This week 2/10/2021

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The Purge Continues: The Big Tech Purge is still WELL underway folks. Biden and congress are, with the help of CNN, trying very hard to distract you from that fact. But did they think we wouldn’t notice a major pro-life YouTube channel with 300,000 subscribers going missing? Really?

“YouTube just completely removed the LifeSiteNews YouTube channel,” the site reported a short time ago. “This isn’t a temporary ban; every single one of our videos is completely gone.”

Luckily they have all their videos backed up. If you see Rumble in their future, you’re right.


All abortion-related bills are being held in rules this year and not being given a chance to be heard. Pro-life Utah has a email form that goes to leadership and rules committee members. Would sure appreciate your help getting those bills out of rules!!!

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Republican state legislators in Iowa have introduced legislation that would cut state funding from any schools that promote the far-left 1619 Project in their curriculum.The bill would target schools featuring “any United States history curriculum that in whole or in part is derived from a project by the New York Times, known as the ‘1619 Project,’ or any similarly developed curriculum.”

Any school that is found to use such curriculum in violation of the proposed law would have their funding “reduced by one-hundred-eightieth for each day of the previous budget year for which the school district used” that curriculum. 

The 1619 Project, started in 2019 by New York Times author Nikole Hannah-Jones, essentially attempted to rewrite American history with a far-left approach by portraying the United States as a fundamentally racist nation, built by slavery and discrimination.

Curt Bramble has sponsored 42 bills in the 2021 session. Has Curt even read all of the bills he is sponsoring? 11 Floor Sponsored bills, 9 bill requests, (some already abandoned) and 22 numbered bills so far.

One bill, SB27 would allow physician assistants to work without physician supervision, while SB28 would add them to the state’s Mental Health Professional Practice Act and allow them to independently offer mental health care if they receive certain training and experience.

By some odd coincidence, Bramble’s son, Scott Bramble, is a PA. Self interest? Sheesh. Pretty transparent. Smacks of nepotis. Right or wrong, Curt has no shame. 

Insurance companies WILL NOT bill a PA. They will only bill the physician supervising the PA and that includes medicare and medicaid according to my sources. PAs can do a lot, but any malpractice lawsuits that succeed will reign in overuse quickly and it may raise the already expensive malpractice insurance. Malpractice cases may not increase because there is not a lot of money in suing cash paying patients.

I wouldn’t trust a PA. They can do a lot but not everything. It’s similar to Nurse Practitioners. They need supervision.

Everyone please sign this petition and share with 10 + people ASAP. This is to put pressure on the legislators to rein in the emergency powers of the executive branch. We are trying to 100K signatures this week!!]

The Deseret News published an article: How Americans can address Christian nationalism in their congregations and communities. How did we not see this coming. It addresses the question: “On Jan. 6, a virulent form of Christian nationalism burst into the public view. What can religious leaders and others do to bring these people — and the country — back from the brink?”

What is going on at the Deseret news? My ancestors came to America for religious liberty. My great grandfather died in the Martin handcart company. I believe this is a promised land . The message of the book of Mormon is undeniable. As long as Jesus Christ is the recognized as the God of this land we will prosper. What now? We are all white nationalists? Racist? Are the Jews racist to believe they are the chosen of God?

This is just more communist agitation to divide us by every means possible. Men vs. women vs. gays; this religion vs. that religion and that religion and of course the Jews; black vs. white vs. Asian vs. Indian, upper income vs. middle vs. lower, Democrats vs. Republicans. All about supposed “diversity” which is really the positive spin on disunity. There’s really only power in Unity. Communist agitators (called not agitators here in the US but the softer sounding “Community Organizers” like Barack Hussein Obama sought to divide and weaken us every way possible. People love it too and divide 6 ways. It’s a bad idea, it should be resisted. We should unite around the traditional American values of Judeo-Christian ethics and beliefs under which this nation prospered and without which we are indeed cursed with a curse.

SLCO is getting new voting machines. They are not used from Cuba, Russia or Venezuela, but they will be RCV capable. That sounds like a good move. No electronic machine can be trusted unless the voter can verify that his vote was recorded exactly as he cast it, and that his vote was aggregated correctly (added into the total for his candidate).

Personally, I dont trust any voting machine that plugs into a wall. I’m also careful not to consider voting paper ballots in an electronic medium as any safer than mail in. For VBM, the controls need to be on how many ballots go out and to whom. There’s no panacea for perfect voting; people have been cheating since they voted with colored rocks. The best system I have seen, is the not at all secret, but very secure IA caucus; where you have to show up and stand in your guy’s corner; now that is hard to rig (but not impossible).

I’m on the warpath against HB-209, overtaxing the already over taxed EV/Hybrids. It hurts the GOP brand to do this; it’s anti-clean air and very unfair. It equates to an EV driver paying the same UT gas tax as on over 50,000 miles of driving a year. Say Hi to Rep. Christofferson for me in UT County for crafting that to punish EV/Hybrid drivers. It reminds me of the “first they came for the Jews…”. They want to nudge us all into the per mile tax. Please join me in telling your Reps to flush this nasty one.

The SLT did an article on the exodus from the UTGOP. From those I talked to, many are more upset that the party did not unite around, support and defend a President against the fraud in several States. They disrespect a party that will not stand up for itself. I’m sure some may leave over the 1/6 happenings at the Capitol, but I also think most see that as a very isolated few that don’t represent most Republicans, or that they were even Trump supporters. The Utah Platform Republicans PAC is showing that the GOP still has white blood cells operating. 

1500 active swamp Democrats have fooled the public since the US Capital attack by their military arm…antifa/BLM! How uninformed are those 7,600 “active” Republicans? I haven’t met one “active” Republican who blames Trump or his supporters!

I’ve had 4 of my inner circle leave the GOP in the last month because it won’t stand up for itself. That is a real good reason to leave…and a better reason to change leadership and live the platform!

Block big tech from getting your data, get a ClearOS phone.

Mike Lindell, the pillow guy, had his video removed by youtube. It is one you should all watch if you can find a platform it will run on. I watched it before youtube removed it. He does in fact have proof that the election was stolen. You can watch it here:

I’m hearing Cox is quietly threatening a veto pon HB92. My understanding, if HB92 is not out of the Rules Committee by next Friday, the bill is dead.

This could well be the important bill this session. Currently at least 500 females under the age of 18 are given testosterone for gender transition every year in Utah. This is a 10,000% increase from 2016 when only 5 girls were given testosterone for gender transition. These hormones permanently sterilize girls and cause irreversible damage.

This year bill “HB92 Medical Practice Amendments” has been introduced in Utah and would prevent minors under 18 years of age from being given cross-sex hormones. While this is a concept that has the bipartisan support of 67% of Americans, Utah legislative leadership has refused to give this bill a hearing.

We must urge all Utah elected officials to communicate with legislative leadership that this bill deserves a hearing because the people of Utah do not support the sterilization of a generation of Utah’s youth with experimental treatments.

There is a timeless analogy in Plato’s Republic, the ship of fools, that illustrates the problem of governance in a free political system.  It also applies neatly to political parties…and especially the dysfunctional Republican Party. “Though the shipowner surpasses everyone on board in height and strength, he is rather deaf and likewise somewhat shortsighted, and his knowledge of seamanship is pretty much on the same level.” The sailors vie for control of the ship, though none of them know how to steer it in the right direction. They curry favor with the shipowner through flattery and favors so that they, too, can help and aggrandize themselves. They praise grifters the most and unite only to protect their collective interests.” “With or without Trump, the GOP remains a ship of fools, sailing idiotically against a dark horizon.”

The Legislature is taking up the issue of changing Dixie University’s name because it’s “raaasisct”. Some of the name proposals include “Ingrate University”. The reason Dixie has been used is because of the history of cotton crops in SW Utah. My vote goes to “Cotton Pickers” Univ. 

My mom used to call us “cotton pickers” when she was mad. My dad also used to call people “knot-headed mules.” Is that bad? My heart aches for mules who were culturally appropriated for such an insult!