Your Complete Instructions for Natural Gardening Success

Behind every vegetable plant is a person with gardening desires — you! And behind you there are bees, worms… and millions of other live inhabitants of your garden soil. To keep them happy, here’s how to build your vegetable plot.

There is no need to wreck havoc and madly dig. Truly, madly, digging messes up the natural layers of earth that nature has set down. Digging turfs the surface loving inhabitants into the sub-layers; it brings up deep dwellers and plops them in the sun or cold… and I bet you ain’t going to provide them with sunglasses or woolly hats!

Let the microbes and worms etc do what they do best in their own good way and time. Build your garden the no dig or no till way on top of the ground, and feed your soil from above. That means you can start building a vegetable garden anywhere. This is natural organic gardening at its simplest and best.

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