I needed to laugh, so I read the article’s comments.

Congratulations to Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson for having the Courage and Fortitude to release all of the J6 Tapes, which will explicitly reveal what really happened on January 6th!

View J6 Tapes Here:

Little known fact: there are no federal regulations that impose specific biosafety controls for biology labs. The closest to it are the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens regulation and NIH guidance (“BMBL”). Neither makes a lab operator implement, operate, or properly maintain any particular type of ventilation or containment mechanism, conduct specific operating, maintenance, cleaning, testing, training, or inspection procedures, or employ specified PPE.

Facilities such as the one described in California are able to operate with impunity without controls with the only risk being found in violation by OSHA and/or whatever regulations may apply at the state level if and when they are either inspected by happenstance or when there is an incident or complaint. That’s the only protection the general public has against unscrupulous lab operators.

There are more restrictions imposed by the government on where individual law abiding people can fish or hunt than on places that can cause the deaths of millions. There are no conspiracies but also no coincidences.

PART 1 Glenn Beck’s, “The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free…or Die.”

Nicki Haley

  1. Not a Constitutionally required “natural born citizen”
  2. As Governor she agreed with the removal of Civil War monuments and tombstones specially placed to further the post-war unity of the country
  3. She now condones doxxing people online even when it may cause them to be in danger.

Nicki Haley – A hard no.

Just saw the video of the protester uncuffed by police and then fist bumper another.

110% he is FED, cuffed outside for show, brought inside uncuffed, and sent on his way out the opposite side of the building.

Stacey Abrams’ brother-in-law Jimmie Gardner is arrested ‘for trying to pay underage girl for sex in Florida hotel’

Quick, get him elected in Congress. 

Moms for Liberty has been labeled as a Hate Group by the Democrats.

EVERYONE should see these.




For those few who still seek to end illegal immigration, one way of achieving that is to bill the nation of origin for the accommodation of their illegals in the United States. One proposal is to charge a hosting fee. For every 10,000 citizens of another nation that has slithered their way into the US, $5 billion per year would be billed to the home country.

Tap your state into the search box. In every instance I have looked at, death comes from food, or drug abuse.

FTA “Senator Dick Durbin’s push to shut down Senator Marsha Blackburn’s investigation into Epstein’s flight logs comes after a long series of actions covering for the billionaire pedophile. Which makes many wonder why Durbin is working so hard to protect Jeffrey Epstein. “Democrat senator Dick Durbin of Illinois adjourned a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing before holding a vote on whether or not to approve Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee’s subpoena for the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs,” the National File reported.

“It turns out that Dick Durbin personally tried to shut down the Jeffrey Epstein disclosure movement by disparaging those who believe in a ‘grand conspiracy’ surrounding accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epsteins’ death. Durbin is a close ally of former President Bill Clinton, who palled around with Epstein and flew on Epstein’s private jet,” the news outlet charged.”

Looks like another Quisling just bit the dust.

“Nikki Haley Claims Posting Social Media Anonymously is a ‘National Security Threat’ – Calls for Mandatory Verification of All Social Media Users (VIDEO)”

The GOP is soon to join the Whigs. They’re backing Nimrata now, DeSantis sent back to the kiddie’s table!

At least something positive happened yesterday – Massie’s amendment to end funding of gain of function research passed.

Mike Pompeo just got a new board position in Ukraine for a cell phone company, his position is “independent non-executive director” and he will handle the “US-based strategic and financial advisory and investment firm” side of the business.

Sounds a lot like Hunter Biden’s Burisma position in Ukraine. 1

Only the blind cannot see what’s happening.

“Be prepared!” is probably one of the best Boy Scout mottoes we could ever follow.

It’s not only our corrupt federal government institutions, it’s our legal institutions, educational institutions, media, and our society. You can’t trust anyone it seems. We have lost what the Greatest Generation gave us. Those that suffered through the Great Depression and WWII taught us that character mattered. Truth, honesty and being responsible and respectful were what we were taught-No More!

It has become overwhelming that you can hardly trust anyone. Taking an oath of office means nothing. Our Constitution and laws mean nothing to many.

We are evolving into tribes that have been intentionally created to divide us and destroy our country. We have truly lost our way IMO. It’s us, we the people, that have morphed into a society that has allowed this to happen and will be difficult to turn this ship around.

Hate to be so negative and have not given up, but when we can’t even hold the people accountable for breaking our laws and lying about it allowing millions of people from all over the world to illegally engulf our country says volumes about who we are.

Have a blessed day!

“Hey, look at me! I endorse Donald Trump for 2024! Listen to my never-ending praise of Donald Trump! Pay no attention to me working with Democrats to screw you over behind your backs!”

-Mike Johnson-head

We truly are in an abusive relationship with our “representatives”.

They are allowed to vote in favor of We the People enough times to keep us coming back to them. But then they must take their turns voting for what the Uniparty wants to have happen much to our disappointment and upset.

They are also allowed to vote in favor of We the People if there are enough votes to advance the agenda on the other side. That way they can make posts (see Massie’s more recent X) about why they “fought” for “us” and we fall back in love with them.

They only do this enough times to disappoint us but not vote them out of office. They have to keep their worthless Conservative Voting Score high enough to impress the gullible

In this country in the 1930s and other times, there were massive strikes. If things get bad enough people do this.

Watch or rewatch the movie, “Gandhi.”

An entire population, acting with UNITY, Will and DETIRMINATION is the one thing no tyranny can withstand, which is WHY tyranists expend so much effort on keeping the populace DIVIDED, its a pre-emptive defence against the one thing that will defeat them every time.

Any system of governance requires two things from the majority of its citisenry, in order to continue to function
Active production and active consumption.

The populace can piss and moan, even have some “protests” so long as they continue to GO TO WORK every day, and buy a loaf of bread on the way home.

COMMERCE is the grease that keeps the gears of society lubricated and turning.

THIS is the actual POWER the populace have, and A coarse of action for withdrawing their consent to being Governed by the Globullusts, with UNITY of WILL.

After the election is blatantly stolen, or when it is announced thecelections are being postponed, simple STOP.

IF you haven’t already, STOP sending your children to the public schools.

STOP making purchases, of food, gasoline, or any “consumables”. By now you have been stockpiling such items and can go far longer than neccesary without purchasing any.

And, for those for whom its practical, STAY HOME from work; blue flu, call in sick.

Continue to pay “bills”; rent, mortgage, utilities, insurance, car payments, etc.

Public school funding is based on ‘butts in seats’ i.e. attendance and enrollment. A sudden decline in attendance of 25% quickly leads to a major decline in funding.

Any business with a 25% of its personelle not showing up, is in major disruption.

And, most effective is the 25% drop in purchases of consumables, all of which are locked in to AI controlled Just in Time algorythms for control of supply chains, which DEPEND on only MINOR fluctuations of supply and demand, and are not programmed to address a sudden, unanticipated incrrase or decrease in demand.

Recall TP and eggs, during Covid, which was an INCREASE in demand and led to major supply chain disruptions with shortages.

However, a sudden DECREASE in demand, particularly across a broad swath of consumer products, leads to a GLUT of excess product, as truckloads arrive at grocery stores, and there is no shelf space to put them.

25% less sales today, another 25% tomorrow, imagine after two weeks.

PRICES, in spite of ‘inflation’ plummet, as warehouses are jammed to the rafters, loading docks are full, and parking lots are filling up with semi trailers full of excess product.

And, many companies are trying to operate with skeleton staffing.

WE show THEM what “essential workers” really means.

THEY used Covid to flex their muscles and shut down the economy…now its OUR turn.

And, the beauty is it is not asking participants to risk much; the more you ask participants to risk, the less participants you get.

There is NOTHING TPTB can do; what go door to door and hold a gun to peoples heads, forcing them to “buy stuff”?

All of these are noble steps – i applaud and support them all, and wish them the best. the restoration of the republic could depend on it.

But you also know my nervous tick over the years on the nature of consent… 😉

I think it is BROADLY misunderstood, even though our founders spoke on it extensively.

First and foremost, consent is NOT our agreement with what the rulers are doing. our opinion of it is irrelevant to whether we consent or not.

All of what you describe IS CONSENT. that the state, its institutions, the rules it has laid out, and the avenues it grants us to redress our grievances – and we exclusively use those channels – we give legitimacy to the government that it has the right to rule us and that we believe we are capable of changing it using the tools they have given us. even if some of what they are doing is anathema to our conscience.

When we weigh the consequence of operating within their rules (which is what we are experiencing now), against the potential consequences of refusing to cooperate or obey (which may involve any number of things, up to and including death), whether it is fear or coercion or agreement or any other reason is not relevant: with our free will we still choose the former as the better option.

That is consent.

Lest I get the usual “I don’t see you doing anything” – let me assure you – i have, thus far, chosen CONSENT as well (mostly, but my rebellious streak is not for discussion here). my guilt weighs heavily on me every day that i am not doing enough for the republic.

but this is why i always say: our participation in the ruling system, and our decision to abide by their rules is consent.

Our passivity is our consent.