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The Utah Yaks

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The Yaks are a group of Utah individuals that get together now and then to yak, investigate and shed light on people, politicians, groups and organizations that deserve public scrutiny. We observe journalistic standards. We document everything. We are aware of the extreme dangers of ‘outing’ corruption, fraud and inappropriate behavior in the public and business arena.

We consist of a Constitutional lawyer, a farmer, a former Special Forces A Team Leader, a housewife, a poet, a entrepreneur, a artist, a defense attorney, a musician, successful active and retired business people, an ex-FBI while collar crime investigator, a past investigator for the Utah AG’s office, 3 writers, and many members of the Utah GOP Leadership, including members of the State Central Committee, national delegates, state, and county delegates.

If you would like to become a Yakker, please send an email to this publication and they will forward it to us.


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