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A leaked 200-page document appears to reveal the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) playbook for taking down Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the general election.

The document was sent anonymously to The Smoking Gun and Gawker by somebody dubbing himself “Guccifer 2.0,” a reference to a famous Romania hacker who is currently behind bars. The person claims the document is part of over 100 gigabytes of information he obtained by hacking into the DNC. Metadata in the document indicate it was created Dec. 19, 2015 by Warren Flood, who had a long career as a Democratic political operative.

The playbook goes into extensive detail about Trump’s entire life history as well as his political positions, and offers 17 different “top narratives” that Democrats could use against Trump in the election, along with hundreds of lesser attacks and facts Democrats could potentially use, all cited to various media outlets.

Some of the narratives, like “Trump proposed banning all Muslims,” focus on Trump’s proposed policies. Others, like “Trump is a liar,” reflect well-worn criticisms of Trump’s character. But some of the criticisms are reaches, or are low blows against Trump regarding his personal relationships.

Here are seven of the most aggressive attacks against Trump the playbook offers:

1. Trump Is Fat And His Father Died Of Alzheimer’s

The report faults Trump for being cagey about his health and not releasing a full medical report despite promising to do so. In addition, though, the report attacks Trump for claiming he has good genes despite having a father who died of Alzheimer’s disease.

“Donald Trump said he was ‘fortunate’ to have been blessed with great genes but did not say that his father developed Alzheimer’s, the genetics of which are not understood with certainty,” the report says. It cites a New York Times article, which itself points out that Fred Trump only developed Alzheimer’s in his late 80s. The report cites the same article to point out that “reporters who covered Trump’s campaign thought he had gained weight, contrary to Trump’s claims.”

2. Trump Has Been Endorsed By A Lunatic Anti-Gay Pastor

James David Manning, pastor of ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church in New York City, is known for his extreme anti-gay and often conspiratorial rhetoric, and the DNC report notes Manning’s strong endorsement of Trump alongside a reference of support Trump has received from white supremacist David Duke. Through a New York Daily News excerpt, the report quotes a sign Manning placed outside his church declaring that “Obama has released the homo demons of the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.’”

3. Trump Doesn’t Like Bitchy Women

One of the document’s chief narratives is to describe Trump as the “Misogynist in Chief” who has “devalued and demeaned women repeatedly throughout his career.” The top piece of evidence cited for this is Trump’s statement that married men want support at home, and “not someone who is always griping and bitching.”

4. Trump Would Be Upset If His Wife Got Fat

Similarly, Trump is also bashed for comparatively mundane comments about overweight women. The document dredges up a 1997 interview in which Trump is asked what he would do if then-wife Marla Maples gained 40 pounds.

“I’d say, ‘Start working out,’” Trump said at the time, though he also said he wouldn’t leave Maples just for getting fat.

The report also negatively quotes Trump’s statement that a Miss Universe winner who ballooned from 117 pounds to over 160 pounds “likes to eat.”

5. Trump Doesn’t Think The Washington Redskins Are Offensive

Unsurprisingly, the report spends a lot of time faulting Trump for making racially offensive comments throughout his life. Some are straightforward, like “Laziness is a trait in blacks” (a quip attributed to Trump by a former employee), but others are less so.

One justification the report gives for calling Trump a racist is that he doesn’t find the Washington Redskins name offensive, an outlook that seems less ridiculous after a poll finding that 90 percent of American Indians agree.

6. Trump Is Not A Good Shot With A Gun

As part of a broader narrative condemning Trump for being pro-gun, the report oddly notes that “Trump occasionally carries a gun, but admits he’s ‘not such a great shot.’” Trump himself admitted as much during a rally in Iowa last year, where he said “I’m a member of the NRA but I’m not such a great shot.” It’s not clear why this note is included in the report, but the implication may be that Trump is a personal danger to others because he could pull his gun, fire and accidentally hit somebody he wasn’t aiming at.

7. Trump Grew Up In A White Neighborhood

The report repeatedly cites a September, 2015, article by The New York Times which noted the heavily white nature of Trump’s childhood neighborhood.

“TRUMP’S BOYHOOD NEIGHBORHOOD WAS ‘NEARLY ALL WHITE,’” the report blares in a section dealing with Trump’s personal history. It doesn’t note that a nearly all-white neighborhood would be unexceptional in the 1950s, when Trump grew up, because the United States was over 87 percent non-Hispanic white.

The report also cites the same New York Times article to point out that Trump once became upset after a neighbor threw a ball into his yard, saying he was going to tell his father and call the police rather than throwing the ball back.

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