Is your your 12-year-old daughter uncomfortable with exposed penises in her locker-room?

Tell her to get over it, says the Charlotte Observer.

Last week, the major North Carolina media outlet published an editorial in support of President Obama’s transgender edict compelling all public schools to segregate their bathrooms and locker-rooms by subjectively claimed “gender identity” rather than biology, threatening noncompliance with possible lawsuits and revoked funding.

Their defense of the nonsensical, far-overreaching order was asinine: Girls will just have to overcome “discomfort” of “male genitalia” in their bathrooms and locker-rooms. In typical fashion, their argument was also steeped in hyperbolic and utterly disconnected language about actual civil rights. You see, girls seeing penises in their bathrooms and locker-rooms, and getting used to it, is exactly like desegregation…. read more here