Sometimes I just sit and shake my head.  Why these guys keep appearing with Sean Hannity is beyond my understanding.  That said, the platform and host is the first warning sign, the content of the interview is another.

Speaker Mike Johnson, who is a significant upgrade from Speaker Kevin McCarthy, sits down for an extensive discussion on current political events where Sean Hannity can tell Johnson his role and responsibility as Speaker . WATCH:

This could be the beginning of World War III, or just another step in the general direction.

According to the Pentagon, the U.S. just launched airstrikes against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria.

The 2024 GOP primary debate series is a clown show of knuckleheads following the marching orders of the billionaire donors who fund them.  The RNC is the vessel for the illusion of choice game, orchestrated by the same donors.  Watching the remaining candidates try and qualify to be the first loser is, well, pathetic really.

Into this game of nonsense, the RNC delivers the next round of pretentious moderators for the RNC debate in Miami.  I mean, if you are hosting a Republican debate, one might think the RNC would want Republicans as moderators.  Then again, in the era of the professional Uniparty, there’s not much difference.  Condescending pontificating pustule of pomposity, Hugh Hewitt, will rest atop his familiar high horse.  You couldn’t pay me to watch this one.

Wednesday that Trump, 77, is capitalizing on a stay in the gag order “to send an unmistakable message to a foreseeable witness in this case… with knowledge that it would reach him.” (read more)

Learn how the Lawfare game is played…. Every leak has a purpose.

Trust me, even allied idiots do not know when they are getting played as part of a long-term operation.  Allow me to give you a familiar visual aid:

In this latest example, Ryan Fournier – a supposed Trump ally – is pushing the outlandish Mark Meadows wearing a wire story, without even thinking about the stupidity of it.

Jack Smith knows Mark Meadows is a weasel, a creepy and pure swamp creature.  Personally, I cannot stand Mark Meadows, and I know his exact character.  Meadows is a fabricator, an exaggerator of his own importance, and a person of weak fortitude when it comes to aggressive attention upon him.  Meadows is a cross between a weasel and a jellyfish.

However, that said, it is the weak nature of Meadows…. and President Trump’s prior knowledge of Meadows’ untrustworthiness and weakness, that makes Meadows of specific value to the Machiavellian Lawfare constructs of Jack Smith.


Learn it!


There is something going on with the US carrier fleet. CVN 71 Theodore Roosevelt left San Diego today. Yesterday CVN 72 Abraham Lincoln left the same base.

Where are they heading?

You can track it:

Nothing like letting our enemies know where our carriers are with one simple link.

Nothing like sending them all to one hot spot to leave another completely exposed

GENERAL FLYNN: “Americans See the Truth: Our Ruling Class is Corrupt, Inept, and Pathological”

“I do believe that the security system in Israel broke down so badly that it had to have been somebody that caused that and that somebody had to be inside.  They had to be inside. There’s no way in the world that I’ll believe any other thing only because I’ve walked the fence line of the Gaza strip…”

A group of Republican senators introduced a bill Thursday that would decouple funding for Israel from billions of additional dollars the White House requested for Ukraine.

The Israel Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2023 was introduced by Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio and Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas.

A children’s drag event at the San Fernando Library in Los Angeles featuring Pickle the drag queen was shut down at a peaceful protest on Oct. 25. Parents surrounded the front of the library, preventing Pickle from coming inside.

‘LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE’: California parents shut down Drag Queen Story Hour at San Fernando Library

And now this, from CNN of all places.

….” Vaccines for Covid-19 and influenza may slightly increase the risk of strokes caused by blood clots in the brains of seniors, particularly when the two vaccines are given at the same time and when they are given to adults who are age 85 and older, according to a new study.

The safety signal was detected by experts at the US Food and Drug Administration who analyzed data from Medicare claims.”…….,according%20to%20a%20new%20study.

Iran launches some small attacks on American forces in Iraq and Syria (that shouldn’t even still be there).

What does Biden do ?

Launch attacks on Iran?

No ! He launches attacks on … … Syria!

Well that didn’t take long, the new speaker is now calling for more aid to Ukraine as per Jack Posobiec.

Seems we have been played again.

Can’t make this crap up, when it seems to good to be true, it always is.

Did you guys know that today is “Intersex Awareness Day”???

I sure didn’t. These people are NUTS.

When has any entity/Government ever peacefully relinquished such power?

Oh, thats right,…the Velvet Revolution when the USSR peacefully withdrew from the Baltics.

BECAUSE the ENTIRE population of all 3 countries, IN UNITY and by word (singing, actually) and ACTION (marching together to their Capitals) withdrew their consent to being “Governed” by the Soviets, any more.

No Government, no matter how tyranical, can continue to rule, without the consent, passive and active, of the Governed.

And, all of the high tech in the World doesn’t change that fundamental truth.

I’m still waiting for the leftists to define “assault weapon.”
Hint: “Black and scary-looking” will not be an acceptable definition. That would mean my cat Libby is an assault weapon. Hmm, on second thought, maybe she is ….

PDJT is alive only because of the NSA summaries of the number of people that support him – and display emotional anger towards him being harmed.

Once they figure out how to remove him without pissing people off – they will end this country as you know it. The Constitution is a direct threat to a Federal Kingdom.

Forgive me because I can’t give an accurate acknowledgement of who did it, but a commenter yesterday submitted the link posted below.

A gentleman discusses some of President Trump’s dismissal filings. Good background material.

Trump’s MOTHERLODE of Dismissal Filings

Foreign aid…

Ron Paul:

Foreign aid is poor people in a rich country giving billions of dollars to rich people in poor countries!

The Israel Defense Forces said Thursday that its airstrikes in the Gaza Strip during the day had killed five senior commanders in the Hamas terror group.

One airstrike on Thursday killed the deputy head of Hamas’s intelligence directorate.

Another strike killed the head of Hamas’s North Khan Younis rocket array.

And in the evening, the military said it had killed three senior commanders in Hamas’s Daraj-Tuffah Battalion: the battalion’s commander, Rifaat Abbas; the deputy commander, Ibrahim Jadba; and a combat support commander, Tarek Maarouf. According to the IDF, the Daraj-Tuffah Battalion is part of Hamas’s Gaza City Brigade, which is “considered the most significant brigade of the Hamas terrorist organization.”

Josh Hawley calls out the Biden regime for conducting the largest child slavery trafficking ring in American history:

This hearing is just laying the groundwork, I think. What the regime is doing now will, I trust, pour light on what has gone on in the past. This didn’t start yesterday, or three years ago.

Warp speed Revelation.

BTW, I think I am seeing these kids show up. A 13 or 14 year old hispanic child at a McDonald’s, and a similar age child working in a Chinese bakery, in the last year.

Best bet is the local authorities are as compromised as the federal authorities.

So what’s a citizen to do? Watters reveals FBI’s BLACKMAIL plot against Joe Biden involving 40 informants SPYING on him:

“The FBI used Biden to get revenge on Trump. They got a dirty politician elected so they could defeat a politician who caught them trying to frame him and fire their director.”

The jews have been cutting their own throats since God made the earth. They have always been a hand-wringing, self-loathing people. Israel doesn’t need our money or our approval or our weapons. What they need is a backbone.

If they continue to play patty-cakes with sub-humans that want to exterminate every last jew, they will get more death and suffering and, honestly, they deserve it if they don’t have the courage to do what needs to be done here. These islamists are filthy animals. Kill or be killed. No such thing as a “peaceful” islamist.

Now, what about the open stupidity of the US and its people. Look at what we are allowing in this country and our own government is sponsoring all of it. Kinda tough to lecture the jews on what they should do while we are even worse here. It’s like sticking your finger in the light-socket and blaming the power company for the shock.

Remarkable Details – Matt Gaetz Gives Details of Backroom Machiavelli Tactics Triggered by Kevin McCarthy During House GOP Conference

Next up: Biden gets added to witness list and President Trump is ordered not to talk about Biden.

The Senate has in their possession emails of Robert Malley pledging his fidelity to Iran.

Robert Malley an Iranian spy that worked in the State department with Secretary Blinken who just happens to be Blinken’s friend from college and we’re supposed to sit here and pretend that Blinken isn’t an Iranian spy too?

Blinken who released $10 billion dollars to Iran back between June and July and Blinken who paid Iran $6 billion for 5 so called Iranian hostages? Were they even hostages?

Blinken who sat on the Chinese funded Think Tank with Joe Biden?
9:20 PM · Oct 25, 2023

First up is more money for Israel. Our new Speaker will balance the budget by shipping out more money for a foreign country. Don’t worry everyone, Medicare/Medicaid will not be touched. Taxes not raised. We will grow into a surplus. It’s always worked, right?

Watch. Fold, Print. Steal

People have no idea the levels of automation that exists. They send out tens of millions of INDIVIDUALIZED bank and credit card statements every month. 

This is an example of a 5 year old, envelope stuffing machine that can stuff 25,000 envelopes AN HOUR!

With just a SINGLE machine, you can fill up two 26ft box trucks with 200,000 ballots and drive them to the post office in a SINGLE 8hr DAY. 


Imagine if there are multiple machines in multiple locations or running 24hrs which most large print shops typically do.

You think they have any problem producing enough mail in ballots to steal ANY ELECTION?

You are not out ballot harvesting this.

All you need is access to the current vote counts and all the influencers encouraging you to vote early or by mail.


So after you watched the envelope stuffing machine above, please watch how mail in ballots get processed here:


Imagine the signature being printed on the bulk steal ballots is the EXACT same signature that is on file with the elections office. 

Notice that all the people are doing is stacking the envelops so the signature can be read by ANOTHER MACHINE.

Well if I print the same signture you have on file, that will match at about 100% with what the machine has on file. Thus accepting the ballot with no human observation.

Most important thing to realize here is NO ONE IS CHECKING THE BALLOTS THE MACHINE ACCEPTS! Once the signature is accepted by that machine, the ballot is removed, counted and commingled with all the other real ballots.

Only the ballots that the machine rejected are the ones observed by people. Those are most likely the real signatures that will vary slightly with the signature on file.

Still think you will out ballot harvest this scheme?

–forwarded by The Peoples Audit