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We do NOT equate all “liberals” with communists. The purpose of this website is to pick up “liberal” hitchhikers and give them a ride to the communist wonderland – the inevitable end result of their “well-meaning” policies.

Rational arguments cannot, in our experience, survive in your Dionysian mindset. Part of the “liberal” experience is the inability, due to self-righteousness, arrogance, or mental lethargy, to understand our points, let alone step into our frame of reference. Therefore, we are stepping into your frame of reference, boots and all – laying railroad tracks all over it, preparing for the arrival of the glorious locomotive of progress.

The nausea you’re experiencing is plain motion sickness. In case you didn’t know, the “liberal” train of thought you’re hitching hauls from the good old Marxist depot – and that’s where it shall return.

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