I hope everyone is living their best life despite the created chaos intended to destabilize us. Several people have inquired about my not writing extensive research articles lately. Here’s what’s up…

here is actually a confluence of merging events that requires me to pause and think long and hard about whether the next step is correct for our community in general, and specifically for me personally. It’s also very hard to write about this stuff without sounding like a braggadocious nut.

Here’s the problem that 360 million+ people do not comprehend.

♦ I need you to think about the person you are familiar with who you believe has a solid grasp of the scale of the problem in DC. This person doesn’t need to solve it, they just need to understand how massive the problem is. Who is the person you would say understands the root and essential core problem that creates the corruption in DC? Does that person in your mind, the person who really understands at a granular level what this corrupt enterprise is really all about and how it works, does that person look like Donald Trump, or Devin Nunes, or Kash Patel, or Ric Grenell?

Who would you assign that competency skillset to? Seriously, no joke – honest question, who understands the scale of the problem?

Here’s the hard pill to swallow, it doesn’t matter what name you put down, you are wrong. None of the aforementioned names, or any others, have a total picture of the problem from both a macro and micro view. None of them do.

The silo system in DC creates impenetrable barriers. I have not found a single person who knows how it all works and connects as a corrosive cancer buried deep inside our U.S. political system.

Factually, and I mean this with no joke at all, if you have been reading here for a while you have a better grasp on the problem than any elected politician. This is not a disposable line. I’m deadly serious. I have not found a single person inside the system who understands the dynamic that creates what they claim to stand against, not a single person.

So how can they fix it? Short answer, they can’t.

The only people qualified to fix this mess are the people who understand it.

Again, do you know who that is?

It’s YOU!

When you spend time facing down this corrupt system, it starts to gnaw at you… bigly.  I am a person with strong central disposition, not easily knocked off mission and certainly not ever destabilized by the professional liars.  But dealing with them, writing about their schemes, putting the sunlight on them (not what they would have us see) while constantly monitoring their moves, is exhausting.

It is true that something has to change, something or someone needs to break through the nonsense and pretending.  It is also true that continuing to do the same thing while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

I made a promise to pause, think, study, learn and pray before making any decision.  And I needed the break.

I’m right here with you.

 Why do you have to make a deal with China to get them to limit exporting drugs into your country?

Biden and Xi to announce deal cracking down on fentanyl export… As if destroying thousands of lives and families was business as usual.

Under deal, China will go after chemical companies to halt flow of fentanyl while US will lift restrictions on forensic police institute.

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS: Understanding the Institutional Protection Racket Via Congress, Main Justice DOJ, FBI and FISA Court

Many people are now becoming aware of the severity of self-serving corruption in/around the institutions that frame our government.  Considering that Sundance has a target on his back; and considering that it is only a matter of time before that targeting gets ugly; let me remind everyone of just how severe the issues are confronting our nation.

Uncommon Dissident Knowledge

The nature of our problem:

Former FBI Director James Comey openly admitted to Congress on March 20, 2017, how the FBI, FBI Counterintelligence Division, Main Justice & DOJ-National Security Division, together with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the CIA, had been conducting independent investigations of Donald Trump for approximately a year without informing Congress [Gang of Eight]. When asked why, Comey winced, then justified the lack of informing Go8 oversight by saying, “um, because of the sensitivity of the matter?

Stupidly, Congress never pressed James Comey on that issue. The arrogance of Comey was astounding, and the acceptance by Congress was infuriating. However, that specific example highlighted just how politically corrupt the system had become. In essence, Team Obama usurped the entire design of congressional oversight…. and Congress just brushed it off.

Go Deep here.

At some point you begin to wonder, do you actually even own the car? Judge rules it’s fine for car makers to intercept your text messages.

Once messages have been downloaded, the software makes it impossible for vehicle owners to access their communications and call logs but does provide law enforcement with access, the lawsuit said.

Why do the aliens keep hiding from us? We only want their advanced technology and for them to fix our planet. Is that too much to ask? SETI Institute gets $200 million to seek out evidence of alien life.

They’ve tested weather manipulation for over 200 years, and it’s the technology that caught up and led to more powerful effects… Here’s an interactive timeline… Here’s one of most in-depth sites on ‘geoengineering… And here’s an article about the Rothschild connection to weather manipulation/geoengineering

Whether it’s the after effects of COVID or social media destroying critical thinking, this is pretty scary when we are reliant on our fellow humans to concentrate, focus, be alert when doing things like driving school busses, flying airplanes and critical thinking… Can’t Think, Can’t Remember: More Americans Say They’re in a Cognitive Fog

Newsom Assures Homeless They Can Resume Pooping On Sidewalks Once His Boss Leaves

“Please, we need to try and keep the place clean just for a few days while my boss is here,” said Newsom in a press conference surrounded by a horde of angry homeless people. “Please don’t mess it up for me and President Xi. I really want to impress him. Please hold it in for a couple of days. Just clench or something. After that, you may poop to your heart’s content. Thank you.”

“Please,” he added. “If I play my cards right, Xi may even let me become President. This is huge for me.”

US House Votes with 8 Republicans Voting with Democrats to Shelve Impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Who Has Overseen the Purposeful Invasion at the US Border.

8 “Republicans” voted to allow the MADNESS at our border continue unhindered and with NO accountability.

I’ve said it MANY times, our Government is COMPLETELY CORRUPT, BOUGHT AND PAID for by the New World Order NO BORDERS Globalist agenda.

They will ALLOW the destruction of our Republic at ALL costs, even if that means an absolute INVASION of Military-aged FIGHT ready males pouring in with funding and provision from the UN/Biden Admin.

To NOT do anything about stopping the disaster at the border is tantamount to TREASON.

13 Republicans decided not to vote which killed the impeachment.

The RNC would have no power if the Republican voters took it away from them. Demand a change all you registered republicans. If enough of you spoke up and told those power mad clowns like Ronna to get lost, we aren’t supporting you anymore and our money will never be sent to you, then the changes might occur. As usual, there are pockets of real patriot republicans who will do that and then there’s the apathetic, uninformed, non voting republicans who have no idea what is going on and who is running their party. Time to unite and demand a change asap. Probably too late now though. The presidential cycle is well under way. To change the leadership in charge of the party should have happened a long time ago when Ronna was up for reappointment.

Biden to resurrect TPP this week. The first TPP was so bad even Crooked had to distance herself from it.

Biden is taking this pledge to “finish the job” to new levels… “Biden aides scramble on trade pact that Dems fear could help Trump”


He just received his orders from Beijing before the San Fran “Summit” Meeting. The Iran Deal, DACA and the Paris Climate Agreement weren’t Treaties either, just more One-Man “Law” by Ogabe the LightLoafer.

Ukraine DID blow up $20BILLION Nord Stream pipeline: Veteran special forces officer coordinated attack to sabotage Russia’s stranglehold on Europe’s gas supply, report claims

  • The Nord Stream pipeline, which carries energy from Russia and the West, exploded on September 26, 2022
  • Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, always denied that his country was behind the sabotage of the vital artery
  • On Saturday, The Washington Post reported that Roman Chervinsky, a colonel in Ukraine’s special operations forces, was behind it – but Zelensky did not know


To be honest, I have significant issues with this latest report after it was already reported that it was us (the USA) that did it.

An attempt is being made to lay all the blame for the tragedy in Ukraine on its president, and then take some of the heat off of him by saying he was deluded, and maybe there was just an eensy bit of corruption but that was just crackhead Hunter and poor old senile Joe and we got rid of Joe just as soon as we realized he wasn’t all there.

Dragging elections out out for days and days has many downfalls. Here are a few of them.  

We want election DAY, not election season.


Federal Judge Orders Trial for Ga.’s Dominion Voting Machines

Fulton County’s Lawyers Disappear! Election Officials Admit They Destroyed Ballots!

Ukraine will fight without US – Zelensky
Kiev will only relent after seizing all the territories it claims as its own, president warns

Ukraine will not stop fighting Russia until it takes back all the territories it considers its own, President Vladimir Zelensky told Reuters in an interview this week. Withdrawal of US support would hardly affect Kiev’s policies in this regard, he added.

Every history book plainly tells us that, at this point, Zelensky is a “dead man walking.”  What he’s trying to do now to his country is a mixture of Hitler and Mussolini. And he’s going to get “the Mussolini treatment” by his own people soon enough. It just always works out that way …

I personally suspect that this man is actually obsessed with the “hatred of everything Russian” which for thousands of years has infested the people of what is now called “western Ukraine.” Having been handed control of his country, “what is driving this madman now is not merely NATO or the United States.” The ancient history of these lands is and always has been “territorial lines constantly fought over, drawn and redrawn.”

And the same obsessive animosity towards other ethnic peoples that has caused the western Ukranians to lob artillery shells at (for example) “the Donbass” literally every day – including today. They’re taking shells and rockets that they could be using to fight Russians and using them to … uhh … “fight Russians” in their own boundaries. (Not “lands.”) Study the history of this region and you will disbelieve what I am now saying.

P.S.: When I say “other ethnic peoples,” I specifically mean: “anything Russian.”

There’s a scholarly website, thepostil dot com, which from time to time carries authoritative articles about the quagmire of this region – throughout history. Since it is a religious site – an on-line imprint of St. Augustine Press, which also publishes many scholarly books on history and other subjects – you may need to use their “search” feature.

As I said above, you will not believe what you read … will not want to believe that human beings can and do behave in this way … but it is true. The writers there have impeccable military, diplomatic and academic credentials. (And they do not write “short” nor “light” pieces.)

A major part of the manipulative false narrative of the Ukraine operation was that it created a REAL danger of leading to WW3, and Nuclear conflagration.

This was INTENTIONAL, and it was fear mongering, or fear porn; realistically, pragmatically there was NO danger of it escalating either to WW3, or “going nuclear”.

The “Western forces” of Ukes, Nato, CIA etc. were NEVER going to actually be capable of threatening Russias existence, and that was the only situation under which Russia would consider using Nukes.

And, even then wuth hypersonic missiles, WITH CONVENTIONAL WARHEADS, Russia could have ‘laid waste to’ any or all of the Western Capitals of London, Rome, Paris, Berlin, etc. at any time, and those in authority IN those Capitals, KNEW it.

And as we now see, knowing the Ukes will eventually be forced to sue for terms of surrender to Russia, those in the West are unwilling to engage in the kind of behavior that would escalate this conflict to WW3 or Nuclear.

It was NEVER going to happen, and yet the NARRATIVE was that it was a serious risk.

Bear this in mind, when you hear similar fear porn that the current actions in GAZA are going to lead to armageddon.

Its HYPE, its FEAR PORN and its bullshyte.

If you missed it last night, Barnes of Viva & Barnes had some good zingers on DeceptiCON RON! and his miserable campaign last night.

He said he finally figured out why Dave Rubin likes RON! He likes men in heels.

“Christian holidays have been excluded from the National Trust’s inclusion calendar, the Telegraph can reveal”

They axed Christmas and Easter, then inserted Diwali, Eid and Ramadan. They say it’s to make it more inclusive.


 Topics Not Up for Discussion Include:

How to Boost Human Trafficking Numbers and Fentanyl Sales, New Laser Targeting Sites beyond Maui and Additional Spy Ballon Flights. Also, the Emperor’s Awesome Super-Power of Getting San Francisco to Clean Up its Filthy Streets Which They Won’t Do for You, Only for California’s Chinee Owners.

What did they do with all the homeless people? Where are they now?

Floating near the bottom of the Bay between the Embarcadero and the Golden Gate Bridge about 350′ down…depending on the tides.

Nancy was hurrying to clean up her trashy district before Daddy came to visit.

Will this be the time for SLO-Joe to be told that Xi has bought Gavin to do the job that Bribem has become incapacitated to do?

comment imageMigrants (invaders) Are Flocking to the U.S. From All Over the Globe

We are trying to create a nation that has never before existed, of all the races, tribes, cultures and creeds of Earth, where all are equal. In this utopian drive for the perfect society of our dreams we are killing the real country we inherited — the best and greatest country on earth.
Pat Buchanan— Suicide of a Superpower

5 Types of Traditionalists—Which Kind Are You?

All traditionalists share a few hallmark traits. Among them are traditional morals, a burning desire for government reform, and a strong distaste for progressive societal values. As with any sect, though, sub-stereotypes exist. In traditionalists circles, there are five types… https://intellectualtakeout.org/2023/11/types-of-traditionalists/

The Declaration of Independence Founded a Theistic Republic

Mike Johnson opened his tenure as Speaker of the House with a speech citing the creator God mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. The speech drew criticism from columnists in the Washington PostTimePBS, and the New York Times, among others. Much of it shifted between Johnson’s support of Trump, his church affiliations, and his penchant for employing biblical language.

Each of the columns raced to the accusation that Johnson is a Christian nationalist. Yet none of them offered a counterargument to the fact that the Declaration of Independence actually does reference God in the course of justifying America’s separation from the British. The Declaration in fact makes four references to God, using the parlance of the 18th century.

I’d venture a good guess that Martial law will be instated prior to September 2024.

Speaker Mike Johnson to NYC: Dump ‘sanctuary’ policies to get migrant money


“The idea that you would maintain a sanctuary city status and then cry out to the federal government for assistance in what you’ve done is, to me, unconscionable,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that the impeachment inquiry into President Biden is nearing an “inflection point” after the Oversight Committee issued subpoenas on Wednesday to first son Hunter Biden and first brother James Biden.

The speaker declined to say when the House might vote on articles of impeachment against Biden — or confirm it could come before next year’s election.

“I don’t want to predetermine that or put it on a timeline because I think that would be a violation of the regular order of things and due process as well,” Johnson said.


An academic lecture dissecting Rules for Radicals. Might be worth a listen:

At the Arab Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia joins other moderate Arab states in rejecting a call to isolate the Jewish state over its war against Hamas. And you can thank Donald Trump’s Abraham Accords, which have been an economic boom to the Arab nations that normalized relations with the Jewish state.

Israeli-Saudi ties were thawing before Oct. 7, when Hamas attacked Gaza-area communities, killing 1,200 Israelis and taking more than 200 people to Gaza as hostages. The war has apparently slowed, but not derailed, efforts to normalize relations between Jerusalem and Riyadh. An Iranian demand that the Israel Defense Forces be designated as a terror organization was also rejected.

Lara Logan’s Rest of the Story Docuseries: Ray Epps Part 1
By Bannons War Room

What Fake News isn’t telling you. Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week

Strange Stuff

Meanwhile, earthquakes have cracked roads in the center of Grindavik, Iceland… Iceland’s Grindavik residents given five minutes to go home amid earthquakes…

While everybody’s attention is focused on Iceland, Italy’s Mount Etna has violently erupted covering cities and streets in ash – Red code for aviation

Let’s talk about the world’s refrigeration… Alaska’s largest city declares ‘snow emergency’ after record snowfall – 65 inches in less than 24 hours at Thompson Pass

Not known if any victims… Freak 3.5 meter wave hits beachgoers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Klaus Schwab’s lead adviser Yuval Noah Harari: “This is the end of human history. Not the end of history, but the end of a history dominated by humanity. The story will go on, but someone else will control it…”

White faces generated by artificial intelligence (AI) now appear more real than human faces, according to new research… The same wasn’t true for images of people of colour

This is the one that complained about prison food… He will probably have prison reform as part of his

platform, right? Jan. 6 rioter known as ‘QAnon Shaman’ running for Congress

In The News

National Borders being restored in several Western European countries.

…” A detailed map compiled by the Mail shows how 11 nations in the Schengen area — from France to Slovakia, Sweden to Germany — have re-instated long-abandoned border restrictions including identity vetting, passport checks, police interviews, static checkpoints and vehicle inspections.”….

Sovereign Debt is Eating the World

In short, governments and central banks deluded themselves into thinking that unlimited deficit spending financed by unlimited money printing won’t do what they’ve done for literally millennia — plunge the economy into stagflation. They are, of course, wrong. And we’re seeing the catastrophe unfold before our eyes.

Gates-Funded Plan to Vaccinate 86 Million Girls Against HPV Will ‘Unleash Mass Casualty Event,’ Critic Says

I Asked ChatGPT to Explain DNA Particles in COVID Vaccines. Here’s What I Learned. 

The state is Maine or about 1.3 million people… An entire state’s population just had its data stolen in a ransomware attack


Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn won a Congressional Gold Medal and got a lucrative book deal for his account of events on J6. The story made him a media hero. But a review of video evidence from that day does not corroborate his story. At all.


Video linked…

The GOP runs for the hills when abortion is brought up. The Dems love child killing and the republicans won’t be frank and stand for life. Make the Dems own the fact they support child killing. It starts with the obvious- In every successful abortion there is a dead baby.

I am so sorry to the all the little children that are going to have to live with the stupid consquences of idiot moronic voters. What a sick and disgusting world we are creating for them.

If we were to do this in the United States our entire DOJ, under FJB would be on trial, along with hundreds of judges and prosecutors. We can only hope that a reckoning will come to these United States. Until then the people will continue to have No confidence in our judicial proceedings.

“France’s Serving Justice Minister Goes on Trial for Weaponising Office Against Political Opponents”

“Soon after he was named minister, he opened administrative investigations against magistrates in charge of proceedings that had directly concerned him: three magistrates from the national financial prosecutor’s office and a former investigating judge in Monaco. The investigations found no wrongdoing by the four magistrates.”


Notice NOT ONE WORD from the Democrats and their media labeling this an INSURRECTION!


The name Asa reminds of the stinky foul smelling herb Asa Foetida that some cultures use in their cooking.

Everytime I hear/read his name this stench comes into my nostrils

Asafoetida is also known colloquially as “devil’s dung” in English

So apt for Asa Hutchinson

Important video on the history of the people you know as “Palestinians” being kicked out of Arabic nations.

Guess why they were kicked out. Guess.

Video linked in tweet…

Does “FBI” now stand for “Following Biden’s Instructions”? The FBI is doing backflips to boost Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Unfortunately, federal courts don’t recognize law enforcement shenanigans as a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

The FBI is categorizing Donald Trump’s supporters as terrorist suspects, according to a new report in Newsweek. The FBI created “a new category of extremists that it seeks to track and counter: Donald Trump’s army of MAGA followers,” Newsweek revealed. The FBI is relying on the same counterterrorism methods honed to fight al Qaeda to go after the incumbent president’s political opponents.

The American university system has finally gone beyond failure and has become an active threat to the United States and her people.

We have reached peak political irony as LGBTQ activists cry in the streets of college campuses for a group, Hamas, that would hang them from cranes. Universities that once proclaimed the virtues of the American melting pot have become a haven for those who tear down and shred pictures of Jewish children. https://www.dailysignal.com/2023/11/03/universities-have-become-staging-grounds-for-american-pogrom

if you think problems govt creates are bad, wait till you see their solutions…


“Plandemic — Indoctornation” reveals the driving forces behind the vaccine agenda. It looks at the roles of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Dr. Anthony Fauci, mainstream media, Silicon Valley tech giants, Big Pharma and many others, connecting the dots between them

The U.S. CDC owns the patent for SARS-CoV (the virus responsible for SARS) isolated from humans. In 2007, the CDC filed a petition with the patent office to keep their coronavirus patent confidential. They also own patents for detection methods, and for a kit to measure the virus

By law, one cannot patent naturally-occurring DNA. If SARS-CoV is natural, then the patent is illegal. If the virus is manmade, the patent is legal, but the creation of the virus would be a violation of biological weapons treaties and laws. So, either way, the CDC has engaged in illegal activity

Because the CDC owns the patent on SARS-CoV, it controls who has the ability to make inquiries into it. Unless authorized, you cannot look at the virus, you cannot measure it or make tests for it, since they own all those patents. This means the CDC has a major profit motive

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill owns a patent describing methods for producing recombinant coronaviruses


There is no capitalism anymore. No socialism, communism, or democracy either. All there is now across the world is oligarchical fascism. USA, Europe, China, all over its big corporations linked with government police states.

Hey friends… Do yourselves a favor and totally abstain from the mainstream media. It’s all agenda-steering corporate propaganda that only benefits the establishment. Stop your streaming subscriptions, watching the news and reading newspapers. It’s all bullshyth. Once you take a break, I guarantee your mood will improve and you’ll find yourself more productive and happy