camera stealing ballots from citizen mailboxes to commit voter fraud.…

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) November 29, 2023

Critical read about judicial battle going on under the radar in Nevada – specifically regarding corruption in Reno. 

The Challenges of Fair Trials and Fair Elections in The Silver State

OPINION: The Challenges of Fair Trials and Fair Elections in The Silver State

The Philippines’ election regulator on Wednesday banned voting system Smartmatic due to the threat it posed to the “integrity” of future Philippine elections.The ban stems from an investigation launched by the US Justice Department against former Comelec chairman Andres Bautista for alleged corruption, conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering. (Barron’

An Arizona Judge ruled that We The People Arizona Alliance cannot access videos from Runbeck Election Services Inc., a major third-party vendor responsible for operating portions of the 2022 election. In his order from the Superior Court, the Judge found that Runbeck is not compelled to provide the records under Arizona law, as the law only applies to public entities.

If the entity that prints, mails, receives, scans, and stores our ballots for DAYS after the election cannot be FOIA’d, then they should not be paid BY THE TAX PAYER.

This is our “free and fair election”, not some general contractor building another lavish office space.

An Arizona Judge ruled that We The People Arizona Alliance cannot access videos from Runbeck Election Services Inc., a major third-party vendor responsible for operating portions of the 2022 election. In his order from the Superior Court, the Judge found that Runbeck is not…


Note: If you haven’t contacted the Omega4America team to help you delouse the voter rolls in your county, you are behind scheduled. If you are MAGA, the state and local entities are your responsibility. Get the ball rolling.  


While some are writing stories about finding 4 people registered at a beauty salon, we have remained focused on the biggest issue in the voter rolls.

Registrants with undeliverable mail addresses.

Mail voters with bad addresses is how HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS MAIL BALLOTS are “LOST” and then used to steal elections.

When we started monitoring from the 2020 voter rolls, we had NEARLY A MILLION FL registrants that were undeliverable due to bad addresses or the fact they moved out of state. 

After 2 years, we have cut that number in half…and most of those reductions came in just the last 5 months…So we are just getting started.

This month there was another 4,174 reduction in the amount of bad addresses in the Florida Voter Rolls.

If you already contributed to our work, thank you! You are the reason we were able to keep doing what we are doing.

If you feel moved and can contribute, you can do so here: 


–The Peoples Audit 


Anne Hunsinger


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Nov 17 2023

Post-Election Audit Study

Legislators received a Post-Election Audit Study, and the news was all good – except for one thing – the legislators themselves.

“Our sense is that Utah does a great job,” said BYU’s Quin Monson. “While there are always ways to improve, one of the things that is most damaging to confidence in our elections has been rhetoric from elected officials. The one thing you could do to boost confidence is present a united front from elected officials.”

Monson was responding to a question from Sen. David Buxton about what we can do to “restore” confidence in the system. HB448 from Rep. Cory Maloy answered most of the questions from the law. The lieutenant governor then contracted with academics from BYU, USU, and WSU to conduct a Post-Election Audit Review.

Monson and USU’s Damon Cann went through their analysis, concluding that the audit process for signatures has already been reviewed for accuracy. Clerks, they said, are careful and thorough.

Previously, audits took place at the end of the process. However, if an issue were found, there was no way to fix it because ballots had already been separated from their envelopes. Under the new law, audits are taking place before ballots are separated. They called the system “robust, carefully conducted, and thorough.”

A summary of the audit itself says this: “Perhaps the biggest challenge facing election integrity at present is that voters likely know very little about current election security practices in Utah. A future supplement to this report will provide more information about how Utah voters respond to more information about things like signature validation and audit practices.”

I will include a copy of the audit rather than go through the details. The LG also asked them to check other states’ processes and compare Utah’s tabulation process with a “risk-limiting” plan.

A risk-limiting audit verifies accuracy through a random sample of ballots. Only three states presently require it, although 12 others are studying. The downside is that it requires additional staff time and money.

Also, at this time there is not technology that would allow ranked choice voting in a risk-limiting audit. If Utah were to choose this method, the suggestion is that it be done as a pilot project.

They also looked at a “post-election logic and accuracy” test in which you run sample ballots through equipment, but they feel it’s a much weather method and would set Utah back.

The professors did recommend more transparency from county officials – how they announce results of audits and how they allow people to view what’s going on.

Rep. Kay Christofferson wondered out loud about returning to voting in person and would like a comparison of costs.

Asked about the most egregious findings, the professors said they only uncovered a bit of inconsistency on the part of counties with record keeping.

Draft Legislation “Election Revisions”

A few updates to law:

• When a candidates withdraws, other candidates must be notified within two days

• If ballots have been sent out, voters who have email addresses should be notified at least two days before the election, or the nearest day to the end of the write-in period.

• Initiatives: once an initiative packet is completed, sponsors no longer need to each county clerk. They can send to the LG’s office directly.

• Physical editions of code books no longer have to be sent to election officials. Digital saves money.

• Candidates should use email addresses that are regularly monitored or risk not being added to the state website

One representative worried that the legislature is making too many rules. “The kids want to play, but the rules are too long.”

The chair gave the public 1 minute each for comment:

Cristy Henshaw – Chair of the Utah County Republican Party, thinks cities should be able to “take back” ballots from the county and board of canvassers, saying “the definition of ballots is incorrect.”

One man complained that signature verifiers were untrained.

One woman complained that the number of ballots doesn’t match those in the audit. This was addressed at last month’s interim.

The draft legislation was defeated. I asked Sen. Jen Plumb, who voted against it, and she said she felt there was not enough time for the public to weigh in.

Draft Legislation “Initiatives and Referenda Amendments”

• Two options, both of which address that signature gatherers shall provide the document and how remove signature – it now says shall offer*

• ADA compliant – put some initials in box… write contact info for clerk ..

• Read and understand law –removed understand – both versions simply say READ

Option B – requires Legislative Counsel office to prepare a summary, which would be included in the signature packet, after a petition for a referendum has been filed. The office would prepare the summary.

Most controversial – Objective summary to clarify and simplify language in code.

Sen. Daniel Thatcher said DP just articulated WHY he doesn’t want to make initiatives and referendums easier. “Don’t you want free ponies for everybody?” He said he opposes because they are co-equal to legislature.

DP said while it is nearly impossible to find an objective source for a summary, the counsel’s office is one of the best.

Rep. Calvin R. Musselman, said the legislature could take up the issue of summaries later, with more public input. Rep. Stephanie Gricius moved that the committee pass Option A without a summary.

Passed favorably.

Draft Legislation “Criminal Threat or Interference Amendments

Additional protections – reviewed by sentencing commission. Amended existing provisions.

A crime to threaten harm to public official and family if purpose to influence or retaliate. Modifying and clarifying.

There was no sponsor.

LG thinks this is important messaging despite having the tools to prosecute.

Public – One citizen asked definition “intimidation” and “threaten.” Thomas Vaughn answered that legally these terms are decided by jury. Personal opinions are protected.

Will Carlson – All this does is take boats and turn it into one ship.

Passed favorably