By USN Columnist Morgan Philpot / Feb 22, 2021

Approximately 23 years before the coming of Christ into the world (3 Nephi 2:7, Hel. 6:15), the leader of the ancient American free world was “taken out” by fraud and deception while he was still serving as the Nephite equivalent of America’s president. (Hel. 6:15). His successor was also “taken out” shortly thereafter. (Id).

Unfortunately, this tragic turn of events did not inspire “the people” to repent and change their ways. Instead they became more wicked. (Hel. 6:16)..

It is stated that “the people” had been blessed for so long with the riches of the world that they “set their hearts upon their riches” and sought “gain that they might be lifted up one above another” and THE PEOPLE “began to commit secret murders, and to rob and to plunder.” (Hel. 6:17).

This is the fundamental political truth that almost zero members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints see or understand; that they (the LDS people) are guilty of the same “secret murders.”

HOW? Because the LDS people and their elected representatives spend their political strength and votes to rob and to plunder their neighbors; the Latter-Day Saint people will vote time after time to use force and violence ‘by proxy’ to obtain compliance with their ‘virtuous ideas’ and ‘programs,’ such as:

-City bonds


-Government Schools

-And every other wicked and unclean practice or program that the LDS people support with their foolish votes and ill-gotten gain.

So, while things may get better for a short period of time, Utahns have shown no inclination to prevent the fate that Isaiah predicts for Judah (Utah) and Jerusalem (Salt Lake City) in the “last days.” (FN A). Specifically:

-Earthquakes (Isaiah 2:21)

-Famine (Isaiah 3:1)

-Loss of religious leaders and prophets (Isaiah 3:2)

-Loss of their electoral powers (Isaiah 3:3)

-They will be ruled over by immature and unwise politicians (Isaiah 3:4)

-Neighbors will oppress each other because of things like ‘masks’ and ‘vaccines’ (Isaiah 3:5)

-Men will face financial ruin (Isaiah 3:6)

-Jerusalem (Salt Lake City) will be ruined, and Judah (Utah) will fall. (Isaiah 3:8)

-The people will hide their faces (the shew of their countenance) but proudly declare their sins as did Sodom (Isaiah 3:9)

-This will happen according to Isaiah when infantile politicians rule and oppress and when “women rule over” the Lord’s latter-day capitol (Salt Lake City) and people. (Isaiah 3:12)

-This will happen when the people will have “eaten up the vineyard” and created a horrific financial industry that will allow the rich to put the “spoil of the poor… in [their] houses.” (Isaiah 3:14)

-The “daughters of Zion,” i.e. the cities or stakes of Zion will be “smitten” with a “scab” and will “stink” and be “burned.” (Isaiah 3:17)

-The men of the “daughters of Zion” “shall fall by the sword… in THE war.”

-And finally, the “daughters of Zion” will become desolate.

Footnote (A) Isaiah 2:2, and see also President Gordon B. Hinckley, First Counselor in the First Presidency, An Ensign to the Nations, Sunday Morning Session, (“I think they may also on that occasion have spoken of the building of the temple, which today stands a few feet east of here, in fulfillment of the words of Isaiah.”) Oct. 1989.

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