Kash Patel and Alan Dershowitz Discuss DOJ Election Interference and Republican FISA-702 Weaponization

There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. “
– Prov 6:12-19

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
– John Adams6:12

I bet if you reconcile the “certified” Slates of Electors submitted to the Electoral college versus Electors printed on the election day ballots within the disputed swing states 2020 Presidential election there would be a high percentage of discrepancies. But you cant find ballots and final Electoral College slates online. At least I could not.

The nexus for the loophole is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Start with refreshing your memory on State’s Compact amendment. These are treaties between states and overseen by SCOTUS. You will have the 12th and 23rd amendments to read too, and Electoral College Voting act and others.

D.C. enacted this law by congress’ 30 day silence on of it in 2010. But D.C. isnt a state.

Very confusing I know, but this is where the 2020 election steal was focused and Trump pending legislation would expose it if the case ever makes it to a courtroom.

Native American votes and Faithless Electors also important. Chiafalo v. Washington.

The only thing I cant resolve is NPV compact FV threshold.

Sorry to be cryptic but witchcraft is hard to understand.

Joe Biden has done it again!

He tells a Jewish group that his father lived on a Kibbutz before his house was destroyed and turned into rubble adding that…65 years ago the October 7th attack on Israel was the worst event in Jewish history since the Holocost.

A discussion of the drugs they give Biden to kick-start his brain function before public appearances.

It’s a very good video…

Over 23 candidates and 13 elected officials are publicly stating the COVID vaccine should be pulled off the market. 

Some people talk about how we need to get out of our echo-chamber and educate more people on the truth about our elections. Turns out this is much easier said than done when the social media companies are being paid on the side or have people pressuring them to constantly take down your posts and silence what you have to say.  

Washington Secretary of Surveillance and Logically Reports Exposed

It appears that the tables have turned geo-politically where the ussr is now the usa, and the usa is now the ussr. They were locked in and isolated from the rest of the world, and now we are experiencing it. Censuring the people with surveillance and kay gee bee aka ef bea eye, jailing citizens w/o due process, etc. is the new way of life. The film dr zsivago is haunting, especially the lives of the people after the rev – lution.

DC Degeneracy – Democrat Staffer to Maryland Senator Ben Cardon Films Himself Having Anal Sex in Hart Senate Office Building Hearing Room

Biden… “We need to restore honor and decency”.

Thus far, the Biden administration has given us a luggage-swiping bald man in a dress and cheap lipstick, a transamabob who took his shirt off at a White House picnic to show us his “moobs,” and now a couple of dudes “building back better” in a Senate chamber.

I do not recall celebrating the 12th day of Christmas when my true love sent to me 10 drag queens a-twerkin’. Thanks To our First Lady(?) Jill Biden

The most obviously missing name is a little discussed woman named Mary McCord, the singular epicenter of every DC construct to remove Trump, including: the 2016 DOJ-NSD FISA submission, the 2017 White House coordination (Rice, Ruemmler, Monaco), the 2017 targeting of Flynn (w/ Yates), the 2018 Schiff/Nadler impeachment, the 2018 FISA Court review as an outcome of IG Michael Horowitz, the installation of ICIG Michael Atkinson, the changing of CIA rules for whistleblowing (impeachment predicate), and currently the 2023 Jack Smith investigation.  Mary McCord is the binding guide. [Mary McCord’s husband was in charge of the counsel to Chief Justice John Roberts.]  The second most obviously missing name is Dana Boente, who followed McCord, then worked with Comey, then jumped to the FBI to assist Director Chris Wray.

Following a scathing insider report of the turmoil within the campaign and SuperPAC for presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, chief strategist Jeff Roe resigns.It is stunning to contemplate the starting point of $269,000,000.00 [and more since] has essentially done nothing except destroy the public image and brand of Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis.   No presidential campaign has ever amassed such a proactive funding war chest and blown it to smithereens before the first votes have even taken place.

Biden… “We need to restore honor and decency”.

I do not recall celebrating the 12th day of Christmas when my true love sent to me 10 drag queens a-twerkin’. Thanks To our First Lady(?) Jill Biden

Today’s ALL_FBI  @FBI.gov email sent to ALL #FBI employees.

“The FBI has OFFICIALLY adopted the LGBTQIA+ acronym in place of LGBT+.

This change was proposed by Bureau Equality, one of our NINE Diversity Advisory Committees, and approved by FBI Executive Management…”

A State-by-State Look at Noncitizen Voting – American Thinker

Inconvenient truth.

Pocahontas and Bernie voted to kill FISA warrantless surveillance.

Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton voted to renew warrantless surveillance.

They not only voted to renew, they voted to expand.

They didn’t just kick the can down the road, they dropped a de-pinned grenade in it first.

Upside down world news for today

Scientists suggest human breathing is bad for the environment.

FGI Intel Chief Charles McGonigal who investigated Trump -Russia collusion gets 4 years in prison for colluding with Russia.

Satan in schools continues to be a 1st amendment right, but protesting an illegal election not so much.

33% still approve of biden, (unsure if this includes migrant support).

Dem lawyers in Nevada associated with migrant groups oppose a new measure to have voter ID.

Chicago city council denies voters a chance to stop sanctuary status.

NM Supreme Ct supports sanctuary cites for migrants but appears ready to disallow sanctuary cities for abortion.

Nikki Haley who is backed by globalists says the United States should consider a retreat from globalist organizations such as WHO and UN.

NewsGuard, the taxpayer funded censorship giant self-tasked with rating media outlets on reliability, “overwhelmingly favored left-leaning outlets over right-leaning ones” for 3rd year in a row.

Surprisingly investigators are still unable to find evidence that money sent to biden was for loan repayments.


A very strong and deliberate interview of Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) by Lara Logan.  Rep Higgins has been very critical of DHS, DOJ and FBI conduct in the January 6th insurrection narrative. {Direct Rumble Link}

In this interview, Representative Higgins gets very deliberate and stern about “uncharted waters, as it relates to the weaponization of government.”  The tone of Higgins is in direct proportion to his anger at those within federal law enforcement who have usurped the constitution.  As a result, Higgins himself has become the target by those in the administrative state who participate in the weaponization. WATCH: