Could Be Interesting – Tucker Carlson Visits Julian Assange?

Everything about the case in New York City against the Trump organization business operations is ridiculous.  There are no victims.  There was no fraud.  All of the lenders did their own due diligence.  All of the loans were paid back without issue and the statement of financial condition was factual and accurate.

Additionally, the statute being used as the predicate for the case is a consumer fraud statute, intended to protect borrowers from predatory lenders. In the four corners of this case, Trump is the borrower, and the banks were the lenders.  New York is flipping the statute to claim the borrower defrauded the lenders, despite the lenders denying there was any fraud and there was no harm.   The entire case is ridiculous.

If it was a Democrat sponsored bill, the media would be highlighting the bipartisan nature of the vote.  However, because it is a Republican sponsored bill, the media immediately say the stand alone measure to support Israel is dead upon arrival in the Senate.

Joe Biden has said he will veto the House version of the bill, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has said he will not entertain the bill due to the pay-go funding mechanism (removal of $14.3 billion in IRS funding) and the fact it is not a package bill that includes support for Ukraine.   Biden wants his $106 billion bill with funds for Israel, Ukraine, Hamas (via USAID), Taiwan and support for arriving migrants.  Chuck Schumer is working with Mitch McConnell to put the combined package together.

Twelve Democrats supported the $14.3 billion House bill, and two Republicans voted against it (MTGreene and Massie). The vote was 226-196 for passage.

Former governor and now senator, Rick Scott, is well aware of the sentiment amid the Florida electorate.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a toxic political commodity who will not even come close to winning his own state.   Senator Rick Scott endorses President Donald Trump.

The hubris here is actually quite stunning.  A group of Mayors from sanctuary cities are requesting that all taxpayers in the USA support them as they try to cope with the impact of mass illegal alien arrivals.  They created themselves as “sanctuary cities” for illegals, now they want everyone to pay for it.

How about, NO!

The devolution of DeSantis is actually quite funny; it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of visible desperation.  We all knew this was going to happen, but it’s still pathetic to watch it play out in real time.  In the big picture, the arc of this collapsing narrative was very predictable, because Ron DeSantis winning the 2024 GOP nomination is not the goal of the people who funded and talked him into this mission.  The real goal is to stop Trump, and that brings forth all of the silly desperation as Trump keeps dominating.

As Ron DeSantis brags on his electability, MSNBC runs graphics showing how badly his campaign is doing.  Too funny.  Additionally, Ron DeSantis now pushes the narrative that Trump tried to overturn the 2020 election and took nuclear secrets to his home in Mar-a-Lago.  

You might remember last year, when Texas Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar was highly and publicly critical of the Biden border crisis and the immigration policy of the administration, within 2 weeks the FBI raided his home {LINK}.

Fast forward to today, and for the past several weeks, New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has been highly and publicly critical of the Biden border crisis and the influx of illegal aliens into New York City.  Suddenly, the FBI raids the home of his top aide.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, State Judge William Clark has thrown out the results of the September Democrat primary election and ordered a new primary to be scheduled and conducted [Court Order Here].  The issue was ballot harvesting and ballot fraud – both violations of state law.

The Judge reviewed CCTV footage showing Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city, and Eneida Martinez, a former City Council member, working to support the party approved candidate.  Both Ms Geter-Pataky and Ms Martinez participated in absentee ballot fraud, ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing at drop boxes.   Both women invoked the Fifth Amendment when confronted as witnesses by the judge.




“We have already implemented Seditious Coup-Prevention Training at the FBI. It’s working well–we haven’t tried to overthrow Joe Biden once!”

The FBI also said it recovered this photograph, missing from Ashley Biden’s Diary:

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Manufactured News Network: “An Iron Shower Curtain Has Descended Over America!”

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A Failed Presidency’: Mike Johnson Says He ‘Can’t’ Name One Successful Biden Policy As US Enters ‘Dangerous Time

REVEALED: Anthony Fauci-run lab in MONTANA experimented with coronavirus strain shipped in from Wuhan a year BEFORE Covid pandemic began

  • The NIH infected 12 bats with a SARS-like coronavirus in 2018
  • The virus was shipped from Wuhan to an NIH lab in Montana

Biden threatens to veto Israel aid package
The US president will reject the spending bill unless it also includes assistance for Ukraine, the White House has warned

For once, I’d say the R’s have Biden and Democrats over a barrel. So we can probably expect Mitt and the gang to screw it up.

Anyone “holding their breath” on our “New Speaker” being substantially different are going to be dissappointed.

He will NOT release the tapes.

He will NOT block more funding for Ukraine.

He will not, probably can not at this point institute significant changes to the budgetary process sufficient to prevent the U.S. treasuries being dumped as the Worlds reserve currency.

It was all just one more level of controlled Opposition, staged with Matt Gaetz playing a major role.

My Crows are back in the freezer, and frozen solid.

The Biden DOJ is now arresting Trump supporters who stood outside the US Capitol on January 6 and committed no violence.