I’ll be honest. I had no clue what Coachella was until it was featured in an episode of Fuller House (I’m still not exactly sure what it is or why it’s a thing – I just know music is involved somehow). It sounds like a company that makes insanely expensive leather purses that I would never buy. But even being fashion-illiterate as I am, I can definitely say that this is stupid.

According to this, the clothing designer Free People has their Coachella line out and people are freaking out because some of the designs involve feathers and headdresses. Because people’s default mode these days is to find racism in every single stupid thing, they immediately assumed that the designs were meant to appropriate Native American culture (and the fact that these items are being worn by a blonde woman don’t sit well with these whiners, either) –

more at Source: Coachella Is Racist Now. Okie-Dokie. – Chicks On The Right