By USN Columnist Kate Dalley / Dec 23, 2021

Dear 2021, We need to drain the media before we can ever drain the swamp. They provide cover for the swamp.

We need TRUTH ON EARTH before we ever get peace on earth. Hope for that first.

We need common sense to return and remove our heads from our rear ends. We need thinking to make a comeback.

We need to have more faith in God.

We need to start acting like real Americans, more standing up and less rolling over.

We need to find our backbone and fight for the Constitution that is still in play.

And we need a true education in all the lies we have been told for over a century.

We need fighters, not whiners. We need courage, not more victimhood.

We need a good long look in the mirror to see our part in letting this get this bad. We need to stop the theft, the steal, and the thugs who are brazenly taking our country. And have been for decades.

We need to end the military industrial complex, The intelligence industrial complex, The pork industrial complex, The Justice Industrial Complex and expose the traitors.

We need to stop letting them use fear to instill bigger government and stop being such little children. afraid of our shadows, germs and the boogeyman.

No matter who takes the helm, we have a bought and sold Congress and Senate and SCOTUS. It’s a much bigger problem.

And we may see some very interesting events coming in January.

It’s not over.

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