Tallahassee, FL — After it was announced Donald Trump raised $7.1 million in funds as a result of his indictment and booking in Georgia using creative new legal arguments, other presidential candidates are taking notice.

Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is reportedly looking into being indicted “in a blue state somewhere… for something…”  to generate much-needed campaign funds.  A spokesperson said, “Imagine Ron’s mug shot on T-shirts, coffee mugs, and throw pillows.  The merchandising possibilities are endless.”

He added, “Surely some George Soros-funded DA [District Attorney] could come up with something interesting to book him with.  We could really use the money right now.”  The campaign stated it sent memos to DA offices in California, New York, and Oregon with ideas for possible weak charges against DeSantis.  The spokesperson said “We’ve even discussed having Ron send out mean tweets – that seems to set these folks off and make them take action.”

It is rumored U.S. President Joe Biden may even be indicted sometime soon and experience similar, exciting fundraising opportunities.